“Kiss Kiss my Valentine, let’s hope you don’t pierce a man’s heart with your love one day!”


Seventh grade wasn’t as bad to Celeste in bullying as the younger years.  She diligently worked on keeping her nose clean, and it proved to be a smart choice.   The day she hugged her grandfather when they returned to Ohio was a happy moment  for Celeste.  The big six foot five burly Scottish woodsman embraced his half-breed grand-daughter with unconditional love.  Her grand dad never told the two he had already hired a posse a few months back to search for his missing daughter, an in the end found her trail had gone cold.  It was a hard hit to Henry to have his only daughter up and disappear, but he too knew she suffered from depression. Never in a million years did he realize how deep her mother contended with her suffering, until her disappearance.  Celeste could feel the dangerous tension between the men the minute she separated from the huge man’s embrace.  She was spared from the heated conversation, when Henry asked her to leave to visit Chief the painted draft horse.  At that moment she actually felt sorry for her father, knowing it was going to be a hum dinger of a talk. To Celeste, Henry was a dangerous strong force to be reckon with when he got ticked off.  

He towered over in height and body size compare to her father who was six foot tall.  She had learned when he spoke you listened, or paid the thumping finger consequences!  She could remember the day clearly when she learnt a costly lesson with Henry’s huge finger.  Celeste thought she knew it all when she was getting a tongue lashing from Henry.  He was correcting her how to do a project when she rolled her eyes, and gave him a smart ass comment.  The thump on her forehead took Celeste by surprise, he popped her so hard that she could feel the pain for two days; henceforth, she kept her mouth shut and never rolled her eyes again out of respect.

Now that she was back in Ohio, her father would leave her with Henry for weeks while he traveled the bar scene.  Celeste loved being with her grandfather.  She became a little sponge under his guidance, but the only thing she hated to learn is using a gun.  The day Henry put her knowledge to the test is when he handed her a rifle, and began to teach her how to shoot.  The force of shooting the large weapon hurt her ears, and knocked her on her butt from the kick of the gun.  From that day on she hated using a gun, so Henry made Celeste her first bow and arrows.  

Celeste was cleaning the horse’s stall when Henry walked in the barn, an asked her to join him at his wood working bench.  For weeks Henry hid his project from her until now.  It was Valentines Day when he presented her with the gorgeous sturdy hand made bow with several arrows.  Henry made her chuckle with his words for the first time since she left Alabama when she received the valuable gift.  “Kiss Kiss my Valentine, let’s hope you don’t pierce a man’s heart with your love one day!”  Celeste beamed with pride and from that day forward she truly felt the love from her grandfather.  


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=lO0GOwqc61tyEM&tbnid=6N55liAok6AjwM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.listofimages.com%2Farrow-cupid-february-14-darling-honey-sweet-lovers-holiday-valentines-day-holiday.html&ei=PT7-Upq4Ccjj2QWEqoHoDw&bvm=bv.61190604,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEz-6xSX-A76I8LsOwl81-nhy7iKQ&ust=1392480121536096


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