He nuzzled her with his muzzle almost knocking her over on her sitting post.


Celeste was having a grand time with her grandfather Henry.  Life to Celeste was beautiful and free as the little girl played with her slingshot. The time away from her stressful life was icing on her cake.  It seem ages since the cowgirl played like a little girl, and without the nagging of Doris she flourished once again under Henry’s care.  Every day the two worked side by side accomplishing the daily farm chores, and when evening time came around Celeste was tired to the bone.  Many times Henry had to get up in the middle of the night as he heard his granddaughter cry out in her sleep.  He would allow his manly man tears to fall as he stood by listening to the heart break Celeste calling out to her mother to return home. Celeste knew she was having bad dreams, but couldn’t remember the scene’s.  Sometimes she hated to go to bed in fear she would be plagued by another horrible nightmare.  She would have Henry sit by her bed reading her a story till she finally closed her eyes.  As Henry watched his granddaughter’s restless sleep spiral into a horror scene one night,  he realized she was reliving her sad life through her dreams.

Even though, Celeste didn’t elaborate on her life nor complained about her struggles to her papa or anyone else, Henry was proud of his little one for being a big girl.  The days were passing them by quickly, and before they both knew it Christmas break was coming to an end, which meant Celeste would be returning home to the doom and gloom drama once again.

Celeste began to spend time with her grandfather’s painted draft horse, Chief.  The massive horse towered over the little girl making her feel like an ant on the ground next to a tall tree.  Chief was not a broken gelding, he was only used to pull a wagon or carriage.  Henry had taken it upon himself to save the brown and white horse from his friend when the man failed on horsemanship skills.  Chief was a powerful horse for pulling wagons; however, the minute anyone tried to ride him they all hit the skids. Chief usually never came around a human unless it was her grandfather.  The pair got along famously if Henry didn’t brake him to ride, and of course Henry did try to break the horse unsuccessfully, but found out Chief would pull a carriage and wagon with no problem.  So Henry was happy to keep the beast around for his  wagon pulling days winning many horse pulls in his time with Chief.

Celeste had a hard time loving the horse in fear he too would leave her, but it never stopped her from coming in contact with the equine.  She would sit on the wooden fence pasting the time away staring out in the woods dreaming of her and ghost on a ride. Until one snowy day Chief approached Celeste who was crying and sitting on the post.  He nuzzled her with his muzzle almost knocking her over on her sitting post.  Before she fell off she quickly grabbed a hold of his bangs stopping her fall while Chief didn’t move giving her a helping hand.  It was her first time to touch the horse and was surprise he didn’t throw a hissy fit and ran away.  She was crying out to the earth because she didn’t want to leave her grandfather’s home to return the next day home back to Doris and her father.  She smiles and wipes her tears away as Chief didn’t move and allowed her to pet him.  From that day on, no one knew not even her grandfather that she was the first to become friends with the equine.


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