“It’s the wind playing tricks on you, or maybe it could be the wood fairies come to take your mighty rabbit away for their dinner.”


Celeste stood still listening to the wind blow with gusto holding the rabbit she killed while analyzing the woods for the voice she might have thought she heard.  She felt her fear surfacing, and decides to mimic a Cardinal bird call out to her grandfather.  She waited to hear a response, but none came forward.  Celeste’s mind begins to wonder a while back to the woods in Alabama when she first experience a magical moment.  She gawks at the dead rabbit laying limp in her arms, and looks up to watch the huge snowflakes splat on the snow surface.  “Mama is that you,” Celeste calls out unsure, she whistles again her Cardinal tune and hears no reply.

The cowgirl had no clue that tears were streaming down her icy cold face, when she had to take a double look through the thick blowing snow.  The large snow covered figure was walking towards Celeste, she begins to shiver with fear ready to bolt out of the woods if need be, she tries one more time to whistle.  She hears her grandfather’s response and runs towards the big man while screaming out loud to her savior, “Papa, papa!” Celeste was so happy to see her grandfather she failed to watch where she was stepping and tripped over a snow cover branch.  Her rabbit flew out of her arms as she fell in the snow face first.  “God damn it,” she instantly bellows out.

Henry grabs a hold of the cuff of the neck jacket and picks her up with one hand, and then begins to scold her in a firm voice, “Don’t you ever use God’s name in vain daughter, and you shouldn’t be cussing.”  Celeste’s feet didn’t touch the ground as her burly grandfather held his death grip on the half-breed’s jacket collar. She didn’t know what to think or do, her emotions were all over the place with betwixt and between. Henry takes note she had been crying, and gently places her feet back on the snowy ground. Celeste notices the dead turkey with it’s head blown off by her fallen rabbit and smiles at her grand-dad.

How could Henry be mad at his little pistol when she smiles heavenly at him.   He watches the face of his lovely granddaughter as the blowing snow hit her face.  He takes his big finger and wipes away her tears and says tenderly, “You make me proud my little one let’s go home and get out of this weather.  Can I ask why you were crying?”  Celeste picked up the two kills and turned her attention back to her grandfather.  “I don’t like killing a living thing papa I guess my heart broke into.   Some big hunter I am turning out to be huh.”  She bowed her head feeling unworthy staring at the snowy ground when Henry picks her chin up and states, “My darling daughter, sometimes we humans must kill to survive, I think it’s the thought of killing that makes you feel weak at the knees.  You’re hunting skills will get better in time and before you know it, you won’t blink an eye afterwards.” She smiles at her papa happy with his comment.

“Grandfather, would you be upset with me, if I don’t want to kill another thing again?” She asked in good spirits gazing into his deep green eyes of wisdom.  Henry takes her hand quietly and they both begin to head back to the house.  “Ya know my darling lassie I would not be upset because it’s your choice, but I am glad that you would be able to take care of yourself when the time comes.” While walking back through the snow laden forest, she kept looking back over her shoulder.  “Is there something wrong? Why are you looking back?” Henry requested. She lifts her head up to her papa and said with doubt in her tone. “Papa do ya hear the giggles?” Henry smiles and states, “It’s the wind playing tricks on you, or maybe it could be the wood fairies come to take your mighty rabbit away for their dinner.” Celeste looked up at her grandfather; she adored him with all her heart.  She could feel his heart soar with pride as he gazes upon her with love. “You’re a silly willy papa, I love ya.” Celeste sticks out her tongue to catch many flakes on her tongue while holding on to her grandfather’s hand as the pair walked back home to skin their kills.


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