“God is good and God is great, thank you for my life and food…Amen!”


Celeste returns to school the next day, and is happy the school students leave her alone.  To her nothing could rain on her parade, and when she heads to her locker she is rewarded with a big yellow cut out flower of a daisy in paper taped to her locker door.  She smiles and knows it’s from Brandon and peels the flower off the outside of her locker, and puts the artwork inside so the students didn’t rip it down.  The day passed away quickly for Celeste and before she knew it she walked into her fourth period class hoping to see Brandon. The cowboy walks in the room before the bell rang with a smile on his face.  He views Celeste returned to school and took his seat next to her.

“Glad to see ya back, how ya doing?”  She is fearful to look him in the eye but gives him a smile acknowledging his presence.  Before class started Celeste thanked Brandon for the flower on her locker, they both smile at each other when the bell rang for the last time for class to start. For many weeks Brandon and Celeste were in separable.  The bullying stopped with the help of Brandon and for the first time the little cowgirl felt happy and free with her new friend.  She catches up on her studies and flourishes in school with the help of her friend. Mr. Hick’s is joyous to see his little friend finally smile her days away while learning.  He had taken on the responsibility to have Brandon and Celeste work in the library together an enjoyed both of their company.  In fact, they worked fabulous together as a team, an at times Mr. Hick watched the two kids giggle at each others silliness.  Mr. Hick’s thanks the lord for bestowing a good person in Celeste’s lonely life as he watches her blossom with kindness.

Several happy weeks passed Celeste by in the winter months until the spring solstices season arrived.  Her life at home was still unbearable, but with the help of having a friend, Celeste manages to stay happy and care free.  Instead of dealing with Doris at night when she arrived home from school, she picks up her bow and arrows and hunts every night for their dinner keeping her distance from Doris. Her father finally came home after her bruises faded, she thanked the lord that he occupied Doris’s nasty behavior, giving her space to heal from the wicked woman’s assaults.  Her relationship with her father stayed astray for many reasons, they barely spoke to each other which was fine by Celeste.  For many years she has learned to live without the care of her sperm donor’s love, so it didn’t bother her like it use too; and having a friend at school made the situation less important.  To her, her half-breed father seemed to be getting drunk all the time with the help of his party player girlfriend.  They both were seldom home and would return in the wee hours of the early morning light, drunk off their asses.

It was spring break at school for a week when Celeste slipped back into solitude.  Without seeing her friend, life seemed to return back to the hardship and struggles.  She asked her father if she could spend time with her grandfather, and of course he turned her down saying he wanted to spend time with her; however, she spent her days in the forest alone while her family stayed home and partied out. Celeste had a bug up her rear to go fishing, she takes her fishing pole and heads to her favorite stream in the woods to catch trout.  After a few hours casting her line and catching over five fishes, she packs up her belongings to head for home.  She instantly stops to the sound of laughter heading in her direction in the woods.  Quick as a whip, the cowgirl hides herself to be unseen by the intruders, and lays quiet.  Her eyes open wide to see Brandon walking in the woods with a young girl who could be his sister.  She takes note how sweet and kind the boy is to the young lady, and smiles to know Brandon has a good loving soul.  She slips away undetected, and heads back home with a smile on her face and five fishes ready to have a fish fry.  It was heaven to Celeste returning to an empty home, and doesn’t waste time skinning the fish to eat while she thinks how lucky she is to have a friend like Brandon.  She speaks out to no one particular and  says in a happy note while adding the fish to a skillet of hot oil, “God is good and God is great, thank you for my life and food…Amen!”   The cowgirl sits alone at the kitchen table eating her fresh fish while pondering on the topic of her grandfather and how much she missed him, an instantly thinks of her mother.  Without thinking the cowgirl says a prayer for her safe return before finishing her plate of food.   The minute she is done eating she gets up to tidy up her mess, and heads to her bedroom to watch her birds in flight in peace.


picture by:https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=DupBzeD9KzqF4M&tbnid=2B1BXwKalLYObM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fthegreatamericandisconnect.blogspot.com%2F2012%2F09%2Fgod-is-not-allowed-in-schools-does-god.html&ei=37pCU5nMFMewyQHksoHoDQ&bvm=bv.64125504,d.aWc&psig=AFQjCNGt5bEIrKFuIhibvAlcCWYwxD9mAw&ust=1396968400455956


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