I’m a thinkin’ you’re a bunch of up to no good fairies. Show yourself I say!” She bellowed out but heard no sound as she stood in the deep water stream up to her waist.


Celeste’s days at home in the summer were ruthless with Doris.  It seems when her father leaves for a music gig Doris gets loosey goosey and is one naughty lady. The cowgirl tries to stay away during the night because of the late night parties that rocked in her house.  She would stay in the forest under her Indian dwelling safe from all humans until the early morning light to return to a fifthly stinking home, and people passed out all over the living room floor.  She never would tell her father about Doris’s wicked ways, because to her she was his problem and choice in life.  She no longer thought of her mother and knew she was dead, since it’s been over a year and no one found the wondering woman in Alabama.  In her dreams at night she relived the same dream over and over of her mother scorching herself in a dark place somewhere, so in the cowgirl’s heart, she knew her mother would never return.

Her father rarely spoke to her and if he did, Celeste couldn’t stand the scent of him; however, he did ask her to attend the party with him and Doris, but she refused and thanked him for asking. Since she decided to stay home and go fishing, he demands she tidy up the home while he and Doris head out to the summer jamboree.  It took her three hours to make the home seem clean, and when finished she didn’t waste no time at all to gather her fishing gear.  

The day is warm and inviting perfect to pass the time away under a Mulberry Tree and fish.  Celeste begins her track through the woods in her bathing suit, and by the time she reached the stream she plunged her mosquito bitten body into the cool stream to sooth the large itchy bumps. She lays her head on the shore while her long body floated on top of the water gazing through the trees to peak at the bright sun.  Celeste begins to clear her mind and glorifies what Mother Earth has bless her with.  For over an hour she lays on the moist dark dirt and ponders about the beauty of plant life when Brandon pops into her thoughts.  She smiles as she remembers her first kiss.  “I hope ya doing good Brandon, ya truly were a great friend till the end,” she whispers out to no one in-particular.  

Bird calls summon her to try and mimic their musical tunes as she laid in the water cooling herself staring at the tree tops.  She begins to whistle out and focus on a mockingbird who seems to have several whistles.  Celeste sits up and spreads mud on her body to protect her flesh from the blood suckers of society in her tranquil setting as she whistled out softly.  Immediately she stops her task of covering her body when she hears a light laughter of children approaching somewhere in the woods.  Celeste stands and scans the green forest and finds no one approaching.  She hears again the sound of children laughing and whistles out a few bars of notes. All is quiet in the woods when Celeste thinks it’s her imagination running wild.

Time to fish as she picks up her fishing pole and digs for a few worms.  Like a Pro the girl is not shy to put a worm on a hook and cast her line out to wait for a bite.  She is about to hum a tune when she hears clearly the few bars of notes she whistled out earlier echo out.  Celeste scrunches her brow in quiet thought and hears the notes again.  Instantly the girl drops her pole and scans the forest with eagle eyes.  With care she retrieves her slingshot and grabs a few marbles just in case the booger man came calling.  She hears many different giggles and this time calls out, “Hello, is someone out in the woods with me?”  No reply came as she studied the forest with her orbs.  She returns to pick her pole up after dropping her slingshot on the dirt, and decides to fish on a big boulder rock nestled by the stream. The view is better on top of the rock than standing on the ground as her eyes scout out for others.  Peace and quiet the forest stayed until her fishing pole bowed.   

Celeste stands up and starts to reel in the wet flapper.  She is so excited and living in the moment of catching her a whopper when her line snaps and she loses her balance.  She titters on the edge of the boulder until she lost her footing and falls into the stream with a loud splash.  “I almost had ya sucker, HOOT…WOOT!”  She screams out with joy and hears the giggles again.  “Okay, ya funny people who like to laugh, I’m a thinkin’ you’re a bunch of up to no good fairies.  Show yourself I say!”  She bellowed out but heard no sound as she stood in the deep water stream up to her waist.  She fears not and realizes she is being targeted by mischief people, so she gets herself out of the water and take note her marbles were missing.  She tries to remember where she left the damn round objects as she surveys her area. Celeste shrugs her shoulders without care and heads back to the boulder with a smile where she dropped her pole before plunging into the waters.   


4 thoughts on “I’m a thinkin’ you’re a bunch of up to no good fairies. Show yourself I say!” She bellowed out but heard no sound as she stood in the deep water stream up to her waist.

  1. I am awarding you the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. There are also 6 awards I’m offering to all my readers, which you can take any or all of those. If you don’t accept awards, sorry about that, it’s just my way of saying thank you for coming by. For more details, please view this post http://wp.me/p41c99-MI Take care, Sage

    1. You darlin’ Sage its ALWAYS a pleasure to be thought of! Even though I don’t accept awards, if it comes from you and a few others I accept full kindheartedly! Awe….your my shinning light Grimm! Kiss Kiss

      1. You’re welcome, and thank you, you’re a sweetheart 🙂 Don’t feel compelled to accept on my behalf, I understand not accepting. I think I’m done now with awards myself lol

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