“Your name is Dawn like the fresh morning light,”


Dumbfounded Celeste stood statuesque in the busy hallway watching the beanstalk boy walk away from her.  It wasn’t hard to miss the boy since he was a head or more in height than the other students.  She shakes her sore pounding head in confusion and thinks to herself, “Did this really just happen?”  Celeste is bumped out of her thoughts by a student who softly knocks into her, she pays them no mind and proceeds to head to her usual lunch spot outside in the woods sitting under a tree.  Celeste is about to open the school outside door when she sees the wind blowing cold.  She waits and stands in silence watching out the rectangle window.  Celeste sticks her tongue out to wet her cracked swollen lip on the right side, and feels her left golden colored eye throbbed with pain.  Without thinking she lightly places her left eye against the cold window, and relishes the coolness for a few moments in peace.

The minute the cowgirl closes her eyes she relives the fight scene all over again.  A tear escapes her green orb of sadness to lose her coat, but there was nothing she could do about it, and to her what is done is done so no use crying over spilled milk!  “I reckon a bag of ice would work better, here try this.”  She opens her eyes and doesn’t bother to answer or look at who spoke to her; because, she already knew who it was with his southern drawl.  “No thanks I’m fine,” she finally replies in a soft note.  He doesn’t move until she looks at him.  “My name is Brandon. whats yours?”  Celeste straightens her stance and begins to scan him from head to toe, thinking should she give up her name.  “Well ya gonna just stare me down, or ya gonna tell me ya name, or I can guess?”  He produces a half smile from Celeste and shrugs her shoulder.  “It must be Scarlett?”  Celeste nods no with her head smiling a little more, Brandon smiles back.  “Okay how about Xena?”  Celeste forgot about her swollen face as she blew out a spit of breath, her lips felt like they cracked a little more with the smile he was producing on her injured kisser.  “Awe, I guess not…how about,” he acted out thinking hard on the topic placing a finger to his right temple on the side of his brown eyes.  He takes a step closer to get a better look at the banged up girl. Celeste plasters herself against the door facing Brandon’s observations when they were interrupted by Mr. Hick’s, the Librarian.

“Um, excuse me is he bothering you?” Celeste gazes at Mr. Hick’s and doesn’t utter a word.  She nods no in silence, while Brandon turns around to face the teacher.  Mr. Hick’s looks the new student up and down and sees the bag of ice, “You must be our new student?” Brandon smiles and introduces himself giving Celeste enough time to zip pass the men, and walked at a fast pace down the hallway to anywhere that gave her private time before she had to return to class.  “Your name is Dawn, like the fresh morning light,” Brandon yelled out over the short male teacher.  Celeste didn’t look back, she kept walking fast while Mr. Hick’s smile to see someone being kind to the half-breed.

They both watch the shy cowgirl turn a corner into the nearest bathroom disappearing from sight.  Mr. Hick’s with a smile on his face was about to turn on his heels to return to his world of books, instead he gives the new eighth grade boy a hand shake and says with hope in his tone.  “Give her time, she is a good girl, she’ll come around if you keep giving her kindness. Just to let you know she loves to read.” Brandon doesn’t say a word.  Mr. Hick’s leaves his company, Brandon turns down the opposite direction walking to the cafeteria with a bag of ice in his hand.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=xCnOSIZ7wEZNXM&tbnid=RSXieYUKtLuX7M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffreehdw.com%2Fwallpaper%2Ffresh-light-of-dawn-92208.html&ei=-Cc6U5irIomysQTU84GICQ&bvm=bv.63934634,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNHGCwXzswB4and0lJiMUsJ_dKSbqQ&ust=1396406570269462




6 thoughts on ““Your name is Dawn like the fresh morning light,”

    1. HAHA Ya know little beauty I think ya might be right the only difference is Celeste never has worn a dress…WHAT a great movie too especially the highest note! Your a kick in the britches baby, kiss kiss!~

  1. Hey ! Hey ! Like the fresh morning light… Reminds me of somebody… I just can’t figure out who. 😉

    Brandon-Celeste… Sounds great ! 😀

    Are all southenrers so romantic ?

    Kiss Kiss

    1. Yep how smart ya are my darlin’….I remembered long ago when I started yet another school, this young man did just that to me. Are all southerns romantic…not sure but he sure was. I still have the crane origami he made me. hahahah

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