Will there ever come a day when we all exist as one happy nation to give a helping hand to our brothers without prejudice of race, superior and religion?


For over a year Celeste flourished under the loving guidance of Henry her grandfather, and Mr. Spencer her Tutor.  At the age of fifteen and turning sixteen in three weeks, Celeste could speak Cherokee and Spanish to perfection.  Mr. Spencer was dumbfounded how the girl obtained the information like a sponge and mastered both languages with an interesting twist of southern dialect in a year’s time. When Henry approached him an encouraged him to tutor his half-breed granddaughter, Mr. Spencer never thought it would turned out to be an incredible, pleasant experience. To him every penny Henry was paying him to educate his granddaughter, proved to be the best student Mr. Spencer had the pleasure working with.  He marveled how she dove herself with urgent robust into all her studies, and gave him challenges to stay a step ahead of the witty, clever teenager.  At times her deep discussions in history floored him to no end, yet he plunged forward to give her the best information as possible; however, when it came to spiritual earthy questions in life, he was unable to give her a proper reply, instead he gave her the scientific point of view.

As the pair sat at the kitchen table while Celeste did her final exams, Mr. Spencer really takes the time to view the beauty of his student.  Her long golden curly hair was tied behind her back in a braid with a piece of tan hide leather.  Her strong muscled upper torso hovers over the paper with her writing arm hiding her written contents from his view. He watches her pencil move to her commands with speed upon her paper.  He begins to think of all the times this year he had to stop himself from staring deeply into her almond shaped different color eyes when she explained her answers to him slow and surefooted, and when he listened to her low intoxicating voice on certain days, it sent his mind reeling of thoughts being with a lady.  “I’m done I think sir,” Celeste softly spoke out to the distant thinking scholar.

Mr. Spencer is in deep thought when Celeste pushes her paper in front of her Tutor and taps her pencil’s eraser on the table several times to catch his attention. “Earth to teach, what’s up darlin’,” Celeste softly spoke.  Mr. Spencer comes out of his trance blushing a little for having naughty thoughts of being with a woman.  Celeste smiles and takes note he was off in La La land with his manly thoughts.  She stands up and stretches her long curvy body as she reaches her tan arms up to the ceiling.  “That wasn’t too bad sir I think I aced it!”  Mr. Spencer watches her backside walk over to the stove and pour herself and him a cup of coffee. He instantly shakes his handsome head away from her curvy rump in her blue Daisy duke shorts and grabs her paper to grade.  She sits back down with a plate of cookies to share while Mr. Spencer begins to grade her paper as he took a sip of his hot brew.  He grabs a cookie to munch on while he reads her answers, and tries to keep his mind on his immediate task without thinking of sex.

Celeste smiles at her teacher knowing full well what he was thinking.  She now understands the ways of man and woman and wants to giggle out loud, but spares the kind man the embarrassment. She stands up and walks around the kitchen in wait eating her sugar cookie.  Celeste jumps a little when she hears Mr. Spencer bark out, “Brilliant Celeste on question twenty.  I thought to trick you, but you’re lengthy answer about the Trails of Tears hit home perfectly.”  Mr. Spencer beamed at his student with approval.  Celeste gave her teacher a sorrowful gaze before turning her back on him to return to his grading.  Mr. Spencer is stunned to feel a sad presence enter the room, he watches his student walk to an age wall clock of time and silently views the second hand move. She breaks the silence by saying, “Funny Mr. Spencer how our history proves over and over again being white, red, black, brown, or yellow in skin color humans have always been cruel to each other.  Will there ever come a day when we all exist as one happy nation to give a helping hand to our brothers without prejudice of race, superior and religion?  As I ponder on the horrible deeds us corrupted humans have cast out to one another, it’s amazing how much our present life’s lives in the past of what our forefathers have done? To me, none of us should use the whoa is me card in life, but try to correct the mistakes of generations and live in harmony as honorable human beings, but of course I know in my heart of hearts that it is impossible as long as we have people who grave power be it scientific or unexplained incidences.” Celeste doesn’t give her teacher a glance but proceeds on in her silent thoughts of life struggles inside her head.

Mr. Spencer sits in awe of his student’s well earthy spoken words for a few moments and turns his attention back to her excellent written work.  When he finishes he slides her papers over to her empty chair and said, “It is my pleasure to pass you on to you’re next level Celeste; however I am going to see if I can put you in a gifted genus program.  Your work is beyond you’re grade level Celeste.” The teenager turns her attention to her teacher and puts her crocheting yarn and needle down to observe her paper on the table. “I’m happy thank you sir,” she states seeing the score of ninety six percent.  Mr. Spencer stands and streams his fingers through his thick brown hair.  “Well I will see you in one month my dear enjoy your short summer.”  Celeste immediately hugged her teacher to thank him for his kindness.  “I couldn’t have done it without you’re help sir, I thank ya kindly.  Also, please feel free to stop by anytime. I know me and papa have enjoyed your company at our bomb fires,” she happily stated. He gives her a smile and leaves the farm home with a smile upon his face.  Celeste yodels out in Cherokee to an empty house and tidy’s up the kitchen in a hurry to take Chief the draft horse out for a fun ride.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=jKjTRHRSLCEGnM&tbnid=O7xXIJUJxs0-WM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Flyricstranslate.com%2Fen%2Face-base-happy-nation-lyrics.html&ei=z9WdU-nXK4jQsASO7IHgCA&bvm=bv.68911936,d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNGsZJX5kXd26HSd4djMpiQ6ULwnhQ&ust=1402939203601896


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