Henry locked his furious eyes on his shocked granddaughter, Celeste knew she opened up the wrong door.


Celeste lovingly caress the beautiful Indian bow and arrows her grandfather made her.  She beamed with excitement to know that he replicated the Cherokee weapons to perfection, and couldn’t wait to place her bead work on the treasure objects.  “Papa these are awful purity I thank ya kindly, but I don’t want to ruin them?”  Henry soften his eyes upon his granddaughter.  “You’re so humble little one how could I not make them for you, not to mention, I need a hunting partner since you will never pick up a gun.”  Henry gave Celeste a wink with his serious chocolate covered eyes.  “I left the deer hide clear of markings so you can string you’re pretty bead work upon it, do you remember your spiritual sign?”  Celeste smile with her almond shape eyes in glee.

“I’ve been pondering lately on the subject of you’re Indian heritage, you dear child are more Indian than Scottish.  I think its a good time to teach you the belief’s of the Cherokee ways.  What do you think?”  Celeste envision his words in her mind silently for a few moments. Henry bumped her out of the thoughts asking, “Do you still have that slingshot I made you?”  Celeste nodded yes, and produced the wooden weapon from her back pants pocket. “That sure is a mighty fine slingshot, but now that you have a bow and arrow you will learn to hunt for survival one day.  Besides the way you are growing child I can make you another bigger bow when you get older, but right now I assume this one fits your weight and height for a beginner and then some.”   Celeste immediately had tears in her eyes, “I’m a thinkin’ papa this is the best present I have ever had, and I will always treasure it.  So can ya teach me now?”  Henry smiled, “It would be my honor!”

For several weeks, Celeste mastered her skill with the bow and arrow.   Henry was impressed that the little lassie picked the hunting tool up so quickly.  Many hours he gazed upon his granddaughter moving to and fro from her hiding spots shooting her arrows with accuracy, he couldn’t help but think about his daughter and wife when he ogling the growing Celeste.  Today was a different kind of day where it stirred up memories of his family life.  His daughter Dovanna, was no where near as fearless, independent, and beautiful as her daughter Celeste.  In fact, Celeste looked more like her Cherokee lineage than the Scottish side, except for her blonde hair an eyes.  There were times he witnessed traits of his dead wife Lillian’s gentle, naive personality living inside his granddaughter, and then he could lay claim Celeste took after her beautiful spiritual  Cherokee Grandmother, when she became earthy and solemn.

All in all, he was proud to have his granddaughter in his lonely life no matter what form.  After his wife’s passing when his daughter Dovanna turned seventeen, and was in a horrible death and life accident, he lead a solitude dismal life.  Never wanting to remarry, he raised his mentally disturb daughter less than a year before she  quickly married Celeste’s father secretly.  Oh hell to the yeah he was madder than a hornet to learn his daughter ran away to marry a half-breed musician.  He didn’t have the heart to yell or bicker about it since his daughter seemed to flourish under Celeste’s father love.  To him, it was better to let her make adult choices and keep her in his life, than to stir up  negative energy.  He quickly thought that Celeste to him was the son he never was able to have in life.  Since her return from Alabama, Henry kept getting fleeting sad memories flooding his mind about his first born son. Little Daniel lasted several months after his birth before Bronchitis took his life, and in the end left his frail wife deep into depression for several years until she became pregnant once again.  He and Lillian kept the death a secret from their daughter, and was simply happy to be parents when Dovanna was born.

He remembered a time when he was so angry about the couples marriage, that he approached the Cherokee settlement and had ill intentions to meet his son-in-laws mother.  Burly man Henry rounded a corner of an Indian dwelling in a conniption fit, and bumped into a gorgeous Indian maiden who stood six feet tall.  She was beautiful with long jet black hair and a smile that took away his breath, he fell in love immediately for the first time in his life.  Henry stuttered while gazing into her blue speckled brown eyes, to him her eyes was mystical and haunting at the same time.  He had never seen an Indian with brown speckled blue eyes before, and when she spoke her sexy Cherokee language, his body melted like butter on a warm piece of toast.  At one point inside Henry’s muddled head he had forgotten why he entered the establishment when they both were interrupted by the chief.  Henry composed himself  with speed, and released his arms around the Native American woman, an made his demands.  The chief of the tribe winked at the woman Henry was busted embracing, and turned his back on the two.  Henry shook his head out of his secret thoughts to scan where his granddaughter was playing. “Why are my memories of secret’s haunting me lately?”

“Swish”…Henry felt the close contact of an arrow passing him by with speed, he came out of his thoughts ready to spank the wild one’s ass for aiming a weapon at a human being.  Henry locked his furious eyes on his shocked granddaughter, Celeste knew she opened up the wrong door.

Picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=NuUMwr_4vv06IM&tbnid=Fk5lxG3q0h7NfM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.brooklynmuseum.org%2Fopencollection%2Fobjects%2F63442%2FBow_Bow_Case_Arrows_and_Quiver&ei=oqH_UoaEO4Ts2wXGoYDQDw&bvm=bv.61535280,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNG5OfgXIUV3M2DRLJZJs-b_CxHYRA&ust=1392570764061517


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