“Papa where is my life going?” Henry didn’t know how to answer the spitfire’s comment.


Celeste is nervous as all hell riding in her grandfather’s truck heading to her home in the woods.  How could she tell him what happened in her father’s absence.  The minute they pull up to the empty looking log cabin house Celeste breathes a sign of relief Doris had not returned home.  “You know granddaughter your too quite which leads me to believe something happened between you and you’re father’s girlfriend.”  He shuts the truck off and stares at Celeste.  She wiggles her feet in distress thinking what to tell him.  His intense stares were making her feel sick to her gut. She gives him a look and states, “Don’t worry papa it’s nothing I can’t handle myself.”

Henry knew she was not going to kiss and tell, so he decides to get out and says, “Come on girl we do this together for I would like to talk to Doris.”  Celeste knew she was being called out, she gets out of the truck and walks to the door in silence with Henry following. She turns the doors knob and opens the door to a stinking smelly home.  Henry is devastated when he sees the home is cleaned out. “Celeste don’t go any further, get your ass in the truck now someone could be in this home,” he demanded.  He pulls his Bowie knife out when Celeste left the house and checks in all the rooms.  He is disgusted to see the sight of his granddaughter’s living arrangements. He walks into her room and takes note that there is more here than meets the eyes.  Henry turns on his heels and leaves the home in a perplex state.

Celeste could feel Henry’s anger as he stomps his way to his truck putting his knife back into the blade sheath that is attached to his belt.  “Oh shit I’m in a heap of trouble,” Celeste murmurs out to herself when Henry approached the truck.  He doesn’t say a word as he starts up the engine to the red Dodge truck.  They left the home in silence an after driving for an hour Henry finally speaks up. “You’re no longer going to live with your father, since you’re reluctant to tell me what the hell happened, you will be staying with me for now on and that’s final!”  Celeste didn’t speak, she let the tears fall as she watches the terrain pass her by out the trucks window. Henry softly touches her hand while he is driving.  “I should have done this long time ago when your mom up and disappeared. You’re father is a worthless piece of shit and doesn’t deserve to be called a father!”

Celeste knew he was right, as she sat silently watching the topography pass her by.  They were almost back to her grandfather’s home when she spoke out softly without looking at him, “Papa where is my life going?”  Henry didn’t know how to answer the spitfire’s comment.  They sat quietly until he pulled the truck into his driveway, “You’re life is with me little one for now on.  I am your bread and you are my butter.  How’s that sound?”  Celeste turns her sorrow upon Henry’s statement, “Yes papa,” and reaches over to hug her grandfather dearly.

5 thoughts on ““Papa where is my life going?” Henry didn’t know how to answer the spitfire’s comment.

    1. I remember hearing my grand dad say this too me one time when I felt my world crashing down with dysfunctional parents. I loved it then as I was happy to say it in my story! Thanks a Million Coco for Reading. Hope your doing better!

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