“Just to let ya know old man, I don’t like boys like that. I think they are nothing but trouble!”


Celeste never told her grandfather what she was doing with the big draft painted horse.  There were many times Henry warned Celeste that Chief was a horse no one could break, but something inside Celeste had to give it a go.  Already her and the horse were getting along like peas and carrots, so it was only time before she rode the beast.  To her if the horse can pull a carriage then why can’t he be broke to ride?  

She slid off the wooden fence to greet her grandfather.  Wincing in pain from slamming into a tree made Celeste suck it up before she hugged her papa.  “Well hello little britches, how you doing?” Celeste ran into his big strong arms, and relished the hug that she seldom receives from a parent. “Before you know it young lady, you’re going to be taller than me.” The tomboy smiled with joy to be in the company of the only person who loved her.  “Papa, I don’t want to get tall like you, I already have problems with my height at school.” Henry grinned at his little gem.  “Celeste now that you are here I have been craving pumpkin cookies, and no one but your grandma made the best ones.  How about you and I go inside so you can make my favorite cookies.” Celeste beamed with happiness and nodded yes.

For several hours the pair sat at the huge round table in the kitchen, Celeste baked while her granddad cleaned his guns. “There is something different about you daughter, you seem happier.  Did your dad chuck his woman?” Celeste smiled at her papa’s choice of words. “No, she is still there unfortunately.  I don’t like her papa, there is something not right with her, and it’s not because she isn’t my mother.  I do believe the woman is foul, an I don’t trust her.” Henry gave his granddaughter a quick glare and spoke softly. “So who is making my granddaughter happy these days?’ Celeste put the last batch of cookies into the oven to bake, she loaded a little plate with the warm cookies, and sat the plate down of goodies in front of Henry. “I have a friend at school.  He is nice and kind to me papa.” Henry put down his weapon and said,  “A boy, your too young to have a boyfriend little one, don’t you know you could get cooties from kissing a boy.” Celeste giggled out loud, Henry joined in with her laughter.

“It’s not like that papa, Brandon and I are only friends nothing more.  You would like him, he is a cowboy. Just to let ya know old man, I don’t like boys like that.  I think they are nothing but trouble!” Henry roared out with laughter.  Celeste raised her eyebrows with amusement at her papa, and joined in with his loud laughter that filled his home with love.  She gets up from her chair and pours Henry a cup of coffee and herself a glass of milk.  They both passed the time away in each other’s company laughing and talking, until Celeste had to return home.  


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