“Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was flat? That way we could just push off the people we don’t like.”


Many days passed by without word from her father or Doris.  Celeste could careless and flourished under the care of Henry her grandfather as the pair worked in unison together in all aspects.  Henry loved having his granddaughter live with him, it made his home full of love and life.  He would never tell her how much it meant to him having her around, nor would he ever tell her he took it upon himself to investigate the robbery at her home.  While Celeste was outside working on the garden, Henry walked into his home to make some lemonade for the hot day.  The phone rings and he answers to Celeste’s screaming father demanding her where about. Henry slammed the phone down unable to hear a drunken slur word her father yelled out.

Henry grabs his keys to his truck and tells Celeste he will return in a while.  He drives all the way to the log cabin home and sees her father’s car in the driveway.  Henry had always kept his mouth shut about Celeste’s situation, but not today.  He pounds on the door and is aghast at Celeste’s father’s appearance when he answers the door.  The men stand and stare at each other ready to duke it out.  Henry finally speaks up, “Celeste will be living with me for now on, and you will never see her again.  You can fight me for her if you want, but I swear to God she will not return to you, and I will take you to a court of law if that is what needs to be done to keep her away from you.  You let your daughter live in filth and stench while you caravan all over playing your music and whoring around while my daughter is still missing! Celeste needs stability not some jackass who hasn’t figured out how to grow up, and take care of your responsibilities.  You’re mother would be appalled at who you have become.”

Celeste’s father sways on his feet with drunkenness and begins to slur out words that were unrecognizable. Henry is fed up with the bullshit and doubles up his fist and socks the man in the nose.  Celeste’s father flew backwards and lands hard on the floor, he turns around and heads back to his truck feeling better that he has taken control of Celeste’s life.  He climbs into his truck and hears Doris yelling out to him.  “How dare you,” is all she could say when Henry barrels out of his truck ready to give the woman a tongue lashing. Doris in fear takes note Henry was not one to mess with, she immediately ran into the house and locks the door.  Henry doesn’t bother going closer, he turns on his heels and gets back into his truck and starts his engine.  As he drives back to his home he feels bad about his behavior, and decides he would never tell Celeste what he has done.

The minute Henry left the house, Celeste quickly heads to the barn and calls Chief the spotted painted draft horse.  For days she took it upon herself to get close to the big horse.  Chief allows the spitfire to work around him comfortable everyday, and begins to trust the little girl.  She was ready to take the plunge once again to try and get on his back.  She takes heed to be careful and not move too fast as she sits on the wooden fence and strokes his fur.  “Chief I’m a thinkin’ it’s time to let me ride ya, how about it boy will ya let me?”  Chief stands still as Celeste stands up and just puts pressure on his back with her hand.  The horse moves away quickly, Celeste sits back down on the fence waiting for him to return.  “Getting better boy, soon.”  Chief swings his bushy tail at Celeste and hits her in the face as he leaves her side.

“Now you stop that, it’s not cool to be cruel dude.”  The painted draft horse digs his large hoof into the ground and shakes his head up and down to rid the pesky flies that tormented his eyes.  Celeste smiles and returns to her chores before grand dad returns.  She is happy to live a peaceful life with her grandparent who she adores more than life.  She finished pulling all the weeds in the lovely garden when Henry pulls into his driveway.  Celeste instantly feels something happen to her grandfather when she lays eyes upon him, she immediately made a comment, “Papa is there something wrong, who got your dandruff up?” Henry didn’t say a word at first he reached for his granddaughter and hugged her tightly.

“Nothing I can’t handle little one, don’t you worry about a thing,” he finally replied.  Celeste waits until he finished hugging her and gently speaks to her papa, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was flat?  That way we could just push off the people we don’t like.”  Henry laughed at his little intelligent girl’s comment and tickled her nose with love with his big finger.

7 thoughts on ““Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was flat? That way we could just push off the people we don’t like.”

  1. The world isn’t flat ???!!! But… Does this means that all the bad peolpe i pushed over the edge will come back to beat me up ??? 😯

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