Celeste took the chance and let her arrow fly.



Henry handed Celeste her cup of cocoa and began to discuss the warnings, fears, and responsibilities of hunting while Celeste listened.  “Knowing your land marks are very important so mark where you stop and tie this yellow ribbon around a tree or branch.  If we ever get separated it will be easier to find each other.”  Henry stands up and retrieves her bow and arrows, and hands the weapon to his wide eye granddaughter.  He taps his little cowgirl on the crown of her head and said, “Ready.” Celeste nodded yes and Henry grabs is his shotgun while Celeste follows him out the door.

Out they went into the early morning dawn in the Ohio woods, Celeste smiling from ear to ear seeing the beauty of the snow fall gently upon the ground brought peace into her heart. She hated snow, but adored the sound of huge flakes of snow hitting the ground softly.  Upon arriving in the woods, Celeste became alert, so in tune with her surroundings that she played the part of being a huntress.  Everything her grandfather taught her was now coming into play.  She was nervous, but her senses were coming alive giving her confidence with each step in the thick snow she took.  

Celeste stops and takes a deep breath calming her nervous energy, she smells the earth essences while taking in her surroundings and watches her grandfather silently signals her she was on her own.  She nods her head in agreement and feels the change in the weather as she gazes at her grandfather’s figure disappear into the snowy conditions in the woods.  The snow flakes were getting bigger as they dropped on the ground, at one point Celeste couldn’t see in front of her.  She slowly starts to weave in between the dense forest, making sure her footsteps weren’t heard crunching in the snow.  She feels her hands sweat upon her bow ready to shoot an arrow, “I am not gonna disappoint papa, I will be a huntress one day I’ll show him!” Celeste whispered to herself as she witnesses the snow picking up speed and moving sideways.  Part of her wanted to whistle out to know her father’s ware a bouts, but decided against making a sound at all and forges onward.  All was silent in the forest except for hearing the falling of the snowflakes upon the ground.  

When Celeste got deeper into the dense woods she started to fear being alone hunting without her papa by her side.  She knew these woods like the back of her hand and had no fear about getting lost; nevertheless she took the precautions her papa spoke about and marked her territory with the yellow ribbon.  She proceeded forward moving slowly in stealth with her bow and arrow, and finds a spot to bunker down, and waits by a fallen tree.

Celeste feels alive and more alert than she has ever felt in her lifetime.  The little half-breed begins to believe her spirit belongs to the earth and country living as she lays waiting her prey. She whispers out to Mother Earth a blessing to help guide her into a successful hunt when she hears a light sound on the snow.  She looks around but can’t see a thing through the heavy falling snowflakes.  Focusing on where the sound was heard, Celeste burrows deeper into the earth hiding herself underneath the fallen tree in silence.

After a few hair pin minutes Celeste sees a rabbit hopping through the snow without care.  She aims her arrow at her target.  Hands shaking she controls her breathing into a calming stage and takes a deep breath before releasing the arrow.  Beads of sweat begins to form around her brows when concentrating, the huntress pays no mind to the sweat and narrows her nervous energy into her target.  The rabbit stops and smells the woods, Celeste took the chance and let her arrow fly.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=TTUO_NCUZrr05M&tbnid=lgXYd7qlUUSkkM:&ved=0CAUQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fflickrhivemind.net%2FTags%2Fchicaholic%2FInteresting&ei=eU0oU96AFtOu2gXB_ICwAQ&bvm=bv.62922401,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNFLSfVxGQpc-yQR8I7mtx1Awf-FCw&ust=1395236558424740


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