“Don’t do it…please he is all I have.”


The eleven year old waited in the calm sunny hot day by her stream for her white gelding to appear, but as time ticked by the hairs on Celeste’s arm began to rise.  “Something is not right here?  GHOST!” Celeste hooted out.  More time passed until the uneasiness feeling made the little girl worry.  Frantically, she paces in the mud worrying about her friend, until she could wait do longer.  “Ringo, Ringo where are ya boy?” Celeste whistled for her coon.

The raccoon raced towards his friend, Celeste felt more at ease seeing her critter.  “Come we got’s to go check on Ghost!”  She turned on her muddy bare feet and ran through the forest with Ringo trying to keep up with her.   All of a sudden her stomach took a dive for the worst.  She stopped and leaned her thin frame against a pine holding on to her stomach in agony.  Celeste screamed out an ear piercing shout, and slithered down the bark of the pine scraping her back and sat on her rear in the dirt.  She didn’t feel the pain of racking of her skin, her tummy felt like there was a ferocious flame of fire burning up her insides.  The little girl did her best to control the torment, she took a one deep breath and instantly the torture stopped.

She sits gathering her wits, while sweat poured down her tiny face.  Ringo sat quietly behind her watching his friends’ misery.  “Oh my god, what is happening to me?” Celeste in exhaustion spoke. She scanned the forest, while wiping the wet from her face again she yells out, “GHOST!”  In that instant Celeste figured out it was Ghost’s pain.  She finds her strength and begins to bolt through the forest weeping out his name in fear.  With speed the girl passed through the forest until she tumbled upon the dirt.  No time wasted, the dirty girl picked herself up, and ran home with Ringo trying to keep up.

A powerful force like no other made Celeste stop in her tracks.  The girl’s heavy breathing pounded inside her head she yelled out, “You can’t have him lord, I won’t let you take me horse, please not Ghost.” Tears streamed down her dirty face, and the next thing she witness will forever be embedded into her mind.

The calm forest changed before her eyes, leaves began to flutter to the movement to the sudden gush of wind, the sky darkened and allowed no sunlight to beam its warmth upon the forest floor.  Celeste was not scared she yapped out loud.  “Don’t do it…please he is all I have.”  She was ready to take off again deep in sorrow and fear, when a heavy mist invaded the woods.  The squall of mist moved with great force towards the cowgirl.  Inside the fog the white horse spirit charged at Celeste. Her eyes opened in wonder, her mouth oxygenated wide.  She wanted to vamoose but legs would not move.  The great white horse thundered his hooves on the dirt and passed through the tomboy’s body like a speeding locomotive. Celeste was knocked off her feet and flew backwards from the force, staring in silent shock at the blowing leaves in the trees.

Ringo interrupted her when he licked her tears away, he ticked and clicked his animal sounds out to his friend.  Celeste paid him no attention, she laid still crying out her lost.  Inside her mind thoughts filtered that it could be a lie, and Ghost could be home waiting for her.  She picks herself up, and raced home leaving her coon behind in the woods.

Flashing lights from police cars could be seen the second Celeste ran out of the woods.  There were so many emergency vehicle’s in her driveway, and people standing around a mound covered in a green plastic sheet, she didn’t know where to go first.  “Celeste, there ya be girl.” Her father said in a worry tone as he trots up to his dirty daughter.  Celeste stopped in her tracks, she silently views the scene. Paying no mind to her father, she slowly walks pass him in a daze and heads toward the covered object.

The strange people parted when they saw the distressed little girl walk up to them in a trance.  Celeste gazed at her beloved horse Ghost, dead on her driveway.  Her father snagged up his daughter into his arms and took her away from the situation. Celeste was stiff as an unyielding thick board when her father sat her down on a wooden post and said, “Listen here, I know ya a hurtin’ cause of Ghost little one, but I got’s to tell ya your mama left us too, and I can’t find her.”

Nothing registered to the lifeless little girl, her blank eyes and silence worried her father. “Ya stay here girl, I got’s to talk to the police.”  He left Celeste to her own thoughts and sadness, Celeste stared at the large mound.  With ease, she slid off the post and walked in a trance to her horse. The people again parted and was stunned when the cowgirl pulled the plastic sheet off her horse.  An elder lady took pity on the little girl by trying to stop her.  Celeste gave her a death gaze and snatched her arm away from the woman.  She proceeded to move in snail pace towards her stiff friend.  Celeste could only think of curling up next to him.  She laid her body down on the ground next to the equine’s neck and threw her leg over his swollen torso, there she balled her eyes out while mumbling words of hate to the earth and all mankind.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=a_54xQqhZVB9yM&tbnid=5zbFpHu4BAhcIM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsgforum.hu%2Flistazas.php3%3Fid%3D1292928222%26order%3Dreverse%26index%3D645%26azonosito%3Dhokalovi&ei=EmXuUoCjJqWi2QXo7oHgDA&bvm=bv.60444564,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFhOhpi_duO62-OitgH16U4qscN8w&ust=1391441304844930


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