“Ya welcome, I made this at lunch for ya thinking you could use a smile.”


Several young ladies were already in the bathroom grooming, and talking about boys when Celeste quickly steps inside.  Their chatter stops the minute she walks in, the girls gawk at Celeste but she gives them no time to stare, and piles into a toilet stall slamming the door with speed.  Celeste sits on the throne of poop with her pants up and ponders what just happen.  She waits for all the girl’s to disappear before she walks out to see if the coast is clear, and walks slowly to the wash basin and mirrors.  What a mess and a fright she sees in the mirror looking at her swollen eye and lip.  The cowgirl sees her kisser wasn’t as bad as her left yellow eye that seemed to be closed shut.  With care she touches her sore orb, and then licks her lip with moisture.  A student walks in the restroom and sees Celeste at the mirror, she immediately goes to the nearest stall and does her business.  Celeste leaves and peaks her head out the opening of the restroom, and finds the way clear sailing.

She heads to her history class, and decides to hide away from all seeing eyes. Happy that no one is in the room, she takes her usual seat, and lies her head down on the cool school’s desk closing her eyes to rest for twenty minutes.  Celeste is in a deep sleep, snoring lightly when her history teacher enters her room.  Her heart melts for the student as she hears the light snore, she tip toes to the cowgirl’s desk and stares at the little girl’s injuries.  She decides to leave quietly, and returns in no time at all with a bag of ice from the nurse’s office.  Lightly she whispers to the ill student while placing her hand on the cowgirl’s back with a light touch, “Celeste little one, time to wake up before the students arrive.”

Celeste opens her eye and lifts her head off the desk and feels dizzy.  “I think you need to go to the nurse or go home Celeste, but for the time being lets put some ice on your eye to cool it down.”  She obeys and finds the comfort of the ice helpful.  The school bell rings allowing the students to enter their history classroom, none bothered Celeste as she sat in her chair milking her injuries with ice. Her teacher begins the lesson for the day when the classroom door opens up and in walks the tall Brandon.  Celeste sinks deeper in her chair, and turns her head away looking out the window.  She hears his boots clicking on the hard floor coming closer to her isle of two empty seats.  He choose the vacant desk next Celeste and sits down quietly.


Nervous as all hell, Celeste doesn’t turn her head, she keeps staring out the window watching the leafless trees sway to the blowing wind.  Out of the corner of her good eye she sees a small folded paper box made out of paper slide on her desk.  The cowgirl doesn’t touch the paper box, Brandon nudges her arm while the teacher writes on the chalkboard.  Celeste didn’t look or pay attention to what could be in the paper holder, she kept staring out the window.  Brandon flicks her elbow with his finger lightly trying to grab her attention. She finally had no choice but to give keenness to Brandon’s note. Without looking at him, she opens the paper box an smiles to see the cute contents of a orange paper origami bird.


She picks the pretty little paper bird up and marvels at the clever artist design.  She is bothered again by Brandon and takes the chance to look at the boy.  He smiles brightly with amusement and shows her silently how to move the birds wings without holding on to the paper, she applies his method and is rewarded with joy.  The rest of the class flew by quickly while Celeste and Brandon played around.  She watches him in fascination making several other clever paper designs with his long fingers.  By the time class time was over Celeste didn’t learn a thing, but how to smile as she stared at her desk that was loaded with different origami art.

When the school bell rang once again to change classes for the last time of the day, Celeste and Brandon both got out of their chairs together and walked out of the room into the busy hallway.  “Thank you, you made this class bearable,” Celeste finally spoke out to Brandon.  “Ya welcome, I made this in lunch for ya thinking you could use a smile.” Brandon walked Celeste to her locker and said goodbye to go to his next and last class for the day.  Celeste feels happy to know at least there is one nice person in this school as she watches the cowboy walk down the hallway.




2 thoughts on ““Ya welcome, I made this at lunch for ya thinking you could use a smile.”

  1. Just reminds my post on an Everly Brothers song : “Devoted to You”. Celeste finally has her knight in bright shinig armor (amor) 😉

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