Celeste had an overwhelming feeling to hug someone, instead she turned around and hugged the tree mourning out her distress, and lost of her only friend and mother.


Celeste’s father stood with tears flowing down his face as he watches his daughter crumble to pieces. It was heart retching to say the least looking at her long body become one with the horse.  He took note the scraping of her bloody dirty back wondering what happen to her.  He had to finally pick the dirty little girl up so they could move the large body of the horse out of the driveway.  Celeste didn’t fight him, she no longer had the strength to move. “Come my darlin’ ya got’s to let Ghost go,” her father said in his heavy southern Scottish drawl.  “Let’s take ya in the house so you don’t watch them tow him away.” Celeste didn’t talk, she had too many things flowing inside her mind as to why god took her horse.  She didn’t think of her missing mother who she thought hated her, she knew the time was coming for her mother to disappear.  

Instantly the little girl was jogged out of her thoughts, she wiggled her body out of the strong hold her father had on her and raced to the barn.  There she found a sharp knife and raced back to the dead horse.  Her father didn’t stop her, he knew what she was going to do.  The cowgirl began to chant in Cherokee with knife in hand, her father joined her.  The two half-breeds paid their homage to the White horse, and when done Celeste uses her blade and cuts the long white tail hair and yodeled her Indian cry to the heavens.  Celeste gazed at her father in sorrow and turned her back on the scene heading to the barn and closed the giant door.

With heavy footsteps the little girl climbed on top of the hay mound, and laid quiet staring at the wooden ceiling of the barn with a harden heart holding on to dear life to Ghost’s tail hair.  Ringo had stayed hidden in the barn, he came out of hiding and joined his friend on the stack of hay curling up next to the silent girl.  They both fell asleep snuggled up to each other when her father came in the barn and called for his daughter.  Celeste opened her eyes and didn’t say a word.  “I know ya in here little one, where are ya?”  Still she said nothing, for over an hour she listens to her father speak softly about what they needed to do and soon.  As her father finishes his dreaming he stated, “I love ya girl, won’t ya come out right now.” Celeste stayed hidden holding Ghost’s hair to her breast.  

Part of her wanted to move, but her body would not answer her mind.  She laid staring on top of the hay mound at the ceiling watching the last bit of daylight dim away.  She heard her father walk out of the barn and closed the door, Celeste didn’t move, she began weeping again.  Ringo was at a stand still with his heart broken friend.  He did his best to stay quiet while the girl cried out her agony.  

In the passing hours the Indian girl completed her grief and stayed like a statue on top of the hay.  She didn’t hear the barn door open until she felt her father climb on top of the hay, and laid his body down curling up with his daughter in a spoon style fashion.  He didn’t say a word, but was surprised to see a raccoon cuddled up next to his daughter.  They both slept the night way holding onto each other till the early morning light.  When Celeste opened her eyes she felt her father snuggling form next to her’s. She couldn’t remember the last time her father hugged her, still it was a foreign feeling to the cowgirl.  She stayed still until her father stirred awake.

 The next thing she knew her father lifted his body up in a sitting position and stared at his daughter.  “How ya doing my darlin’?” She didn’t answer, she just kept staring at the ceiling.  “Ya can’t hide from you’re problems girl, nice looking coon ya got here.” Celeste finally looked at her father, she could see the worry lines etching their way into his aged handsome face.

Celeste stared hard at her father and finally spoke out in a whisper, “Leave me alone, I don’t want ya here with me, please go away papa.” Inside her addled head she didn’t want her father around her, knowing he was the main problem for having her mother abandon them. It felt odd being with her father alone since they very rarely spent time together.  A rumble of hate gathered deep down inside her heart, she wanted to scream out to her father that he was a son of a dog for all the wicked stuff he had done to her mother, but she held her voice.  “Come I will fix us some breakfast, afterwards I want to try and find your ma.”   He held his hand out to his daughter for a period of time waiting for her to grab hold.  She didn’t reach for his open invitation, she gathered herself and said, “Ya go, I have chores to do.” 

“They can wait little one, I will help ya out when we finish breakfast, cause I need some coffee right now.”  There was nothing her father could say or do to move the little girl off the hay stack. He had no clue Celeste overheard the conversation between her mother and him, right now he was having a dickens of a time trying to communicate with the lifeless country girl.

“Alrighty now, I’ll go in and get a cookin’, ya can come when ya done.” Her father quickly slid off the stack and left Celeste alone to herself.  She sits up, scratches her coon pondering on her lonely emotions.  Since Ringo’s cover was blown, there was no need to hide him anymore.  Celeste gets up and begins her routine of chores consumed with hateful emotions, and not wanting to leave the safety of the barn, Ringo follows his friend faithfully.

By the late afternoon her father was no where in sight when Celeste finally came out of the barn.  Her eyes immediately locked onto the empty spot where her dead horse once laid.  Once again she was choked up with emotions, she leaned her dirty body against a mighty tree looking up at the tree top, and began to sob.  Celeste had an overwhelming feeling to hug someone, instead she turned around and hugged the tree mourning out her distress, and lost of her only friend and mother.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=eD9iNDJsOpYT8M&tbnid=2z4RLvQ-A2k8RM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.takepart.com%2Fphotos%2Fgreatest-hugs-all-time&ei=lx_xUqLyB6qV8QGrm4DQCQ&bvm=bv.60444564,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFF7HnsLjSAXL9EcLoId3Rfih08Uw&ust=1391620330748886



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