“So do ya mean ya turning me into a real lady? If so, I ain’t up for the challenge, papa. I like being a woodsman just like you.”


“That a boy, you’re awesome!”  Celeste bellowed out in the woods with joy to Chief the painted draft horse.  Without using reins or saddle the little cowgirl rode confidently upon the gelding’s back.  Chief no longer feared Celeste on his back, but looked forward to their time together as they both wondered deep in the woods.  “Time to go back boy before papa comes home.  He catches me on ya I might get me an ass licking.  Ya know boy, there will come a day when papa is going to learn that you, and me are destine to stay together!” She giggled her glee out to the horse and woods.  Celeste clicked once with her voice, Chief obeyed her foot command to turn around into a trot.

They arrive just in time with room to spare when Henry pulled into the driveway. Weeks had passed by without word from her father.   Celeste often wondered if her father actually knew where she lived now.  Part of her knew he did, but why hadn’t he come to see her when he returned from his music gig.  She didn’t think to hard on the topic anymore since the the weeks zoomed pass and school was about to begin. She heads towards her grandfather with a smile and helps him unload the truck.  “Papa did you buy me clothes?” she stated with happiness.  “Yes your growing like a weed girl and need clothes, plus I bought you a pair of cowgirl boots and some material since you like to sew.”

“Yippee ki yay!” she exclaims with excitement.  Henry chuckles at his granddaughter as the pair head to the house together.  “Papa what school am I going to this year?” she asked in a serious tone.  Henry had sought out a private teacher to instruct Celeste in her schooling.  He decided not to send her to a public school any longer since he had heard of the mishaps the girl has endured. “Baby your not going to a public school anymore.  You will be home schooled for now on!”  Celeste gives her papa a confused gaze and states, “I ain’t gonna get in trouble with the law am I papa?”  He laughs at her comment and said, “Na it’s legal, and your teacher will be stopping by later today to meet you.  I heard he is a bookworm and the best around.  I chose him because he knows a lot about the American Indian culture.  It took me a while to talk him into teaching you, but he has agreed so I hope this works for you; because you will no longer be going to school to be tormented by kids.”

The idea of not going to school to be bullied again brought a smile upon her lips.  Henry watches his little one battle with unspoken thoughts as he views her happy smile. “What if I ain’t no good and he doesn’t like me papa?”  Henry immediately put her worries to ease. “Celeste how can he not like you? Your intelligent, willing to learn just about anything.  Your a delight to be around daughter and he will see that first hand; but your hickey language needs to come to a stop.  I want you to be able to speak like a lady, not a country bumpkin!” Celeste blushes with embarrassment at her papa.  “So do ya mean ya turning me into a real lady?  If so, I ain’t up for the challenge, papa. I like being a woodsman just like you.”

Henry grabbed his granddaughter into a bear hug and tightly held the little fourteen year old.  “I love you daughter, even your silly ways are beautiful to me.”  Celeste hugged her papa with all her might around his waist and marveled in the positive energy Henry adored upon her.  He stepped away and took hold of a box and gave it to Celeste, “I know your Birthday is soon, so Celeste my dear Happy Birthday.”  Celeste had forgotten her birthday was next week and smiled at her papa.  She opened the box to a brand new pair of brown cowboy boots.  With speed she slipped into the boots, and loved the fit as she stomped her way around the kitchen’s round table happier than she has ever been in her life.


picture by:  https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=7tl2yJG67srmYM&tbnid=rVdXM2LdcSvokM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftop-antropos.com%2Fhistory%2F20-century%2Fitem%2F278-audrey-hepburn-animals&ei=4fSBU9KvK4zQsQS23oCgBA&bvm=bv.67720277,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNFW8laiKtgpNqIy2aARj_bN253hpg&ust=1401111927797746

4 thoughts on ““So do ya mean ya turning me into a real lady? If so, I ain’t up for the challenge, papa. I like being a woodsman just like you.”

  1. As you can guess cowboy boots aren’t quite easy to find here. But i do remember my parents having bought a pair for me. I was the happiest boy in town… Well, “village”. By the end of fall they were barely “holding up” and my feet were too large for them… Never got another pair… And it’s a no-no thing here now.

    1. Yes cowboy boots would be hard to find out there. Here in the Southwest a BOOT is a must. The damn pickers or sticker are murder on tennis shoes, flip flops, or other city slicker shoes. The cowboy boot protects us from snake bites and etc….I love my boots and wear them ALL THE time! Cute story my favorite friend!~

  2. Well my Canadian friend you would not like my Roberta, she is a 6 foot long Bull Snake who lives in our Adobe hut for over 10 years. She now had a batch of babies that help me in my garden. I have one tiny one that seems to like living in my garden. She is a keeper….*wink* Snakes don’t bother me as much as bats and cockroaches…hahaha weird huh????

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