“I ain’t meeting no man nor am I gonna marry anyone; because love stinks,” Henry busted out with laughter.


After reading the precious note from her Cherokee grandmother, Celeste is dumbfounded to speechless.  Henry is stunned as well reading and hearing the contents of the letter.  The pair sit silently together without saying a word until Celeste smelt burning chocolate. She jumps off Henry’s lap and kicks the dessert away from the fire.  “Sorry papa I ruined dessert, I should have paid more attention.” Henry doesn’t reply as he stares into the flames.  Celeste gives her granddad a gaze and sees he is battling with the knowledge as much as she was.  “Papa why haven’t you ever told me you knew my grandmother?” She inquired with care.  Silent minutes ticked by between the confused pair when Henry put his two cents in.

“It was a long time ago Celeste when my wife passed away that year.  I was angry that your mother married your father behind our backs.  I went to visit her to give her a piece of my mind and try to break the two up; however it didn’t happen like that.  The minute I bumped into her without knowing who she was, I became giddy like a school boy.  She was gorgeous and you look just like her except she had long black hair, and her eyes were blue with golden brown specks. I do believe you will be tall like her too for she was at least six feet tall.”  Celeste listened and watched Henry battle his emotions silently.  “Ya fell in love with her papa didn’t ya?”  Celeste softly spoke out.  Henry snapped his head to look at his granddaughter. He felt embarrass to hear his granddaughter say her thoughts out loud, he nodded yes quietly.

Celeste lovingly kneel ed down beside her papa and reached to hold his large hand into hers as she held the letter in her other hand.  He gives her a smile and begins to speak, “She took my breath away the minute I laid eyes upon her beauty.  She was powerful girl in earth spirits more than I can explain.  The woman was the first person who made me forget what I was there to do.” Henry smiles and remembers the time clearly of their meeting.  Celeste is so curious she tries to stay patient.  Parts of her were wanting to scream out to hear the tale, but knows her papa was not one who spoke about his moments.  “I was embarrassed to admit that another woman could steal my heart after your grandmother passed away.”  She views his eyes returning back in time as she stands up and states, “Papa she knew about me before I was born, even my hair and eyes.  Hialeah Elena she named me, I kinda like the name papa.”  Henry glances at his confused granddaughter as she walks around the camp fire deep in thought.

Celeste turns around and said, “I ain’t meeting no man nor am I gonna marry anyone; because love stinks.”  Henry busted out with laughter.  “Right…if you say so, but love doesn’t work like that little one.  She stated she sees the future, so I reckon it will come true in the passing years Celeste.  Not to mention she knew you’re mother would leave you too.”  Celeste sat down on the log and read the letter again silently.  Henry watches a tear fall down upon her face while she read the letter to herself.  “I was loved papa by my other side of the family.  Why didn’t my father ever talk about his side of the family to me,” Celeste requested.  Henry tried to control his dislike of Celeste’s father when he spoke gently to her.  “Because he disrespected his elders and was very selfish as you have learned.”  Celeste nodded in agreement and stood up from her log.  “Papa I’m tired do you mind if I just go to bed.  We can talk about this later when I get a grip on what I have learned tonight.”  Henry stands up and reaches for his granddaughter to hug tightly. Celeste melts into his embrace of love and kisses him on the cheek.  “I love ya papa, thank you for being honest with me. Grandmother would be proud of you for completing her task she asked from you.”  Henry didn’t say a word, he hugged her tighter to his chest and relishes in his granddaughter’s wise words.


pictured by: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=love+stinks&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=fpyvr_ckJPAD5M&tbnid=oyD9z7MuI5LPUM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fjgeilsband.net%2Ftag%2Flove-stinks%2F&ei=MhGXU7SmFIm1yATO8YHADA&bvm=bv.68445247,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNFXkNS5te6k98dpVxCpaLVCZSemkg&ust=1402495559438721



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