“Your welcome little lady, looks like ya got a few bucking broncos to break.”


Mr. Hick sat quietly in the peaceful library chair after Celeste left his domain, trying to filter all the information the cowgirl gave him of her lonely life.  He too remembers how it hurts to be on the end of the stick with bullying; however, he had people who loved him, and helped him deal with the ugly situation, but not Celeste.  Mr. Hick’s gets up out of the cozy reading chair and goes straight for the trash can Celeste threw her rabbit coat away.  He picks the coat out of the trash and holds the soft fur object in his arms.  He immediately gets an idea inside his brain, and decides to take the jacket to the eighth grade home economics teacher to sew and repair.


When Mr. Hick arrives at the classroom of the jolly Mrs. Smith, he was thankful she didn’t have classroom instruction.  The Librarian walks into her room and begins to ask a favor from the homely teacher.  Mrs. Smith holds the pretty hide jacket up to view the damage and begins to give her expert opinion.  “No Mr. Hick’s, the soft tender hide is badly torn, what a shame this is a lovely coat.  Is this the half-breeds coat I heard who got into a fight today with a bunch of boy’s?”  Mr. Hick’s nodded yes without uttering a word.  “How about you leaving the garment, and let me see what I can do.  I can’t promise you I can fix it, but will give it a go.”  Mr. Hick smiled and said, “Anything that you can do to the coat, I’m sure will be a help, thank you for your time Mrs. Smith.”   The Librarian walks out of the home economics classroom, and heads back to the library with a smile.

In the mean time, Celeste’s face was pounding with pain while she sits in her fourth period math class.  Her head felt like a two ton Tessy ready to explode to smithereens.  She tries to focus on her classroom instruction, but fails miserably.  At times, she could hear the laughter of the kids sitting in their seats making a mockery out of her life; nevertheless she stays quiet as usual, and handles the bunt of her actions in solitude. When the bell rings for dismissal, she waits for all the students to leave before she gets out of her chair.  “Celeste, you can stay in my class if you like to rest.  I’m sure I can go to the cafeteria and get you a bag of ice for your lip and eye,” her math teacher offers the tired cowgirl.   “No thank ya sir, I’m fine.”  Celeste picks her books off the school desk and leaves the math room entering the busy hallway of students.  

Students gawked and laughed at Celeste as she walked to her hallway locker to drop her books off.  She feels all eyes upon her while she turns the lock secret code to open the metal storage unit.  After she takes out a reading book called Mice and Men and places her math book in the locker, she shuts the door an immediately comes face to face with the group of bullies.  She sees they all had their bumps and bruises from her fist, and stands tall ready to do battle again if need be. The six boy’s didn’t say a word but stared with lethal venom at Celeste.  Her body is shaking inside of shame, fear, and hopelessness when she is saved by a tall boy who was almost her height.  She turns to see the blonde hair, brown eyed boy with cowboy boots on stand beside her, and give the bullies food for thought in his deep southern cowboy voice. “I don’t know if y’all are stupid or ill mannered to touch a girl. I’m a thinkin’ your parents need ta give y’all a good ass lickin’, and teach ya some proper manners about not hittin’ the opposite sex.  Why don’t y’all leave her alone and let her be, or maybe y’all can deal with me?”  

The bullies didn’t expect someone to come to the half-breed’s aid, especially since the bullies had never seen the new student who just started attending their school.  They backed away from Celeste not saying a word giving the new boy a deadly look before they went on their way to the cafeteria.  Celeste stands alone with the new student unable to look into his face.  The new boy felt her uneasiness and confusion, he smiled his beautiful crooked white teeth at Celeste and said, “Your welcome little lady, looks like ya got a few bucking broncos to break.”  She looks up into his spunky chocolate brown colored eyes and is rewarded with a wink.  He didn’t wait but walked away from Celeste without hearing the soft spoken thank you Celeste lightly whispered out to his retreating tall lanky frame.



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