“SWEET…that’s what I’m talking about! I’m a big girl now.” Henry roars with laughter.


All night long Celeste couldn’t sleep.  She had too much on the brain with her new information on life from her Cherokee grandmother’s letter.  She hadn’t release the paper and held it dear to her heart.  “How could I be so stupid about my other side of the family,” Celeste whispered out over and over to herself.  She looks at her mother’s picture beside her bed and stated, “Mama where are you?”  Of course no reply came when she spoke her words.  Again, she reads her precious letter softly to herself when she stopped, and looked around her bedroom.  Swearing she heard her grandmother reading the contents along with her.  She fears not the spiritual bonding between her Cherokee lineage.  “Grandmother, I am honored to be known as your granddaughter.  So, for now on I will no longer be a fool in life as long as I have you with me.  Guide me in life my wise grandmother and I promise I won’t disappoint ya.  I will learn the ways of my forefather’s from this day forward, and be happy I have you by my side for all eternity.” 

Celeste’s room is dark except for the moon glow that filled her room with it’s beams.  She walks to her bedroom window and glances out for several moments speechless.  “I have a special talent?  If so, is this why I can hear odd things in the wind?  Is it you grandmother that laughs at me and talks to me?”  She speaks out with care.  She turns around and lays her long body on her bed staring at the moon while she thinks of her Indian ways that could have been.  Her eye lids are about to close when she opens them up wide in fear of falling asleep before she figures out her plight in life.  “I don’t want to marry grandmother, I am happy being alone where no one can harm me.  Please don’t let this happen to me because I swear I’m no good for anyone.  I am reckless and not worthy of another’s love except my grandfather’s.”  She gazes at her letter again and states, “Mother Earth, what kind of task am I to do for you?”  Silent minutes ticked by when she finally closed her eye lids to rest.

“Celeste, time to get up little one,” her grandfather woke her up from her troubled dreams.  “Okay papa,” she replied to Henry’s demands.  She had fallen asleep with the letter in her hand.  Quickly she folds the paper and sticks it in her underwear drawer.  With speed she dresses and enters the kitchen where her grandfather sat at the table drinking his morning coffee.  “I reckon you had a long night little one.”  Celeste nods yes quietly and pours herself a cup of java.  “Papa would you mind if I ask Mr. Spencer to teach me more about my Cherokee lineage and language?”  Henry smiles and said, “Baby you can learn anything you want too, besides I think it’s a great idea.  It is time for you to learn all that you can in life, and I am sure Mr. Spencer will love teaching you.  It is his why I hired him Celeste.”  She gives her papa a weak smile and takes a few sips of her black brew.  “Will you tell me about our Scottish heritage in the process?”  Henry agrees to her asking and said, “It would be my honor and since you are of age, how about I teach you how to drive?”  

Celeste beamed with joy ready to attack another stage of life growing up.  “SWEET…that’s what I’m talking about!  I’m a big girl now.” Henry roars with laughter.  “Okay I better get going, don’t over do it today girl.”  He stands up and kisses her forehead and picks up his lunch box and leaves the smiling Celeste alone. In an hour Mr. Spencer knocks on the farm house door.  Celeste opens the door to let her Tudor inside.  Mr. Spencer glows at the beauty of Celeste’s smile, “I take it your ready to begin your lessons,” he responded to her excited energy.  “Yep, I’m a thinkin’ sir the skies are the limit in learning today.”  Mr. Spencer chuckles at Celeste and states, “Well let’s get going time is wasting.” 


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