“I’m so proud of you daughter. Dear god she is special keep her safe.”


The summer’s day in August was hot and humid as Celeste finished her chores.  She decided to stay hidden in the barn doing her own thing while her grandfather had friends over.  They were admiring the farm when they stopped to check out Chief the painted draft horse.  She became worried when she overheard the strangers speak about buying the draft horse from her granddad.  “I can’t sell him, he is not broke to ride.  The only thing I use the horse for is pulling a horse cart and hauling heavy loads.”  Celeste heard a few young men’s voices say they could break the horse.  She chuckled softly to herself knowing she was the first to break the beast, and she would be damned if her papa sold the horse out from under her.

“No one can ride Chief, he is too wild for riding.  I’ve had many people try, but none have succeeded.” her grandfather stated lightly. The minute Henry spoke out to his city slicker friends, something inside Celeste egged her on to prove him wrong. She softly whistled out to Chief to grab his attention, the horse immediately turned towards her hoping to receive a treat from his favorite girl. Celeste quickly stands on a wooden stump waiting for Chief to get close to where she could jump on his bare back.  She gets herself situated upon his back before opening the gate to the back of the barn.  Celeste whispers out to the beast, “Okay boy lets show these boys what your made of!”  Chief shakes his head yes and becomes antsy ready to obey the little girl’s wishes. 

The pair bolt out of the opening with great thundering speed.  Henry’s jaw hit the floor as he watched his little girl zoom past them without a bridle or saddle on the wild painted horse.  She barrels pass the group strong and sure of herself as the men stood stunned to see the display of a crazy horsemen ship from a young lady.  Horse and girl ran around the house and in a split second they returned.  Henry watches with amazement as his granddaughter stops in front of his quest and makes the horse rear up to the heavens.  Her golden long curly hair bounced in time with the movement of the horse while her eyes are alight with sunshine and excitement.  Henry is speechless and shocked to witness the unbelievable scene.

Celeste slid off the horse with ease and said, “See papa, Chief isn’t wild.”  Celeste didn’t pay attention to the other men, her worry was placed upon her granddad.  Seconds ticked passed in silence as the stunned group watched Celeste stand in front of her grandfather.  She didn’t know what to do and realized she gave up her secret, now she had to pay the price for going behind her papa’s back.   What was she thinking acting on impulse and being reckless she thought to herself as she cast her eyes down upon the green grass while Chief began to graze.  It took one of the young men to break the ice of silence.  “Wow…that was cool chick!” Celeste lifts her different color orbs to the man about in his med-twenties and moves her wild hair out of her face with her hand to get a better look at the excited young man.

The stranger is mystified by Celeste’s different color of eyes as they stand apart checking each other out.  “Man you’re a tall girl, and do you wear contacts?”  Celeste scrunches up her face in thought of what contacts meant.  The young boy takes note she is shy and states, “Why do you wear lens in you’re eyes to change the color?”  It clicked upon Celeste the man thought she wore something in her eyes to change the color.  “They are my eyes and no I don’t wear what ya call contacts.”  She feels stupid and wanted to kick herself in the butt for her reckless behavior.  The young man blurts out, “I have never seen two different eye colors on one person before.  It’s kinda of groovy man, check this out dudes she has one green and yellow eyes. Are you an Indian too?”  Celeste is about to turn away with shame when her grandfather steps up close to her and gives his little girl a happy smile.  He melts her heart as she realizes he is proud of her and not angry.

Henry thinks to himself as he views his sassy granddaughter, “How did I not know what she was doing? No one has ever rode that horse.”   He remembers seeing her give the horse treats, but never had seen her ride the beast. “Everything she does she does it without fear, unconditional love and understanding.  How is this possible when many men have tried to break the horse and it takes a little girl to prove them all wrong.”   He thinks silently to himself while he gazes at his amazing granddaughter.  He is knocked out of his thoughts when Celeste instantly slams her body against him for a hug.  He looks down at his little girl and hugs her tightly while saying inside his head, “I’m so proud of you daughter.  Dear god she is special keep her safe.”  Celeste takes the chance and looks up into her papa’s eyes, her spirit soars with his approval and feels she is not in a heap of trouble as she thought. 


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=sbFNcqHGyL2UuM&tbnid=iWnOi47OQauJhM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kimballstock.com%2Fresults.asp%3Fimage%3DHOR%252001%2520MB0053%252001&ei=VD2HU5GPGNeiqAbYsoCoCg&bvm=bv.67720277,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNEs0VB4NaT4OXVgZvx5pCvXL93WXQ&ust=1401457879413601

“Such a jokester ya is, mock my words ya prankster’s I’m gonna whip ass one day, so ya better protect your nuts!”


“Pull ’em in girl, keep reeling…” Henry yelled out to Celeste.  “I am papa, oooo he’s a biggin’,” Celeste replied out with glee as she reeled her fishing line in with all her might.  “Watch out girl he’s going to snap your line,” Henry declared out loud with excitement.  He puts his smoking pipe down, and came to Celeste’s side to help out if she needed it.  “I got ’em papa,” she squealed out.  Henry’s eyes were lit up with joy that it took his granddaughter to catch the almighty trout.  He sees the long beautiful brown trout as Celeste keeps reeling in her line.  “That’s him, get him girl!”  The minute Henry tells her it’s the fish he has been trying to catch, he watches as the fish gives a sharp jerk and snaps the line sending Celeste backwards landing on her rear-end with a thump.

Henry roars out with laughter as he helps his little girl up.  “Damn it,” she yells out.  Her eyes are aglow with delight as she smiles from ear to ear at her grandfather.  “Well girl watcha ya think?” he jest in fun.  “He’s a whopper papa!  I’ll get him the next time,” she declares out.  “Indeed you will I believe, at least you got him close to the shore line, and that is more than I have been able to do.” Celeste hugs her papa as they both laughed out.  They settle back down and cast their lines out once again.

She hears the light laughter again in the woods, and under her breath she barks out.  “Such a jokester ya is, mock my words ya prankster’s I’m gonna whip ass one day, so ya better protect your nuts!”  Henry overheard the spitfire’s comment and made a remark. “Who in the hell are you talking too girl?” She snaps her head towards her papa with a smile, “It’s the fairies papa they’re playing tricks on me again.”  Henry doesn’t say a word but gives the little girl a chuckle.  Henry loves the time he spends with his treasure as he views his granddaughter’s profile.  His mind snaps to a time when he visits the Cherokee homestead to yell at Celeste’s father’s parent, instead he ended up being speechless when he bumped into Celeste’s grandmother who took his breath away with her beauty.  Celeste looks almost like her except the eyes and hair, he marvels at the beauty she will become in years.  He immediately thinks of his daughter who has suddenly dropped off the face of the earth.  Celeste was no where near the humble look of his daughter and she diffidently didn’t act like his daughter; nevertheless, Henry is glorifying in the beauty she will become later on in life when his line bows with a tug.


picture by:   https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=E5CivN8XTyMgGM&tbnid=lsVdSpf-8Q-sfM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffunny-pictures.picphotos.net%2Fwe-offer-several-gag-certificate-awards-for-the-jokester-amongst-you%2F&ei=zOKFU7w6kZKoBqaDgJgJ&bvm=bv.67720277,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNE5Zc3ZArBvOLU7lhSdEjP2HAzwVA&ust=1401369610940121

“I don’t know papa. Maybe I’m just use to people laughing at me because I’m different, when in reality I laugh at people because they are all the same.” Henry chuckles out softly.


When Mr. Spencer knocked on the farm house door, Celeste was nervous as all hell.  She gives her grandfather a terrified gaze unsure if she would meet the requirements of being home schooled.  Henry smiles and answers the door to the middle age scholar. Mr. Spencer is not your normal bookworm who looks like a geek.  Instead he is easy on the eyes and shines with goodness.  Celeste gives the young man a through examination with her eagle orbs as he speaks to her grandfather before noticing her.  His warm walnut variant medium brown hair is short and hand combed, while his clean shaven handsome face, and crisp blue eyes speak of wonders and knowledge. His height is six feet tall not muscular, but decent for a bookworm.  She liked him on the spot and knew he would be a great teacher.

“Hi Celeste, my name is Mr. Kenneth Spencer.  Nice to meet you today.”  The teacher announces as he stretches out his hand for her to shake. Taking her time she slowly reaches out to make contact with the stranger’s hand while casting her vision upon the kitchen’s floor. Mr. Spencer holds onto her hand until Celeste acknowledge his presence with her eyes.  “Oh my, two lovely different color of eyes you have, and you’re tall for being only thirteen.  I bet you give people something to chat about huh?”  Celeste just nodded yes with her head and becomes shy under his knowledgeable eyes.  “I like her Henry,” Mr. Spencer instantly stated.  The little cowgirl smiles a little and offers their visitor a glass of lemonade.  Mr. Spencer accepts and sits down at the large round table in the kitchen, Henry follows suit.  

Mr. Spencer plunges in and states to Henry while Celeste pours everyone a glass of cold lemonade.  “Your grandfather tells me he would like you to learn more about the Native American culture.”  Celeste turns on her new boot heels and gives the gentlemen their drinks.  “Yes I’m half-breed Cherokee and Scottish,” she offers a reply in a timid voice and sits down to join the gentlemen at the table. In the end the conversation was a success as they spoke about all subjects.  Mr. Spencer is happy and excited to begin his lessons with the little cowgirl as he walks out the door.  “See you in two weeks Celeste,” he yells out as he gets into his car to leave the farm.  Henry and Celeste wave good-bye to the bookworm and watch him drive away.

Henry gives his granddaughter a smile and says, “How about going fishing?”  Celeste gives her papa a happy face and runs to get her supplies.  They walk deep into the woods for over an hour to get to a fishing spot Henry goes too on a regular basis.  “Papa you’ve never brought me here why now?”  “It’s my private place girl, and there is a big fish in there I have been trying for years to get. Maybe together one of us will catch him.”  Celeste’s eyes glow with delight and nods her head silently while putting her bait on the hook. Before she threw her line into the easy flowing stream, she gives her papa a loving gawk, and takes note how much she loved this man in her life.  She ponders on the thought for a split second what her world would be like without her guiding light of hope, and shakes her uneasy thoughts away in fear she might muck up a good thing thinking bad thoughts.

She feels the light warm breeze caress her face and takes a deep breath loving the great outdoors when she cast her fishing line out into the flowing water.  Celeste is quiet for a split second when she thinks she hears laughter.  She gives her papa a confused look and states, “Papa why ya laughing at me?”  Henry is smoking his pipe sitting on a large boulder with his line in the water.  “Why would I laugh at you girl?” he offers.  Celeste shrugs her shoulders and scans the wooded terrain deep in thought and states, “I don’t know papa.  Maybe I’m just use to people laughing at me because I’m different, when in reality I laugh at people because they are all the same.”  Henry chuckles out softly.  She scouts out the scene one more time and comes to the conclusion that Henry couldn’t hear what she heard in the wind when her fishing pole bends with a bite on the hook.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=JdWWGvPaISBgNM&tbnid=SswBdXtW_-jOBM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgalleryhip.com%2Fkurt-cobain-laughing.html&ei=FKiEU8bfH4ScqAb954KACg&bvm=bv.67720277,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNGInaBkALqAWhPlL5dEV94CAw0sgA&ust=1401288949613425

Kiss Kiss too all my Peeps…Happy Anniversary Slingshot~


Yes it’s been a year today Slingshot has started a blog with wordpress!  I can’t express the wonderful creative people I am surrounded by.  I have learned so much about me, writing, reading, and being creative too!  I still have a long way to go but I am so enriched with beauty by ALL my followers.  Kiss Kiss Blogging peeps and TWITTER Peeps, thank you SO much for sticking it out with a shameless cowgirl and her unspoken words with Celeste!

“So do ya mean ya turning me into a real lady? If so, I ain’t up for the challenge, papa. I like being a woodsman just like you.”


“That a boy, you’re awesome!”  Celeste bellowed out in the woods with joy to Chief the painted draft horse.  Without using reins or saddle the little cowgirl rode confidently upon the gelding’s back.  Chief no longer feared Celeste on his back, but looked forward to their time together as they both wondered deep in the woods.  “Time to go back boy before papa comes home.  He catches me on ya I might get me an ass licking.  Ya know boy, there will come a day when papa is going to learn that you, and me are destine to stay together!” She giggled her glee out to the horse and woods.  Celeste clicked once with her voice, Chief obeyed her foot command to turn around into a trot.

They arrive just in time with room to spare when Henry pulled into the driveway. Weeks had passed by without word from her father.   Celeste often wondered if her father actually knew where she lived now.  Part of her knew he did, but why hadn’t he come to see her when he returned from his music gig.  She didn’t think to hard on the topic anymore since the the weeks zoomed pass and school was about to begin. She heads towards her grandfather with a smile and helps him unload the truck.  “Papa did you buy me clothes?” she stated with happiness.  “Yes your growing like a weed girl and need clothes, plus I bought you a pair of cowgirl boots and some material since you like to sew.”

“Yippee ki yay!” she exclaims with excitement.  Henry chuckles at his granddaughter as the pair head to the house together.  “Papa what school am I going to this year?” she asked in a serious tone.  Henry had sought out a private teacher to instruct Celeste in her schooling.  He decided not to send her to a public school any longer since he had heard of the mishaps the girl has endured. “Baby your not going to a public school anymore.  You will be home schooled for now on!”  Celeste gives her papa a confused gaze and states, “I ain’t gonna get in trouble with the law am I papa?”  He laughs at her comment and said, “Na it’s legal, and your teacher will be stopping by later today to meet you.  I heard he is a bookworm and the best around.  I chose him because he knows a lot about the American Indian culture.  It took me a while to talk him into teaching you, but he has agreed so I hope this works for you; because you will no longer be going to school to be tormented by kids.”

The idea of not going to school to be bullied again brought a smile upon her lips.  Henry watches his little one battle with unspoken thoughts as he views her happy smile. “What if I ain’t no good and he doesn’t like me papa?”  Henry immediately put her worries to ease. “Celeste how can he not like you? Your intelligent, willing to learn just about anything.  Your a delight to be around daughter and he will see that first hand; but your hickey language needs to come to a stop.  I want you to be able to speak like a lady, not a country bumpkin!” Celeste blushes with embarrassment at her papa.  “So do ya mean ya turning me into a real lady?  If so, I ain’t up for the challenge, papa. I like being a woodsman just like you.”

Henry grabbed his granddaughter into a bear hug and tightly held the little fourteen year old.  “I love you daughter, even your silly ways are beautiful to me.”  Celeste hugged her papa with all her might around his waist and marveled in the positive energy Henry adored upon her.  He stepped away and took hold of a box and gave it to Celeste, “I know your Birthday is soon, so Celeste my dear Happy Birthday.”  Celeste had forgotten her birthday was next week and smiled at her papa.  She opened the box to a brand new pair of brown cowboy boots.  With speed she slipped into the boots, and loved the fit as she stomped her way around the kitchen’s round table happier than she has ever been in her life.


picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=7tl2yJG67srmYM&tbnid=rVdXM2LdcSvokM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftop-antropos.com%2Fhistory%2F20-century%2Fitem%2F278-audrey-hepburn-animals&ei=4fSBU9KvK4zQsQS23oCgBA&bvm=bv.67720277,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNFW8laiKtgpNqIy2aARj_bN253hpg&ust=1401111927797746

“I’m a rocking pop, ya can’t touch this!” Henry busted out with laughter and was infected by her beauty of joy as he watched his little girl swing her hips to a dance.


“Celeste I’m heading into town do you want to go with me or do you need anything?”  Henry called out to Celeste in the barn.  Celeste steps outside the barn after cleaning the horse’s stall and yells out no and returns to her task with glee on her lips.  Today is the first day she planned to ride the draft horse come high or hell!  She views her grand dad leaving and begins to work her magic on the painted draft horse.  After many weeks the pair have become extremely close, and at times Celeste mastered the unison of horse and human showing Chief there was nothing to fear having a human on his back.  

She had finally been able to lay on his back without asking anything.  At first Chief wanted to bolt when he felt her sit on his back, but she calmed him down and requested nothing from the equine.  On and off the spitfire would sit on his back until Chief no longer moved and loved the gentle companionship she freely gave the horse.  She whistled for the horse and Chief immediately came running to her call.  “Today I just want to walk around on your back Chief when I gets on, so don’t be a ding-a-ling okay?”  Chief nodded yes to Celeste’s request.  She smiled and took her time once again to get on his back.  Like clock work Chief allowed the little girl to sit on the fence, and slide her leg across his back.

“Okie dokie darlin’ let’s do it!”  Chief obeyed and began to walk around in the woods while Celeste stayed true, and didn’t kick or bump his tummy.  She smiled to heavens as her love for doing something no other has accomplished was finally happening.  “Pretty good bud, I’m just so happy aren’t you?”  Of course the horse couldn’t talk but understand the little girl’s praise.  For over a half an hour they walked the woods together until Celeste knew it was time to get off him before her grandfather returned.  She was tickled pink with joy to know there was hope for Chief to become a great riding horse, but she would keep her secret from her grandfather, because he warned her the horse was dangerous, but she didn’t listen.

“See boy I am so proud of ya!  Everything is possible once you think positive!”  It was just in time she slid off his back when her grandfather returned home.  She quickly ran over to his truck with a huge smile on her lips to help Henry bring in the groceries. “What has given my granddaughter a smile?”  Celeste only spoke out, “I’m a rocking pop, ya can’t touch this!”  Henry busted out with laughter and was infected by her beauty of joy as he watched his little girl swing her hips to a dance.  “I don’t know what you mean by that statement, but as long as it makes you look this beautiful, I guess the sky is the limit huh!”  Celeste nodded her head silently and carried several bags of food into the farm home.  “Papa can we have a bomb fire tonight.  I feel like I am on top of the world?  I’ll make us some smore’s if you build a fire.”  Henry smiled at his granddaughter and answered yes as he regarded her with confusion what happened to his little girl since he left to go to town.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was flat? That way we could just push off the people we don’t like.”


Many days passed by without word from her father or Doris.  Celeste could careless and flourished under the care of Henry her grandfather as the pair worked in unison together in all aspects.  Henry loved having his granddaughter live with him, it made his home full of love and life.  He would never tell her how much it meant to him having her around, nor would he ever tell her he took it upon himself to investigate the robbery at her home.  While Celeste was outside working on the garden, Henry walked into his home to make some lemonade for the hot day.  The phone rings and he answers to Celeste’s screaming father demanding her where about. Henry slammed the phone down unable to hear a drunken slur word her father yelled out.

Henry grabs his keys to his truck and tells Celeste he will return in a while.  He drives all the way to the log cabin home and sees her father’s car in the driveway.  Henry had always kept his mouth shut about Celeste’s situation, but not today.  He pounds on the door and is aghast at Celeste’s father’s appearance when he answers the door.  The men stand and stare at each other ready to duke it out.  Henry finally speaks up, “Celeste will be living with me for now on, and you will never see her again.  You can fight me for her if you want, but I swear to God she will not return to you, and I will take you to a court of law if that is what needs to be done to keep her away from you.  You let your daughter live in filth and stench while you caravan all over playing your music and whoring around while my daughter is still missing! Celeste needs stability not some jackass who hasn’t figured out how to grow up, and take care of your responsibilities.  You’re mother would be appalled at who you have become.”

Celeste’s father sways on his feet with drunkenness and begins to slur out words that were unrecognizable. Henry is fed up with the bullshit and doubles up his fist and socks the man in the nose.  Celeste’s father flew backwards and lands hard on the floor, he turns around and heads back to his truck feeling better that he has taken control of Celeste’s life.  He climbs into his truck and hears Doris yelling out to him.  “How dare you,” is all she could say when Henry barrels out of his truck ready to give the woman a tongue lashing. Doris in fear takes note Henry was not one to mess with, she immediately ran into the house and locks the door.  Henry doesn’t bother going closer, he turns on his heels and gets back into his truck and starts his engine.  As he drives back to his home he feels bad about his behavior, and decides he would never tell Celeste what he has done.

The minute Henry left the house, Celeste quickly heads to the barn and calls Chief the spotted painted draft horse.  For days she took it upon herself to get close to the big horse.  Chief allows the spitfire to work around him comfortable everyday, and begins to trust the little girl.  She was ready to take the plunge once again to try and get on his back.  She takes heed to be careful and not move too fast as she sits on the wooden fence and strokes his fur.  “Chief I’m a thinkin’ it’s time to let me ride ya, how about it boy will ya let me?”  Chief stands still as Celeste stands up and just puts pressure on his back with her hand.  The horse moves away quickly, Celeste sits back down on the fence waiting for him to return.  “Getting better boy, soon.”  Chief swings his bushy tail at Celeste and hits her in the face as he leaves her side.

“Now you stop that, it’s not cool to be cruel dude.”  The painted draft horse digs his large hoof into the ground and shakes his head up and down to rid the pesky flies that tormented his eyes.  Celeste smiles and returns to her chores before grand dad returns.  She is happy to live a peaceful life with her grandparent who she adores more than life.  She finished pulling all the weeds in the lovely garden when Henry pulls into his driveway.  Celeste instantly feels something happen to her grandfather when she lays eyes upon him, she immediately made a comment, “Papa is there something wrong, who got your dandruff up?” Henry didn’t say a word at first he reached for his granddaughter and hugged her tightly.

“Nothing I can’t handle little one, don’t you worry about a thing,” he finally replied.  Celeste waits until he finished hugging her and gently speaks to her papa, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was flat?  That way we could just push off the people we don’t like.”  Henry laughed at his little intelligent girl’s comment and tickled her nose with love with his big finger.

“Papa where is my life going?” Henry didn’t know how to answer the spitfire’s comment.


Celeste is nervous as all hell riding in her grandfather’s truck heading to her home in the woods.  How could she tell him what happened in her father’s absence.  The minute they pull up to the empty looking log cabin house Celeste breathes a sign of relief Doris had not returned home.  “You know granddaughter your too quite which leads me to believe something happened between you and you’re father’s girlfriend.”  He shuts the truck off and stares at Celeste.  She wiggles her feet in distress thinking what to tell him.  His intense stares were making her feel sick to her gut. She gives him a look and states, “Don’t worry papa it’s nothing I can’t handle myself.”

Henry knew she was not going to kiss and tell, so he decides to get out and says, “Come on girl we do this together for I would like to talk to Doris.”  Celeste knew she was being called out, she gets out of the truck and walks to the door in silence with Henry following. She turns the doors knob and opens the door to a stinking smelly home.  Henry is devastated when he sees the home is cleaned out. “Celeste don’t go any further, get your ass in the truck now someone could be in this home,” he demanded.  He pulls his Bowie knife out when Celeste left the house and checks in all the rooms.  He is disgusted to see the sight of his granddaughter’s living arrangements. He walks into her room and takes note that there is more here than meets the eyes.  Henry turns on his heels and leaves the home in a perplex state.

Celeste could feel Henry’s anger as he stomps his way to his truck putting his knife back into the blade sheath that is attached to his belt.  “Oh shit I’m in a heap of trouble,” Celeste murmurs out to herself when Henry approached the truck.  He doesn’t say a word as he starts up the engine to the red Dodge truck.  They left the home in silence an after driving for an hour Henry finally speaks up. “You’re no longer going to live with your father, since you’re reluctant to tell me what the hell happened, you will be staying with me for now on and that’s final!”  Celeste didn’t speak, she let the tears fall as she watches the terrain pass her by out the trucks window. Henry softly touches her hand while he is driving.  “I should have done this long time ago when your mom up and disappeared. You’re father is a worthless piece of shit and doesn’t deserve to be called a father!”

Celeste knew he was right, as she sat silently watching the topography pass her by.  They were almost back to her grandfather’s home when she spoke out softly without looking at him, “Papa where is my life going?”  Henry didn’t know how to answer the spitfire’s comment.  They sat quietly until he pulled the truck into his driveway, “You’re life is with me little one for now on.  I am your bread and you are my butter.  How’s that sound?”  Celeste turns her sorrow upon Henry’s statement, “Yes papa,” and reaches over to hug her grandfather dearly.

“Henry your too old to be dipping your pecker into a younger crowd who bleeds, try dipping ya pecker into a wine bottle.”


Henry was madder than a hornet when he arrived at the local grocery store to buy Celeste is granddaughter her womanhood supplies. He is in the aisle for feminine hygiene and can’t decide what to buy for his little one.  Henry feels embarrass and foreign looking at all the different kinds of brands when he is knocked out of his thoughts by a friend.  “Henry your too old to be dipping your pecker into a younger crowd who bleeds, try dipping ya pecker into a wine bottle.”  Henry quickly looked up to his smiling poker player friend and turned three shades of red.  “I ain’t got no one in my life like that ya old geezer, it’s for my granddaughter.  Do you know anything about this shit?”  

Henry’s friend laughed out loud and nodded his head no, “Hang on I’ll get ya a woman over here.”  Henry’s eyes widen with fear, “No that’s okay I’ll just take these pads.”  Elderly Joe gave his friend a mischievous gaze and chuckled out loud. “Right, see ya this Thursday for a night of poker,” Joe left his friend’s side to finish his shopping with a smile upon his face for catching Henry so to say with his pants down. Henry grumbled out his dislike for being caught off guard by his friend as he headed to the check out counter with his package of pads.

Celeste let the bloody water out of the tub, and rinsed her body clean with a shower.  She took a wash cloth and folded it up to tuck in between her legs.  Naked as a jay bird and holding her cloth between her legs she went to her bedroom and took out a clean pair of underwear. With speed she put the panties on to hold the rag into place.  She grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts to put on just in time before Henry returned with her girly goods.  She picked and wiggled at the discomfort of the rag between her legs.  She jumped in surprise when her granddad knocked on her bedroom door.

“Here try one of these pads between ya legs, I ain’t the best person to buy these for you darlin’ but in time you will know what’s right for ya.”  Celeste opened her door a crack to let Henry slide the package through the door.  “Thank ya kindly papa,” Celeste commented in a embarrassed tone, and began to read the instructions on the package.  By the time Celeste came out of her room she was going crazy with the thought and feeling of having something between her legs.  Henry is sitting at the large round kitchen table smoking his pipe.  She loved the scent of his tobacco compared to cigarette smoke, “Papa I…I…” Henry stopped her and said calmly to his granddaughter.  “Sit down and eat some fruit I cut up for you it will help give you some energy.”  Celeste obeyed and wiggled in her seat the discomfort of the pad.  Henry gives his granddaughter a sympathetic gaze, and plunges in with a question.

“I want to know what in the tarn nation happened girl to bring you to my home in a mess.”  Celeste knew she owed the man a response.  “Dad is gone an I didn’t want to deal with Doris.  I got scared papa I was dying, because I did something bad to Doris one day.”  Henry took a long draw on his pipe and blew out the smoke slowly, “What did you do darlin’?”  She squirmed around in her seat before answering, “I fed her cooked grasshoppers with pieces of fried frog legs.”  Henry roared out with laughter, “Sheesh, girl where is your mind wondering too.  Just because you fed Doris grasshopper’s doesn’t mean shit!  In fact that was naughty of you, but not worth you getting into trouble over.  What is happening here sweetie is you started your menstrual cycle.  All woman have this happen to them, I am not the best person to ask about this topic.  I wish your grandmother was around to give me a hand with this situation.”  Celeste nibbled on a piece of apple and didn’t realize what she said until it came out of her mouth.

“It’s my mama’s duty papa to tell me not you or grandmother.  It’s okay I prefer you talking to me about it for now.  I will try to get my self educated if ya take me to the library tomorrow.”  Celeste offered a solution peacefully.  Henry stares at his precious little granddaughter, and feels blessed in this world with a beautiful humble daughter who looks like her Cherokee grandmother except for her eyes and hair.  He shakes his head out of his thoughts of Celeste’s father’s Indian mother.  “Well eat up and I will take you back home to talk with Doris.”  Celeste’s eyes raised in wonder and yelled out, “No!”  Henry gave her an inquisitive gawk, “Out with it girl, what happened at home?”  She wiggled her rear end in discomfort and hadn’t thought of the questions he would be asking until they were set upon her to reply.