Don’t Piggy Back on Slingshot!


I came across a site that is using my email, name and address on WordPress.  OH HELL NO…you ass wipe.  So I will not be writing until I get this settled!~  Get a life!  I just want to say that ALL my work is COPY WRITE…so watch out….GRRRRRRR…. 😦


8 thoughts on “Don’t Piggy Back on Slingshot!

    1. Phil my man…YOUR a kick in the britches…hahaha You know a doppelganger is a scary thought…OOO… but so interesting. Hell my darlin’ I don’t think there is a twin for me, cause I am evil without the double, and they broke my mold. Thank you for being a wonderful reader to Slingshot…kiss kiss my friend 😉

    1. Oh Ana I thank you…I am working on the problem now, but have decided to lay low until I get the okay. Instead I will share some of my favorite music to pass the time away. Thank you also for stopping by and reading Slingshots post…kiss kiss 🙂

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