“Puberty sucks!”


Several days passed Celeste by without any situations while in the forest hunting rabbit with her slingshot.   A striking aching pain in her tummy caused the girl to hold her stomach. The more she weaved in and out of the forest the worse the agony hit her tummy. She decided to stop at her favorite hideout to rest her day away.  The cowgirl marvels in the beauty and sounds of the treasures Mother Earth had bestowed upon her until her eyelids closed.  The woods were dark when Celeste woke up and began her return home with pain that still plagued her abdomen.  On her way home she pegged a hare for dinner, and dreaded the skinning process. All she wanted to do is curl up in her soft bed and wait the pain out.

As she steps closer to her home, she hears loud sixty funk music blaring out inside the log cabin home. The driveway is full of auto’s as Celeste takes note of the party situation in the darkness.  She heads to her home in hope her father had returned from his long travels with his friends.  The minute she enters the kitchen the smoke hit her like a ton of bricks, she scans the dirty kitchen with the table littered with booze bottles and can’t mustard a sound.  Holding her dead rabbit she spots the clock on the kitchen wall above the sink and sees she had slept until ten in the evening.  She walks slowly into the smoke filled candle lit living room, and pays witness to a full-blown out orgy.  She wrinkles her eyes in thought what people were doing to each other nude on her living room floor, furniture, and when she spots Doris having a ball with two other gentlemen, she backs out and tip toes to her bedroom.  

Carefully she opens her bedroom door and is rewarded with a couple doing the wild thing in her bed.  Her eyes widen with surprise and turns on her heels running out of her house with hare in hand.  Celeste felt no pain in her gut as she sped pass branches, bushes, and trees heading to her home in the woods.  Many times she fell to her doom from running blindly in the dark woods losing her rabbit in the process.  Her knees were bloody and throbbing when she arrived back at her Ti-pee in the woods. She begins to scream out to no one particular her anguish of having a horrible person in her house. “I’m SICK of this SHIT! Why ME…Why must I endure this crap.  If its not bulling, then it’s parenting, and if its not parenting then its…”  She stopped her yelling when she was raked by agony stomach pains.  Celeste doubles over holding her tummy and begins to cry dropping to her knees on the forest floor.

The cowgirl eventually crawls into her shelter and bares the throbbing pain.  Throughout the night she battled with the aches and pains until she slept peacefully.  It’s nine in the morning when the sunlight peaked through the opening of her wooden dwelling walls to waken Celeste.  Her pains are gone except for a throbbing ping here and there as she crawls out of her hut in silent mode.  The birds are chirping their song for the day as she shakes her wild blonde hair free of debris sitting cross legged on the dirt.  She noticed her haste in the woods left her jeans ripped and torn at the knees.  Dried bloody knees begged to be clean through the opening as she straighten her legs out to observe the damage. 

Celeste sits quiet for a long time remember what she saw in her homestead last night.  “That wasn’t my dad she was with last night, that woman is bad to the bone and it’s time I pull the plug on that hussy.  How can my dad not know what kind of person she is?  Is he okay with this crap or what.”  A ping of pain hit her tummy again, she grabs her stomach and winches in agony.  “I swear to god I will never eat or fix another grasshopper again lord if ya take away this pain.”  Celeste bellows out with beads of sweat on her brow thinking it is karma she is receiving for what she has done to Doris.

The cowgirl crawls back into her cool Tepee and falls back to sleep milking her bouts of pain in solitude.  It is late in the afternoon when Celeste feels better and decides to head back home.  When she arrives at four p.m., all was quiet inside the log cabin, and no cars were on the long dirt driveway. In stealth she enters her nasty smelling home and finds she and her father had been robbed. All contents that made Celeste’s home were gone except the rugs on the floor and stomped out cigarette butts.  “Doris ya in here?” Celeste rings out with care as she steps softly through the open floor plan home.  

No answer came to the stunned little girl until pain wreck it’s havoc upon her once again.  She double over and leaned her back against the wall to hold onto her tummy. “DORIS…” she yelled out.  Silence echoed throughout the empty home, when she pulled herself together and headed for the bathroom.   She almost puked seeing the bathroom littered with vomit and shit.  She backed out and went to her bedroom where clothes littered her empty rooms floor.  She looks up to the ceiling and sees they ripped down the bird mobile Brandon had made her and tore the paper birds into pieces.  Celeste bunches up her fist in anger and wants to scream out, but can’t.  

She feels like she pissed her pants as she touched her wet crotch standing while looking at the mess.  She grabs a pair of shorts and underwear and begins to peel off her dirty jeans only to find she had blood dripping from her private area.  Panic stricken she stare at her bare legs for a few seconds before she dropped her jeans and dirty underwear and put on clean clothing.  “I need a doctor I don’t have the time for this right now.”  Celeste started to shiver in confusion when her grandfather popped into her mind.  It was a four hour hike through the woods to reach her papa’s house, and she would be damned if she struck around for Doris’s return.  One thing is for sure Celeste never hated anyone in her life as much as the CaCa Head Doris at this moment; especially when she is bleeding from her crotch area.  

Celeste leaves everything behind except her blooding clothes.  She picks them up and runs out the door back into the woods to head towards her grandfather’s home without her shoes upon her feet.  She finds a spot later on to cover her ruin clothing under several large rocks and takes note her shorts were soak and wet with blood running down her legs to her bare dirty feet.  She begins to cry and fears she is bleeding to death for defying and treating people cruel, and when she stops to rest on a rock out of breath and beaten down in emotions, she cried out for her mother. “Mama I need ya,” Celeste let the tears fall until she is spent of energy in the heavy quiet dense woods.

The heat of the muggy day didn’t faze Celeste as she trots through the woods with a heavy heart to journey to her grandfather’s farm home with blood stain legs.  By the time she reached her papa’s house she was tired to the bone, hungry and disorientated.  The little tall girl walked lifeless while stumbling here and there down his driveway to arrive at a safe spot in her life.  She smiles when she gives care to her favorite buckeye tree, and when she steps on the porch she feels her world beginning to spin. Celeste touches the wall and sways to clear the stars that suddenly materialized in thin air invading her vision. 

“Celeste granddaughter is that you?”  Henry is sitting at the huge kitchen round table when he spotted Celeste’s curly head and yelled out.  She answered softly yes and tried to grab a hold of the screen doors handle.  Henry got up and quickly went to the door an open it up to a sick little girl.  He takes notice her bloody legs and urgently grabs a hold of her body. “Jesus Mary and Joesph girl what the hell has happened,” he barked out!  Celeste whispers out, “I’m bleeding to death papa, for being bad.”  

Henry took hold of his little girl and carried her to the bathroom to draw a bath.  “Your not bleeding to death little one, you’re going through puberty and have started your period or whatever you women call it these days.  Where the hell is your father and did you run the whole way here girl?” The woodsman demanded.  Celeste softly spoke a yes and sat on the toilet seat waiting for the bath tub to fill.  “Let’s get out of those britches girl they’re bloody, here sit on this towel before you ruin the toilet seat with blood.  “I’m sorry papa, I don’t understand,” Celeste in a daze asked.  Henry felt sorry for his little tornado to have to deal with womanhood alone.  He tenderly changed his attitude to care for his granddaughter in her time of need.  

Henry carefully closed the bathroom door and said to Celeste, “I’m heading into town to pick you up some girly stuff.  If you get out, wrap your bottom half into a diaper so your blood doesn’t stream down your leg.”  Henry hears her soft reply behind the close door of the bathroom, “Puberty sucks!” Henry stormed out of his house pissed off and headed into town wanting to get a hold of her father to break the playboy’s neck for not being at home when his daughter needed him the most.




3 thoughts on ““Puberty sucks!”

  1. Must be horrible to go through that. Being a guy I can’t grasp it, but I’d be scared shitless if I suddenly started bleeding, especially down there, so I imagine that’s how it must be for the young ‘uns who don’t expect it.

  2. Ah ah ! Now I see, said the blindman. My daughter nearly fooled me. She never told me she ate grasshoppers ! What puzzles me is how she managed to get hold of some in the winter months… 😕

    Now seriously. It’s been quite a shock to my daughter. Even if i’d talked her about it, it’s the width of an ocean between the “concept” and the reality of puberty. She got (and sitll get) strong backaches and blood is never a happy sight. Traumatising even in the knowing of womanhood happening.

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