The only words that came into the tomboy’s head is how much she hated school and it’s poopy head people.


“Get your ass in gear girl!” Doris screamed out at Celeste.  The cowgirl woke up to the sound of the irritating voice of Doris, every bone in her body was sore to the core.  Her head was pounding with pain as she sits on her bed remembering the ugly dream of her real mother burning to death.  The same dream kept reoccurring almost every night inside Celeste’s working mind.  She sees her mother walking in heavy dense woods and falls down in a mine shaft somewhere in Alabama.  Dovanna cries and yells for help, but there is no one to give her aid, and before Celeste wakes up she witnesses her mother burning up in flames.

A loud pounding on her bedroom door kicked her out of the horrible thoughts of her mother.  Celeste moves with care and begins to get ready for school.  She leaves the comfort of her bedroom and goes into the kitchen to make a lunch for herself before the school bus arrives.  Doris was sitting at the table as usual smoking and drinking coffee when Celeste enter.  “Better get going,” Doris commented.  Celeste stayed quiet and completed her lunch and left her home to wait for the bus.  Her fears escalated as she stands in the snow waiting for her ride to school.  Just knowing that Mr. Hick’s wanted to talk to her about her life and school skipping was enough to make her feel like running for the hills. 

She stops her thinking when the bus arrives and boards the noisy auto.  She sits in her usual spot fourth row from the front and stares out the window in silence until they arrive at school.  Even though the quiet Celeste minded her own business, it didn’t stop other children to home in on her misery and add to the weight of her miserable daily life. The minute she arrives at school, Celeste disembarks and heads into the school building.  Sadly, she didn’t make it pass the playground when she was assaulted by a group of boys.  It was the same group of boy’s she shot with a home-made slingshot in the school’s library.  The little cowgirl was wearing her white fur rabbit jacket her grandfather gave her for a Christmas present when one of the boys decided to mimic her footsteps and followed behind her long legs.  She paid them no mind until the boy pushed her from behind sending her sprawling in the sand. 

The boys roared with laughter; however, Celeste did not.  She got up with her fist ready to do some damage, and quickly gave the boy’s a dirty look. Celeste lost her head when the boy’s egged her on calling her a stupid half-breed. Anger boiled up inside her until she lost the battle of control and threw the first punch socking the boy square in the nose.  Celeste saw the blood gush out the boy’s nose, she gave him a smirk and held her fist up and yelled out her warnings.  “Ya son of a bitches, come on lets duke it out, cause I am damn sick of ya shit heads.  Ya mother fuckers are a pain in my ass, so shut up or put up or leave me the fuck alone!” Celeste was shaking in her boots of fear to hit another person in a brawl, but enough was enough and Celeste had reached her breaking point.  She stood firm with her fist up ready to box some ears off their heads, when the group of boys jumped her.  

Over six bullies jumped the single tall tomboy, Celeste taller than all the boy’s actually held her own punching the crap out of the boys.  She could feel her long curly hair being ripped out of her head, and to make matters worse she felt her beautiful fur coat being ripped to shreds off her body.  Celeste became a driving force with her fists, she blanked out when her rage surfaced, and began to plow in the boys with great force. During the fight other students decided to circle the bad boys and watch them get the shit kicked out of them by the half-breed. The students yelled and encourage the fight when several teachers ran out of the school building and began to separate the group.

Celeste was still swinging her fist when Mr. Hick’s tried to grab a hold of the tall little seventh grader.  He too was rewarded with a slug in the mouth by Celeste’s fist. She was picked up from behind by the principal into a bear hug when reality was coming back to her. She makes her body go limp so the principal lets her go.  Immediately he begins to scold her when her feet touches the ground. “Who started this fight?”  He barked out to the unruly group, everyone of the boys pointed to Celeste.  She didn’t move, she tries to control her heavy breathing pattern.  Mr. Hick stood up for Celeste, it was he who told the principal about the boys and their ugly manners.  In the end, the boys went to the office while she was told by Mr. Hick’s to follow him back to the library to clean up her bloody face.  The only words that came into the tomboy’s head is how much she hated school and it’s poopy head people.


picture by:,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNERS2CmIVduzRn4emPXNGbIiKvypA&ust=1395928896849683


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