“Well I be dipped in shit, she did it!” Henry softly spoke out to himself with a smile on his lips.


“CELESTE, git your britches over here now!” Henry was steaming with heat, when he felt the arrow wiz past his face.  Celeste stood ridged unable to move her long legs to approach her grandfather. Instead, Henry got off his rocking chair from the wrap around porch, and stomped his feet towards the stunned twelve years old Celeste holding her bow and arrows.  Henry could see the fear in her eyes the minute he got closer to his granddaughter. 

He was ready to whip the tar out of the girl until his mind snapped out of his anger realizing she was ready to bolt.  He gathers himself and said, “We need to talk, get your rear on the porch right now.” Celeste obeyed and walked with her head cast down upon the ground. Henry follows her to the porch and sits down on his rocker while Celeste sat on the steps ready to run if need be.  She rubs her hands together in worry ready to get the yelling over with.  As she lifts her orbs on the dead squirrel pinned to the tree by the arrow she flung at the vermin, she didn’t utter a word. 

Time passed by quietly when she heard Henry clear his throat to talk. “You know girl, the golden rule while using weapons, are you never aim it at a human unless you plan to kill them. If you can’t follow that rule than you shouldn’t be having a weapon until you respect the use of your tools. I need you to know that it is a person who kills not the weapon.  Every choice we make has negative and positive. When you make bad choices, bad things happen; and when you make good choices positive things flourish. You understand?”  

Celeste kept silent listening to his words, she jumps in shock when her grandfather bellowed out loud in his deep Scottish tongue, “When I talk to you lassie you answer me, do you understand!” Celeste nodded quietly to Henry.  “Look at me when I’m a talking to ya lass.” Celeste again obeyed Henry’s orders.  “I understand papa, I won’t do it again I promise. I didn’t mean it sir.”  The little girl didn’t tell her grandfather she killed a squirrel her gaze immediately went to the squirrel in the tree.

“All I can say girl is NEVER aim a weapon at a person, now go get washed up for dinner, I think that is enough practicing today.” Celeste didn’t wait, she quickly gets up off the steps and runs into the house to tidy up. Henry leans back on his rocker pondering on the silent Celeste.  His honey colored eyes looks up in the heavens and spoke to his dead wife.  “Claire I wish you were still with me my love, I could really use your help now raising our grand child.” Since they’re was no reply from his wife, he scans the tree’s flowing and bending to the breeze of the wind.  

Henry’s eyes browses through the beautiful pine trees, watching the branches flow with the wind when his orbs catches a brown squirrel speared to the tree by Celeste’s arrow.  “Well I be dipped in shit, she did it!” Henry softly spoke out to himself with a smile on his lips.  He then knew at that moment she didn’t aim her weapon at him.  Henry picks his six feet five statue up from his rocker, and went into his home to apologize to his granddaughter for accusing her of something she didn’t mean to do.

Before he stepped into his house he thought of why she never spoke up and told him she killed the squirrel.  Instead, the girl took the adults tongue lashing without defending herself.  He opens the screen door and smiles how blessed he is to have a tough little girl who minds her manners, and respects her elders.


picture by:https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=eq3vW7hiBVkpzM&tbnid=27rccB-msVioNM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.uproxx.com%2Ffilmdrunk%2F2013%2F11%2F8-thing-we-learned-eating-dennys-hobbit-menu%2F&ei=ZeIVU-ScFZS42gXO2YCgAQ&bvm=bv.62286460,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEuxDpXRIe2jKpO5UHcNj4s19kOQw&ust=1394029481761283  

11 thoughts on ““Well I be dipped in shit, she did it!” Henry softly spoke out to himself with a smile on his lips.

      1. Holy sh** ! 😯

        I typed “salsa spanking Chick-a-lita” and got nothing. Typed “salsa spanking Chick” and i got… Errrhhh… You don’t wanna know. 😳

        But… what is a “salsa spanking Chick-a-lita” by the way ? 😦

        1. That statement Coco comes from a language called Dawnesse….I created that statement; Salsa for being HOT, Spanking for being out of control, and Chick-a-lita for a HOT girl… Hope ya like it, cause my friends roar with laughter when I spew the words. 😉

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