“I’m so proud of you daughter. Dear god she is special keep her safe.”


The summer’s day in August was hot and humid as Celeste finished her chores.  She decided to stay hidden in the barn doing her own thing while her grandfather had friends over.  They were admiring the farm when they stopped to check out Chief the painted draft horse.  She became worried when she overheard the strangers speak about buying the draft horse from her granddad.  “I can’t sell him, he is not broke to ride.  The only thing I use the horse for is pulling a horse cart and hauling heavy loads.”  Celeste heard a few young men’s voices say they could break the horse.  She chuckled softly to herself knowing she was the first to break the beast, and she would be damned if her papa sold the horse out from under her.

“No one can ride Chief, he is too wild for riding.  I’ve had many people try, but none have succeeded.” her grandfather stated lightly. The minute Henry spoke out to his city slicker friends, something inside Celeste egged her on to prove him wrong. She softly whistled out to Chief to grab his attention, the horse immediately turned towards her hoping to receive a treat from his favorite girl. Celeste quickly stands on a wooden stump waiting for Chief to get close to where she could jump on his bare back.  She gets herself situated upon his back before opening the gate to the back of the barn.  Celeste whispers out to the beast, “Okay boy lets show these boys what your made of!”  Chief shakes his head yes and becomes antsy ready to obey the little girl’s wishes. 

The pair bolt out of the opening with great thundering speed.  Henry’s jaw hit the floor as he watched his little girl zoom past them without a bridle or saddle on the wild painted horse.  She barrels pass the group strong and sure of herself as the men stood stunned to see the display of a crazy horsemen ship from a young lady.  Horse and girl ran around the house and in a split second they returned.  Henry watches with amazement as his granddaughter stops in front of his quest and makes the horse rear up to the heavens.  Her golden long curly hair bounced in time with the movement of the horse while her eyes are alight with sunshine and excitement.  Henry is speechless and shocked to witness the unbelievable scene.

Celeste slid off the horse with ease and said, “See papa, Chief isn’t wild.”  Celeste didn’t pay attention to the other men, her worry was placed upon her granddad.  Seconds ticked passed in silence as the stunned group watched Celeste stand in front of her grandfather.  She didn’t know what to do and realized she gave up her secret, now she had to pay the price for going behind her papa’s back.   What was she thinking acting on impulse and being reckless she thought to herself as she cast her eyes down upon the green grass while Chief began to graze.  It took one of the young men to break the ice of silence.  “Wow…that was cool chick!” Celeste lifts her different color orbs to the man about in his med-twenties and moves her wild hair out of her face with her hand to get a better look at the excited young man.

The stranger is mystified by Celeste’s different color of eyes as they stand apart checking each other out.  “Man you’re a tall girl, and do you wear contacts?”  Celeste scrunches up her face in thought of what contacts meant.  The young boy takes note she is shy and states, “Why do you wear lens in you’re eyes to change the color?”  It clicked upon Celeste the man thought she wore something in her eyes to change the color.  “They are my eyes and no I don’t wear what ya call contacts.”  She feels stupid and wanted to kick herself in the butt for her reckless behavior.  The young man blurts out, “I have never seen two different eye colors on one person before.  It’s kinda of groovy man, check this out dudes she has one green and yellow eyes. Are you an Indian too?”  Celeste is about to turn away with shame when her grandfather steps up close to her and gives his little girl a happy smile.  He melts her heart as she realizes he is proud of her and not angry.

Henry thinks to himself as he views his sassy granddaughter, “How did I not know what she was doing? No one has ever rode that horse.”   He remembers seeing her give the horse treats, but never had seen her ride the beast. “Everything she does she does it without fear, unconditional love and understanding.  How is this possible when many men have tried to break the horse and it takes a little girl to prove them all wrong.”   He thinks silently to himself while he gazes at his amazing granddaughter.  He is knocked out of his thoughts when Celeste instantly slams her body against him for a hug.  He looks down at his little girl and hugs her tightly while saying inside his head, “I’m so proud of you daughter.  Dear god she is special keep her safe.”  Celeste takes the chance and looks up into her papa’s eyes, her spirit soars with his approval and feels she is not in a heap of trouble as she thought. 


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=sbFNcqHGyL2UuM&tbnid=iWnOi47OQauJhM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kimballstock.com%2Fresults.asp%3Fimage%3DHOR%252001%2520MB0053%252001&ei=VD2HU5GPGNeiqAbYsoCoCg&bvm=bv.67720277,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNEs0VB4NaT4OXVgZvx5pCvXL93WXQ&ust=1401457879413601

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