Henry locked his furious eyes on his shocked granddaughter, Celeste knew she opened up the wrong door.

The last entry to Poco Celeste’s story!~

Slingshot...Fiction, Adult, Romance, Fantasy Stories


Celeste lovingly caress the beautiful Indian bow and arrows her grandfather made her.  She beamed with excitement to know that he replicated the Cherokee weapons to perfection, and couldn’t wait to place her bead work on the treasure objects.  “Papa these are awful purity I thank ya kindly, but I don’t want to ruin them?”  Henry soften his eyes upon his granddaughter.  “You’re so humble little one how could I not make them for you, not to mention, I need a hunting partner since you will never pick up a gun.”  Henry gave Celeste a wink with his serious chocolate covered eyes.  “I left the deer hide clear of markings so you can string you’re pretty bead work upon it, do you remember your spiritual sign?”  Celeste smile with her almond shape eyes in glee.

“I’ve been pondering lately on the subject of you’re Indian heritage, you dear child are…

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