I’m just not lonely sir, I am alone!


It was the first fist fight Celeste had gotten into at school as Mr. Hick’s gave his little friend a wet rag, and a small mirror to wipe the blood spots away from her face.  The cowgirl begins to wipe away the stains without using the mirror Mr. Hick gives her. “Celeste use the mirror, so you can see what you have missed,” the Librarian softly spoke to his friend. “I’m fine, I can get it off without the use of a mirror; besides I hate mirrors sir because I don’t like to look at myself,” Celeste responded in a light note.   Mr. Hicks sees the shiner and swollen lip Celeste acquires by the boys and marvels how humble the cowgirl acts.  “Well, I think your coat is ruined. What a shame too, I take it you got the coat for a Christmas present?”  Celeste nods yes in silence and throws the wet bloody rag on the counter, and picks up her rabbit fur coat that was ripped and torn from the fight.  “You going to tell me what started this fight?” Celeste nods no, and didn’t say a word.  

Several moments passed them by when Celeste threw her coat away in the waste can.  “Thank you sir, I better get back to class.” She was about to walk out of the library when Mr. Hick speaks out in a firm voice, “You’re not going anywhere young lady until we have a discussion about your life.”  Celeste stood ridged and balls up her fist, “I don’t want to talk about me sir, please let it be!”  Mr. Hick approaches his student and with a gentle hand guides her to sit down on a reading chair.  He waits a few moments and plunges in with questions, “The woman in your house is not your mother is she?”  Celeste nods no, and begins to wipe her hands on her new pair of pants staying quiet. “Where is your mother, Celeste?” 

She stays silent staring at the carpet floor of the library.  “Celeste I expect an answer, please don’t make me drag them out of you.” Teary eyed Celeste lifts her heavy head up and gives Mr. Hick the answer he needed; however she didn’t stop to answer just the one question, she begins to spit out her venom while balling up her fist on her lap.  “My mother is dead sir, she probably scorched herself. My father is a traveling musician who doesn’t give a shit about anything. The bitch I live with is a hag and my life is nothing but a train wreck as you stated earlier.  I hate school, and am sick of fighting my way to the surface.  I hate that I am different, that is why I don’t look in a mirror.  I have two different eye colors, I’m taller than all the students in school, I have no friends except for animals, I live here and there, I have been to so many different schools and have always been bullied.  I’m a half-breed Cherokee Indian and Scottish, I hear voices, I have the weirdest things happen to me, I hunt and grow my food to survive, I’m just not lonely sir, I am alone! I have grown use to raising myself sir, so I deal with my screwed up life by myself.  And last but not least, I’m sure in the hell not a girly girl who likes to paint her face and nails.  What else do you want to know about me…sir!” 

Celeste knew she had stunned Mr. Hick’s, her eagle orbs didn’t miss a beat as she witnessed his mouth open wide in astonishment hearing each heart retching syllable in her story book tale of life.  She had thrown too much information out at once for him to digest and analyze her situation.  It was Mr. Hick’s turn to stare at the carpet in silence for a few moments.  Celeste got up from her chair and spit back out in anger to her teacher.  “Now that you have a better understanding about me sir, please leave me alone.  I’m nothing but trouble to whoever comes in contact with me.  I thank ya kindly for helping me, but I am tired and don’t want to talk anymore.  Now if you excuse me sir, I must go to my class.”  Celeste made her tired long legs move as she walked out of the Library tired to the bone and defeated, and left Mr. Hick alone to ponder the junk in her lonely trunk. 


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=upmoGh6M4jLvPM&tbnid=nu6PdfQ8M4bXIM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sodahead.com%2Ffun%2Fsomeone-talk-to-me-or-message-me-im-lonely-and-i-dont-have-anyone-to-talk-to%2Fquestion-4075047%2Fcomment-119479067%2F&ei=JY01U76aHOnLsQSlzIHICw&bvm=bv.63808443,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNF5hrMkUkIejFz_lYV7t8Wy0HLy6Q&ust=1396104801643798


6 thoughts on “I’m just not lonely sir, I am alone!

  1. It’s not just your wonderful writing the sucks me into reading your stories. It’s also your gift for choosing the perfect picture to accompany every chapter you publish.

    1. Phil my man, we do have to keep meeting like this! You have brought SO much joy to my heart with your yummy comment! Do you know I am simply bless to have you as a blogging friend…Kiss Kiss I so adore you too~!

  2. I agree with Phil I too love Celeste’s story telling and the use of pictures. This Poco Celeste story is awesome. No wonder she is a strong lone figure. What a great series you created here Dawn on wordpress and it all started with the book Slingshot. Proud of you and its been cool watching you grow stronger as a new writer. Keep the writing flowing and thanks for introducing Celeste to the world of readers.

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