You’re Lost Little Girl!

When Celeste handed Ernie the raccoon she swore to herself she would never cry again. She climbed into the truck and didn’t look back when her father pulled out of the driveway,  The woodsman knew how much it cost her to give up her last friend, especially after losing her ma and horse. To Ernie he felt the last thread of happiness broke inside the little girl’s soul when she trusted him with her little critter. In a matter of two months he had watch Celeste change from a little piss and vinegar cowgirl, into a toy rag doll who’s mouth was sewn shut. All Ernie could do is shake his head in sadness feeling sorry for his buddy. As the woodsman walked down her empty driveway, green leaves began to flutter to the ground in post haste. Ernie stopped in his tracks and put the coon down. He could sense an odd yet spooky presence in the forest, and seeing perfectly green leaves drop from the heavens at this time of the year confirmed, the woods were sad seeing the little half breed girl leave Alabama. He turned his back on the property and walked home with the coon commenting to the rascal he will find her mother.

Many miles they travel stopping here and there to eat, usually Celeste would run around to stretch her legs, but not this time. Celeste hadn’t said a word since they left Alabama. The auto ride felt odd and lifeless without her horse and mother tagging along. The only thing the lost little girl could do is crawl up in the back seat, and sleep her lonely life away.  Her father at times tried to talk to his daughter, but she only answered his questions with a yes or no answer.  In the end they both said nothing to each other while dealing with the emptiness of the long drive to Ohio.  Her father too had lots to think about, especially who will he find to take care of his daughter while he played his music.  The only person he thought of was his father-in-law Henry, but standing face to face with the huge Scottish woodsman was not something he was ready to ponder upon, an especially since it’s his daughter who has been missing for a few months.

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