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1.  I dig speed the faster the better! I started out racing a stock car at the age of 14

2.  I’m Earth bound a Spiritual helper to Mother Earth and her creations!~

3.  Strange wild things always happen to me out of the ordinary no matter where I go, so rules don’t apply to me!

4.  Positive Energy is my ray of light and belief that all things are good

5.  I sun bathe nude in the summer time on my ranch

6.  This Cheek-a-lita loves to dance under a Pale moonlight and in the rain

7.  I dislike cockroaches and bats

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“If ya talk back to me like that again girl your ass is grass!”


As Celeste laid in her bed looking at her bird mobile, she thought it odd to hear laughter in the woods when there was no one around to give validation to the mischievous sounds.  “I’m a wonder-in if it’s the Little People of the Cherokee,” her mind snapped out of her thoughts when Doris called her name out.  She gets out of her bed and caters to the ugly wench.  “I want you to stop taking my things Celeste.  I had a pair of turquoise earrings on the table and now they are gone, and now that I’m telling you quit hiding my shoes.”  Doris stares at Celeste with a evil eye, Celeste does’t give her a peek only shrugs her shoulders and says softly, “I don’t know about you’re earrings for I have been in my room the whole time.  As for ya shoes, perhaps the fairies are playing tricks upon ya.”  

“SLAP!”  The loud skin to hand sound was heard in the kitchen.  “Fairies my ass, grow up!”  Doris bellowed out.  Celeste’s head went to the side of her right shoulder from the force of Doris contact.  Everything inside Celeste screamed out to punch the fucking foul bitch right in the kisser, instead she is devastated Doris had the nerve to lay a hand upon her.  Slow and sure the cowgirl turns her attention on her father’s girlfriend with her fist bunched up.  Doris’s eyes widen in fear she might have pushed Celeste to far.  “What the hell’s goin’ on here?”  Her father approached the scene with care.   Neither said a word as they stared at each other with venom. 

“I’m a gonna ask again what the hell’s goin’ on?”  Celeste almost the height of Doris took a step forward with a death eating stare. “I ask ya woman what does Grown Up mean to ya cause where I’m a standing I’m a thinkin’ I’m the only one who is grown up here.  You both kick your heels up like a bunch of teenagers in heat, and then leave me to clean up after you’re tornadoes.”  Doris didn’t say a word knowing Celeste could blow her cover.  Celeste is giving no room for error now that shit hit the fan, she turns her attention on her father.  “You both are reckless and shameless, I am sick of the whole mess here of you leaving me to my doom with your fifthly wench, no wonder mom flipped her fucking lid with you!”  

If Celeste thought Doris’s slap was harsh, nothing prepared the cowgirl for her father’s strike. Her six feet two inch father plum almost knocked her head off her shoulder with his angry blow as he bellowed out with his alcohol southern breath.  “Ya shut you’re fucking mouth, ya don’t know nothing.  If ya talk back to me like that again girl your ass is grass!”  Celeste is a head shorter than her father as they both stood their ground.  Celeste didn’t cry even though her jaw hurt, she kept her mouth closed and turned on her heels defeated and disappointed in her father’s demeanor.  She closed her bedroom door softly and went to her window to gaze upon the evening stars.  Several hours past Celeste by in the dark when she softly spoke as she stood and stared at the galaxy of stars. “Is there truly peace and justice on this earth?”  She hears the light giggle and smiles before she climbs into bed and states,”Ya have my blessings Little People to mow her ass down!”



I’m a thinkin’ you’re a bunch of up to no good fairies. Show yourself I say!” She bellowed out but heard no sound as she stood in the deep water stream up to her waist.


Celeste’s days at home in the summer were ruthless with Doris.  It seems when her father leaves for a music gig Doris gets loosey goosey and is one naughty lady. The cowgirl tries to stay away during the night because of the late night parties that rocked in her house.  She would stay in the forest under her Indian dwelling safe from all humans until the early morning light to return to a fifthly stinking home, and people passed out all over the living room floor.  She never would tell her father about Doris’s wicked ways, because to her she was his problem and choice in life.  She no longer thought of her mother and knew she was dead, since it’s been over a year and no one found the wondering woman in Alabama.  In her dreams at night she relived the same dream over and over of her mother scorching herself in a dark place somewhere, so in the cowgirl’s heart, she knew her mother would never return.

Her father rarely spoke to her and if he did, Celeste couldn’t stand the scent of him; however, he did ask her to attend the party with him and Doris, but she refused and thanked him for asking. Since she decided to stay home and go fishing, he demands she tidy up the home while he and Doris head out to the summer jamboree.  It took her three hours to make the home seem clean, and when finished she didn’t waste no time at all to gather her fishing gear.  

The day is warm and inviting perfect to pass the time away under a Mulberry Tree and fish.  Celeste begins her track through the woods in her bathing suit, and by the time she reached the stream she plunged her mosquito bitten body into the cool stream to sooth the large itchy bumps. She lays her head on the shore while her long body floated on top of the water gazing through the trees to peak at the bright sun.  Celeste begins to clear her mind and glorifies what Mother Earth has bless her with.  For over an hour she lays on the moist dark dirt and ponders about the beauty of plant life when Brandon pops into her thoughts.  She smiles as she remembers her first kiss.  “I hope ya doing good Brandon, ya truly were a great friend till the end,” she whispers out to no one in-particular.  

Bird calls summon her to try and mimic their musical tunes as she laid in the water cooling herself staring at the tree tops.  She begins to whistle out and focus on a mockingbird who seems to have several whistles.  Celeste sits up and spreads mud on her body to protect her flesh from the blood suckers of society in her tranquil setting as she whistled out softly.  Immediately she stops her task of covering her body when she hears a light laughter of children approaching somewhere in the woods.  Celeste stands and scans the green forest and finds no one approaching.  She hears again the sound of children laughing and whistles out a few bars of notes. All is quiet in the woods when Celeste thinks it’s her imagination running wild.

Time to fish as she picks up her fishing pole and digs for a few worms.  Like a Pro the girl is not shy to put a worm on a hook and cast her line out to wait for a bite.  She is about to hum a tune when she hears clearly the few bars of notes she whistled out earlier echo out.  Celeste scrunches her brow in quiet thought and hears the notes again.  Instantly the girl drops her pole and scans the forest with eagle eyes.  With care she retrieves her slingshot and grabs a few marbles just in case the booger man came calling.  She hears many different giggles and this time calls out, “Hello, is someone out in the woods with me?”  No reply came as she studied the forest with her orbs.  She returns to pick her pole up after dropping her slingshot on the dirt, and decides to fish on a big boulder rock nestled by the stream. The view is better on top of the rock than standing on the ground as her eyes scout out for others.  Peace and quiet the forest stayed until her fishing pole bowed.   

Celeste stands up and starts to reel in the wet flapper.  She is so excited and living in the moment of catching her a whopper when her line snaps and she loses her balance.  She titters on the edge of the boulder until she lost her footing and falls into the stream with a loud splash.  “I almost had ya sucker, HOOT…WOOT!”  She screams out with joy and hears the giggles again.  “Okay, ya funny people who like to laugh, I’m a thinkin’ you’re a bunch of up to no good fairies.  Show yourself I say!”  She bellowed out but heard no sound as she stood in the deep water stream up to her waist.  She fears not and realizes she is being targeted by mischief people, so she gets herself out of the water and take note her marbles were missing.  She tries to remember where she left the damn round objects as she surveys her area. Celeste shrugs her shoulders without care and heads back to the boulder with a smile where she dropped her pole before plunging into the waters.   


“I kissed a girl and I liked it!” Celeste smiles from ear to ear and gives her boyfriend a wink with her eye and turns on her heels to walk home and cry her eyes out.


The last days of winter passed by with speed for Celeste without teasing.  Brandon turned out to be a great friend for little eighth grader Celeste.  She was happy that he never asked her to go steady as most young people would expect when man and woman come together.  Celeste adored spending time in the Library with Brandon.  After tiding up the library and all books were returned to there proper place on the shelf, Brandon and Celeste would read to each other to pass the time away.  Mr. Hicks enjoyed the two’s company and thought they were a perfect match for grade school.  He held Celeste’s coat in his hands and decide now was the time to return her repaired rabbit fur jacket back to her.  

He walks up to the reading couple and said, “Celeste,” he didn’t finish because she glances upwards and sees her jacket in his hand. “I thought it ruined.  Did you fix this sir?”  Celeste inquired with happiness.  “No our Home Economics teacher did her best,” Mr. Hicks replied.  “Thank ya kindly sir, I appreciate what ya have done for me,” she reaches for the jacket and smells the soft fur with love. Brandon stands up and helps her to try on the jacket to see if it fits.  Celeste blushes and isn’t use to having men help her, but she rewards the gentlemen with a admiration for their kind gesture. 

After school nothing could rain on Celeste’s parade as she walks home with happiness to have her jacket back.  Even when she steps into her stinking cigarette scented home her mood is not dampened to see her dad drunk and Doris watching TV.  She puts her jacket into her closet and tips toes out of the house unseen.  Afterwards she heads to the shed and gets her fishing pole to fish for tonight’s dinner.  Celeste spends many nights in the woods at her special place alone pondering her happy thoughts.  Since her father had no work and stayed home getting drunk and smoking cigarettes with Doris, she hated to stick around and left the drunk couple to take care of themselves.  

Celeste is sitting on a large boulder along side the slow moving stream and fishes for her dinner.  Time passes her by quickly and before she knew it darkness settled upon the woods.  “I think I will stay the night since it’s getting warmer, besides papa never knows if I am there or not.”  She had brought several items from her home to house the wooden tepee dwelling, and in the end it was her perfect little hide-a-way that no one knew about.  Many evenings she stayed warm in her cozy wooden home alone with her small fire cooking her meals, and in the early mornings she would race home to get ready for school. 

The weeks zoomed by in speed when the end of May rolled around the corner.  It is the last week of school before students are dismissed and summer begins.  There is something wrong with Brandon and Celeste feels his sorrow when they connect at school.  “What’s the matter Brandon?”  Cowboy Brandon shuffles his feet in sadness and lightly speaks out, “We are moving once again, my father has a job over seas to manage.”  Celeste didn’t show emotion, she knows all to well the process of moving constantly.  Instead she tries to make the last days of school for them both a pleasant and fun time before he leaves his cowgirl. The couple had less than a week of fun, and on the last day of school words didn’t come easy to the cowgirl and cowboy.  

Celeste and Brandon stand together in the woods saying their goodbyes.  She doesn’t cry, she is use to having people come and go in her life.  “Thank you my friend for making my year in school bearable, you will not be forgotten.  We could write each other if ya want too.”  Celeste tries to smooth out the uneasy feeling of saying goodbye to a friend.  Brandon wants to kiss her but is unsure how to handle the process of doing the deed.  Celeste is the first girl he really liked, and found they had common ground in all things in life.  The only difference is he had wonderful parents and she didn’t have any.  They both are sitting on a fallen log in the woods behind the school yard, unable to say a word.  She feels his nervous energy and is about to ask him what’s wrong when Brandon turned his head towards her with a odd gaze and gives the cowgirl her first kiss.

The kiss is soft and inexperienced at first to Celeste, but she doesn’t pull away and finds his lips soothing and refreshing. She is about to touch his face with her hands when they are scared to death by a male teacher who busted them.  “You two should not be back here, you both need to go home.”  Celeste turned beet red, however, Brandon wasn’t embarrassed he stands up and reached for her hand.  Celeste takes his offer and begins to leave the woods to walk her cowboy to the bus.  “Goodbye Brandon may our paths cross again.”  Brandon gazes at Celeste and is about to kiss her again when the bus driver barks out for Brandon to board. She turns around to begin her walk home when Brandon grabs her arm and spins her around to kiss her again in front of the school students on the bus.  Celeste is tingling inside when Brandon wraps his arms around her to strengthen his delicious kiss. They break apart and hear all the hoot and hollers of the other students teasing them.  They pay them no mind and gaze for a split second into each others eyes.  “Your my first girl I ever kissed,” Brandon spoke softly with a smile.  “Your my first kiss too Brandon.” She jumps in surprise when the bus driver yelled out again.  “Thank you, for all you have given me.”  Brandon smiles and the last words she heard from her friend, “I kissed a girl and I liked it!”  Celeste smiles from ear to ear and gives her boyfriend a wink with her eye and turns on her heels to walk home and cry her eyes out.


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“Just to let ya know old man, I don’t like boys like that. I think they are nothing but trouble!”


Celeste never told her grandfather what she was doing with the big draft painted horse.  There were many times Henry warned Celeste that Chief was a horse no one could break, but something inside Celeste had to give it a go.  Already her and the horse were getting along like peas and carrots, so it was only time before she rode the beast.  To her if the horse can pull a carriage then why can’t he be broke to ride?  

She slid off the wooden fence to greet her grandfather.  Wincing in pain from slamming into a tree made Celeste suck it up before she hugged her papa.  “Well hello little britches, how you doing?” Celeste ran into his big strong arms, and relished the hug that she seldom receives from a parent. “Before you know it young lady, you’re going to be taller than me.” The tomboy smiled with joy to be in the company of the only person who loved her.  “Papa, I don’t want to get tall like you, I already have problems with my height at school.” Henry grinned at his little gem.  “Celeste now that you are here I have been craving pumpkin cookies, and no one but your grandma made the best ones.  How about you and I go inside so you can make my favorite cookies.” Celeste beamed with happiness and nodded yes.

For several hours the pair sat at the huge round table in the kitchen, Celeste baked while her granddad cleaned his guns. “There is something different about you daughter, you seem happier.  Did your dad chuck his woman?” Celeste smiled at her papa’s choice of words. “No, she is still there unfortunately.  I don’t like her papa, there is something not right with her, and it’s not because she isn’t my mother.  I do believe the woman is foul, an I don’t trust her.” Henry gave his granddaughter a quick glare and spoke softly. “So who is making my granddaughter happy these days?’ Celeste put the last batch of cookies into the oven to bake, she loaded a little plate with the warm cookies, and sat the plate down of goodies in front of Henry. “I have a friend at school.  He is nice and kind to me papa.” Henry put down his weapon and said,  “A boy, your too young to have a boyfriend little one, don’t you know you could get cooties from kissing a boy.” Celeste giggled out loud, Henry joined in with her laughter.

“It’s not like that papa, Brandon and I are only friends nothing more.  You would like him, he is a cowboy. Just to let ya know old man, I don’t like boys like that.  I think they are nothing but trouble!” Henry roared out with laughter.  Celeste raised her eyebrows with amusement at her papa, and joined in with his loud laughter that filled his home with love.  She gets up from her chair and pours Henry a cup of coffee and herself a glass of milk.  They both passed the time away in each other’s company laughing and talking, until Celeste had to return home.  

“One day, I’m a gonna ride the shit out of you’re bucking ass!”


Spring break gave Celeste enough time to enjoy life in her wooded hide away to herself.  Day in and day out she slips away to find peace and solitude in the woods perfecting her hunting skills. Since her father didn’t really talk to her anymore, and was too busy with Doris partying out, there was no need to stick around.  Today her heart is set on walking a long distance to visit her grandfather who she has not seen for a while.  She packs herself a little lunch and hits the woods with a happy heart.  It took her three hours to reach the lovely farm home, and when she arrived her grandfather was nowhere in sight.  Instead of doing nothing, she whistles loud for her grandfather’s horse Chief, and heads to the barn with a smile on her face.   She hears the big painted draft horse pound the earth with his hooves, and whinny’s a greeting to his little friend.  She climbs on the wooden fence and waits for the equine’s arrival.  

“Hi ya boy, been a while,” Celeste called out to the spunky horse.  Chief snorted out loud blowing his horse boogers in Celeste’s face sitting on the wood fence.  “Gross boy what the heck ya do that for.”  She swipes her face off with the back of her hand and wipes the moisture on her pants.  Chief flipped his lip up in laughter, Celeste chuckled with glee and tries to mimic the beast’s greeting. “Ya know darlin’ I’m a thinkin’ it’s time to break ya, what ya think?  Would you let me ride ya if I be nice?”  The beautiful big brown and white draft horse bobbed his head in yes to the little girl. Celeste smiles and states, “Now if ya don’t like me on your back, ya better not buck me off or I will never be nice to ya again.”  Chief pranced his huge hooves around the dirt showing off to Celeste his gorgeous shiny spring coat.  

Slowly she slides off the fence and stands firm waiting for Chief to calm down.  She takes a small step towards the massive beast reaching out her hand, and not looking at the equine in the face. Chief snorts out his heated breath while shaking his mane, Celeste see’s he is thinking about the situation.  She takes another timid step forward, the horse steps backwards.  “Now you stop that and come here, I ain’t got time for ya shying away from me.”  Chief shook his head no and steps back again, giving space between the two. She stops and steps backwards, “Okay ya piss butt, if ya want to play that game let’s play.”  Chief is alert and watches the little girl climb a tree.  The equine is curious about her intentions as he views the girl sitting on a branch dangling her feet. He prances under the tree Celeste climbed and dug his hoof into the dirt like a bull ready to charge.  

While sitting on the limb, she remembers a beautiful moment her and Ghost shared.  A tear of sadness in memory slowly slides down her cheek.  She wipes the wetness away and says to her friend who passed in Alabama, “I miss ya something seriously boy. I long for us to be together again my friend.”  Celeste is deep in thought sitting on her branch when Chief positions himself under her, and stretches his head upwards towards Celeste’s tennis shoes and bites the tip of her shoe.  “Ouch, damn it,” she bellows out and looses her seat on the branch.  Her eyes are wide with realization and fear when she begins to fall backwards.

Celeste screams out loud falling to her doom when she lands on the back of the draft horse facing his rear end.  For a split second both are stunned to silence.  She dare not move knowing the colt could bolt in fear at any given minute.  Celeste feels the shivering of his massive body as she sat on his back backwards.  She is about to slide off his huge body when the beast took off.  Unable to hang on, she immediately grabs his tri-colored tail and hangs on for dear life.  Chief ripped his tail out of her hands, and sent the girl flying off his back with a buck high in the air.  Celeste slams into a nearby tree screaming out in pain from the sudden impact.  Celeste doesn’t waste time licking her wounds she gets up and runs for the beast.  “You dirty dog!”  The horse took off with great speed through the woods before the girl could get close to him again.  Celeste yells out to the retreating wild animal, “One day I’m a gonna ride the shit out of you’re bucking ass!”  She hears a whinny response from the equine like he was laughing at her.  She smiles and grimaces in pain, and returns to sitting on the wooden fence to milk her wounds just in time before her grandfather pulls up in his dodge pick-up truck.


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“God is good and God is great, thank you for my life and food…Amen!”


Celeste returns to school the next day, and is happy the school students leave her alone.  To her nothing could rain on her parade, and when she heads to her locker she is rewarded with a big yellow cut out flower of a daisy in paper taped to her locker door.  She smiles and knows it’s from Brandon and peels the flower off the outside of her locker, and puts the artwork inside so the students didn’t rip it down.  The day passed away quickly for Celeste and before she knew it she walked into her fourth period class hoping to see Brandon. The cowboy walks in the room before the bell rang with a smile on his face.  He views Celeste returned to school and took his seat next to her.

“Glad to see ya back, how ya doing?”  She is fearful to look him in the eye but gives him a smile acknowledging his presence.  Before class started Celeste thanked Brandon for the flower on her locker, they both smile at each other when the bell rang for the last time for class to start. For many weeks Brandon and Celeste were in separable.  The bullying stopped with the help of Brandon and for the first time the little cowgirl felt happy and free with her new friend.  She catches up on her studies and flourishes in school with the help of her friend. Mr. Hick’s is joyous to see his little friend finally smile her days away while learning.  He had taken on the responsibility to have Brandon and Celeste work in the library together an enjoyed both of their company.  In fact, they worked fabulous together as a team, an at times Mr. Hick watched the two kids giggle at each others silliness.  Mr. Hick’s thanks the lord for bestowing a good person in Celeste’s lonely life as he watches her blossom with kindness.

Several happy weeks passed Celeste by in the winter months until the spring solstices season arrived.  Her life at home was still unbearable, but with the help of having a friend, Celeste manages to stay happy and care free.  Instead of dealing with Doris at night when she arrived home from school, she picks up her bow and arrows and hunts every night for their dinner keeping her distance from Doris. Her father finally came home after her bruises faded, she thanked the lord that he occupied Doris’s nasty behavior, giving her space to heal from the wicked woman’s assaults.  Her relationship with her father stayed astray for many reasons, they barely spoke to each other which was fine by Celeste.  For many years she has learned to live without the care of her sperm donor’s love, so it didn’t bother her like it use too; and having a friend at school made the situation less important.  To her, her half-breed father seemed to be getting drunk all the time with the help of his party player girlfriend.  They both were seldom home and would return in the wee hours of the early morning light, drunk off their asses.

It was spring break at school for a week when Celeste slipped back into solitude.  Without seeing her friend, life seemed to return back to the hardship and struggles.  She asked her father if she could spend time with her grandfather, and of course he turned her down saying he wanted to spend time with her; however, she spent her days in the forest alone while her family stayed home and partied out. Celeste had a bug up her rear to go fishing, she takes her fishing pole and heads to her favorite stream in the woods to catch trout.  After a few hours casting her line and catching over five fishes, she packs up her belongings to head for home.  She instantly stops to the sound of laughter heading in her direction in the woods.  Quick as a whip, the cowgirl hides herself to be unseen by the intruders, and lays quiet.  Her eyes open wide to see Brandon walking in the woods with a young girl who could be his sister.  She takes note how sweet and kind the boy is to the young lady, and smiles to know Brandon has a good loving soul.  She slips away undetected, and heads back home with a smile on her face and five fishes ready to have a fish fry.  It was heaven to Celeste returning to an empty home, and doesn’t waste time skinning the fish to eat while she thinks how lucky she is to have a friend like Brandon.  She speaks out to no one particular and  says in a happy note while adding the fish to a skillet of hot oil, “God is good and God is great, thank you for my life and food…Amen!”   The cowgirl sits alone at the kitchen table eating her fresh fish while pondering on the topic of her grandfather and how much she missed him, an instantly thinks of her mother.  Without thinking the cowgirl says a prayer for her safe return before finishing her plate of food.   The minute she is done eating she gets up to tidy up her mess, and heads to her bedroom to watch her birds in flight in peace.


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Celeste falls back to sleep instantly, and begins to dream of her and Brandon just talking, sitting, and laughing on a wooden fence by a pond of water.


After Celeste’s last class for the day at school, she was ready to go home and sleep her night away.  She arrives to a dirty empty home and relishes in the fact the Doris wasn’t around to hear her bitch and moans. Instead of cleaning up after Doris, she heads straight for her bedroom and locks the door.  One by one she takes the origami figures out of her backpack and begins to attach sewing thread to the tiny artwork.  She looks around her little bedroom for anything to hang the figures from, and spots a metal clothes hanger.  When finished she smiles to see the multiple color birds suspended in air by the clothes hanger.  She hangs the mobile above her bed and steps back to see the birds in flight.  Her heart soars with happiness gawking at the lovely art figures Brandon bestowed upon her.   Instantly she whispers a  thank you to the young gentleman who was kind. 

She lays down on her bed, and watches the mobile move lightly to and fro.  Celeste takes a deep breath and blows sending her air to hit the art making the birds come to life.  The peaceful play time allowed her to think of flying to distant places where  good people only existed, and before she knew it her tired eyelid closed drifting off into sleep.  Several hours pass while the cowgirl slumbers until she awakes to  loud voices and a semi-dark bedroom.  She doesn’t bother getting up to investigate, and is happy to lay in her bed to watch her birds being touched by the light of moonlight.  Celeste hears a couple of different men’s voices, and stays in her bedroom tuning out the small party Doris decided to have late at night, and returns to her peaceful dreaming.

In the morning, Celeste unable to rise from her bed due to her injuries slept on until very late in the afternoon.   She steps out of her bedroom to the scent of cigarette smoke and heads to the restroom.  She views herself in the mirror and takes note to get a bag of ice to lay on her puffy left eye, and then splashes cold water upon her face.  After doing her morning ritual in the bathroom, she heads to the kitchen to answer the calls of her growling tummy.  She pops bread in the toaster for warm peanut butter toast and pours herself a glass of milk. Something is off when Celeste doesn’t smell coffee, she yells out to Doris, but no reply came.  She smiles to herself for having the house to herself, and sits at the table to eat breakfast.  Afterwards, she tidies up the dirty kitchen, and returns back to her oasis with her bag of ice and munchies to think about the boy named Brandon.  

It didn’t take long for Celeste to fall back a sleep watching her mobile rock her into a magical trance.  She slept the rest of the day away and into the late morning hours until Doris returned home louder than a screeching eagle.  Celeste falls back to sleep instantly, and begins to dream of her and Brandon just talking, sitting, and laughing on a wooden fence by a pond of water.   She wakes to the sound of her alarm in the early morning light, and is ready to return to school with a better attitude, and a happy spring in her step!


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Kiss Kiss Blogger Peeps~


TO ALL MY WONDERFUL CREATIVE ARTIST, MUSICIANS, READERS, POETS, WRITERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, VIDEO ARTISTS, BLOGGER PEEPS, TWITTER PEEPS, AND FACEBOOK PEEPS! Slingshot blog site is extending love and indebtedness to ALL who follow and read the rough and raw words of Celeste’s adventurous fiction story!   A deep heart felt gratitude goes out to those who stop by Slingshot’s Blog on a daily basis, and this means my Twitter Peeps too, just want to say I ADORE YOU THE MOST!  Also, to for allowing people’s creativity to shine in the most wonderful, colorful way and without this site; I would’ve never been able to meet, learn, explore, laugh, and get educated by so many fascinating, stupendous people in my life time!~

At times, I have found myself stretched thin between my business, writing, emails, and reading, that sometimes I don’t stop by to give you love and support, but know I read and see most of all my followers blogs when I can!   I just thought to give you all my love to let you know I simply respect each and everyone of my fabulous followers~  KISS KISS…And may your path in life always be full of happiness, love and positive energy~

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