“They broke my mold when I was born girl, don’t think there is another Henry around here for miles.”


The next day in Ohio was the day Celeste needed to return home; however, it was down right nasty outside with the blowing wind and snow.  Henry decided not to take his granddaughter home and stayed off the snowy roads for the day.  He let Celeste sleep in until mid morning when she woke to the smell of pancakes.  “Morning papa, thank ya kindly for making breakfast it smells wonderful.” Henry places her plate of pancakes in front of her, and states in a happy voice.

“Tomorrow I would like to go hunting.  I know you haven’t tried that bow and arrow since the last time you got into trouble.  Want to try your skill in the woods?” Henry asked Celeste. She gawks at her grandfather with messy sleepy hair and eyes.  “Sure I would love too, but I can’t guarantee I be any good papa?  It’s been a while since I practiced, can I spend the day in the barn mastering my skill?”  Henry smiled at his little cowgirl and nodded his head yes.  

Celeste was excited, she hurried to finish her plate of pancakes, and tidied the kitchen up with speed.  Henry sat at the large round kitchen table drinking his hot coffee watching Celeste clean up in no time at all.  At the age of twelve Celeste began her lessons in shooting a bow an arrow. Throughout the snowy day Henry and Celeste were in the barn, she practiced while Henry carved his wood art.  Henry watches every arrow she shot into the straw bale marked with a painted red circle she hit the bulls eye perfectly.  At times he witnessed her using her slingshot he made her to embed the stone next to the arrow she shot. 

Henry was proud of his granddaughter how she picked up a humble weapon and perfected it in no time at all.  To him, it was the slingshot he made her that was her best choice of weapon.  He was amazed at how quick, and accurate the girl used the small tool when putting her skills to the test.  

The next day after spending most of the day practicing, Celeste was ready for her first hunt. Henry woke Celeste up at four in the morning, she sits on her double size bed watching the snow gently fall upon the earth outside her bedroom window. “Come on girl, get dress.” Henry bellows out in a good tone to Celeste.  She jumps off her bed and begins to put her layers of hunting clothing on she set out last night before going to bed.

She walks in the kitchen and sees her papa sitting at the table drinking his hot coffee.  “I made you some hot chocolate lass, come drink and eat a muffin before we leave.  “Thanks papa you sure think of everything.  One day I hope to find a man in my life just like you!” Henry smiles at his granddaughter’s comments.  “They broke my mold when I was born girl, don’t think there is another Henry around here for miles.” Celeste chuckles at her grandfather, she feels great being with someone who loves her completely. In fact life was blissful whenever Celeste was with her grandfather.  To the cowgirl, Henry could never be replicated, he was truly one of a kind person just like her! 


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