“What is this world coming to without Kindness. How can this poor girl heal or change her life without it?”


There were two people in Celeste’s life that treated her kindly, her grandfather and Mr. Hicks. She was grateful for the little love they shed upon her, allowing her to flourish under their caring guidance.  Mr. Hicks, the school librarian was Celeste’s only friend at school who noticed the little cowgirl was suffering some kind of ugliness in her life.  Everyday he would witness the bullying the girl took with a grain of salt, she fascinated him how she stays kind and respectable to adults, but kept her distance from the school kids. There were times he watched the girl struggle to keep up with her studies when she sat alone at a table nodding her head in sleep. His heart weep for the little half-breed most of the time when she entered his book world exhausted to the bone.  At night when he would go home to a empty house, he thought about Celeste.  There was something about her that intrigued and perked his interest.

Mr. Hicks knew there was something wrong with Celeste when she refused several offers to read his books he chose for her.  The little girl no longer devoured the stories, she became lifeless without smiles and stayed after school to catch up on homework she was failing in her class.  He had taken it upon himself one day to talk with her teacher to help the girl out, and in the end was taken back the teacher was not going to budge, saying Celeste never contributed to class time participation. 

He became upset with her male teacher, and took it upon himself to help the girl.  Celeste would stay after school in the library for a few hours working with him to get caught up on her studies, and then would leave at the exact same time everyday.  He had seen her running down the road going homeward at a fast pace several times, and then without notice disappear into the woods. He never followed her, but knew she didn’t want to take the bus home, and preferred to walk instead.  He often wondered about her parents, since she never spoke about her life with her parents like most students do.  She stayed silent and plugged on-wards in life without a chip on her shoulder.

After speaking with her teacher, he decided to talk to her parents and get to the bottom of how to help the girl.  So when she left the school he quickly followed her at a safe distance.  When she arrives at a log cabin home in the woods, he shuts his auto off and watches the heavy footsteps of Celeste walking down her driveway. A beautiful woman steps out of the house and begins to bark orders out to Celeste with a cigarette between her fingers.  The minute Celeste tries to walk through the door she was smacked in the back of her head by the woman.  Celeste didn’t stop from the assault, she walked through the door as Mr. Hicks observes the woman screaming out her words in anger upon Celeste’s backside,and then slammed the door shut behind her.

“No wonder she is alone, she is beaten down on both sides.  How could a parent be so cruel? I understand about children being rough, but a parent?” He waits for a few moments pondering on her dilemma, and starts his engine leaving his hiding place heading homewards while thinking if he should call Child Services to intervene. He decides when he pulls into his driveway that he would stay quiet for the time being until he gathers more information on his sad little friend’s plight. He pounded his fist on his steering wheel in frustration and bellowed out, “What is this world coming to without Kindness.  How can this poor girl heal or change her life without it?” With a heavy heart, Mr. Hicks gets out of his auto and enters his peaceful home worried for a students’ safety.



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