“I kissed a girl and I liked it!” Celeste smiles from ear to ear and gives her boyfriend a wink with her eye and turns on her heels to walk home and cry her eyes out.


The last days of winter passed by with speed for Celeste without teasing.  Brandon turned out to be a great friend for little eighth grader Celeste.  She was happy that he never asked her to go steady as most young people would expect when man and woman come together.  Celeste adored spending time in the Library with Brandon.  After tiding up the library and all books were returned to there proper place on the shelf, Brandon and Celeste would read to each other to pass the time away.  Mr. Hicks enjoyed the two’s company and thought they were a perfect match for grade school.  He held Celeste’s coat in his hands and decide now was the time to return her repaired rabbit fur jacket back to her.  

He walks up to the reading couple and said, “Celeste,” he didn’t finish because she glances upwards and sees her jacket in his hand. “I thought it ruined.  Did you fix this sir?”  Celeste inquired with happiness.  “No our Home Economics teacher did her best,” Mr. Hicks replied.  “Thank ya kindly sir, I appreciate what ya have done for me,” she reaches for the jacket and smells the soft fur with love. Brandon stands up and helps her to try on the jacket to see if it fits.  Celeste blushes and isn’t use to having men help her, but she rewards the gentlemen with a admiration for their kind gesture. 

After school nothing could rain on Celeste’s parade as she walks home with happiness to have her jacket back.  Even when she steps into her stinking cigarette scented home her mood is not dampened to see her dad drunk and Doris watching TV.  She puts her jacket into her closet and tips toes out of the house unseen.  Afterwards she heads to the shed and gets her fishing pole to fish for tonight’s dinner.  Celeste spends many nights in the woods at her special place alone pondering her happy thoughts.  Since her father had no work and stayed home getting drunk and smoking cigarettes with Doris, she hated to stick around and left the drunk couple to take care of themselves.  

Celeste is sitting on a large boulder along side the slow moving stream and fishes for her dinner.  Time passes her by quickly and before she knew it darkness settled upon the woods.  “I think I will stay the night since it’s getting warmer, besides papa never knows if I am there or not.”  She had brought several items from her home to house the wooden tepee dwelling, and in the end it was her perfect little hide-a-way that no one knew about.  Many evenings she stayed warm in her cozy wooden home alone with her small fire cooking her meals, and in the early mornings she would race home to get ready for school. 

The weeks zoomed by in speed when the end of May rolled around the corner.  It is the last week of school before students are dismissed and summer begins.  There is something wrong with Brandon and Celeste feels his sorrow when they connect at school.  “What’s the matter Brandon?”  Cowboy Brandon shuffles his feet in sadness and lightly speaks out, “We are moving once again, my father has a job over seas to manage.”  Celeste didn’t show emotion, she knows all to well the process of moving constantly.  Instead she tries to make the last days of school for them both a pleasant and fun time before he leaves his cowgirl. The couple had less than a week of fun, and on the last day of school words didn’t come easy to the cowgirl and cowboy.  

Celeste and Brandon stand together in the woods saying their goodbyes.  She doesn’t cry, she is use to having people come and go in her life.  “Thank you my friend for making my year in school bearable, you will not be forgotten.  We could write each other if ya want too.”  Celeste tries to smooth out the uneasy feeling of saying goodbye to a friend.  Brandon wants to kiss her but is unsure how to handle the process of doing the deed.  Celeste is the first girl he really liked, and found they had common ground in all things in life.  The only difference is he had wonderful parents and she didn’t have any.  They both are sitting on a fallen log in the woods behind the school yard, unable to say a word.  She feels his nervous energy and is about to ask him what’s wrong when Brandon turned his head towards her with a odd gaze and gives the cowgirl her first kiss.

The kiss is soft and inexperienced at first to Celeste, but she doesn’t pull away and finds his lips soothing and refreshing. She is about to touch his face with her hands when they are scared to death by a male teacher who busted them.  “You two should not be back here, you both need to go home.”  Celeste turned beet red, however, Brandon wasn’t embarrassed he stands up and reached for her hand.  Celeste takes his offer and begins to leave the woods to walk her cowboy to the bus.  “Goodbye Brandon may our paths cross again.”  Brandon gazes at Celeste and is about to kiss her again when the bus driver barks out for Brandon to board. She turns around to begin her walk home when Brandon grabs her arm and spins her around to kiss her again in front of the school students on the bus.  Celeste is tingling inside when Brandon wraps his arms around her to strengthen his delicious kiss. They break apart and hear all the hoot and hollers of the other students teasing them.  They pay them no mind and gaze for a split second into each others eyes.  “Your my first girl I ever kissed,” Brandon spoke softly with a smile.  “Your my first kiss too Brandon.” She jumps in surprise when the bus driver yelled out again.  “Thank you, for all you have given me.”  Brandon smiles and the last words she heard from her friend, “I kissed a girl and I liked it!”  Celeste smiles from ear to ear and gives her boyfriend a wink with her eye and turns on her heels to walk home and cry her eyes out.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=kM4a-ZpPnZ2M5M&tbnid=kjGp8y2PACgXZM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mp3last.com%2Fplay%2Fnightcore-i-kissed-a-girl-i-kissed-a-boy%2Fe6P-2FTSmjw&ei=hH1WU-WtEeWq8QGE04DwDA&bvm=bv.65177938,d.b2I&psig=AFQjCNEcolJQqt-7j7KNDnAVAEm1VorJaw&ust=1398263504497789


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