“My boots better be where I left them you silly willy’s. I am wiser now and don’t need your childish games anymore; however, I thank you for making Chief beautiful.”


Coming onto the age of sixteen, Celeste didn’t need a wooden stump nor the fence to pop on top her painted draft horse.  Her long legs made her tall enough to grab the horse’s mane and jump onto his back with ease. “I passed school my big boy, time to spend some quality time outside and enjoy the rest of my summer before I begin again.  So how about you and I go by the stream and bask in the sun for a while.”  Chief the horse nodded his big head up and down in yes gesture and took off with speed through the woods on Celeste’s command.  The happy pair barreled over fallen down trees with skill speeding through the forest with surety.  Celeste giggle at the beast between her legs, remembering a few weeks ago Chief refusing to jump over objects which landed the cowgirl on her rear-end many times. “Yahoo buckaroo…that’s my boy tare it up dude!”  Chief felt her excitement and put on more speed through the forest.

For the first time in Celeste’s life she was the happiest girl in the world.  Every day that passed she loved her grandfather more and more for protecting her, and giving her a safe haven to learn her studies.  There wasn’t a day she let slip by without thanking her grandfather for her stable home environment. At times she did think of why her real father never came to see her, but in reality Celeste could careless.  She realized with the passing months he choose a woman over the love of his daughter, so let him lay with his choices in life thought she.  Chief stopped at their favorite spot where her grandfather loved to fish, and let the draft horse wonder off while she took a dip in the stream.  She peeled her clothes off and plunged into the deep waters to cool her sweaty body down.  For over an hour she soaked and basked in the sunshine.  Celeste takes the time to climb a Mulberry tree and picked the juicy berries till her lips and fingers were purple in color.  When finished with her fill of the blackberries she stretched her long golden nude color body against the heavy thick limb and gazed through the leaves on the tree.

“Thank you Mother Earth for all that you have given me, I am so bless in my life,” she whispered out through the slow moving leaves that danced to the light breeze.  It takes her a few moments to recognized the change in the wind as she watched the leaves move in time. “Awe so ya heard me?”  The wind caresses her cheeks, she takes a deep breath to relish her spirit’s presence, and sits up to pay homage.  Celeste stretches her arms out balancing herself perfectly on the limb of the large tree and said, “Give me the strength to endure what is yet to come in my life.”  The wind picks up and lets Celeste hears it’s response, “Child of Light we will always be by your side.”  Celeste marveled at herself for finding and understanding the spiritual connection that is gifted upon her.  She smiles and takes another deep breath and hears the laughter of little children.  “I know who you are little ones, you are not the fairies I thought you to be, but you are the Little People from my Cherokee folk tale.  I thank you for sticking it out with me in my childhood years, but I’m a big girl now and you’ve been found out my darlin’s.”  She hears the laughter of the Little People and begins to climb down the tree to head back home.  

She sticks her fingers into her mouth and lets out a loud whistle.  In a few moments Chief walked into the scene ready to take the teenager home. She noticed immediately how clean the gelding horse looked and smiles to her companion.  “Boy do you look spiffy my handsome man, someone has pampered your fur till it glows in the dark.”  She walks up to the horse and pats his sparkling clean body.  “Time to go my buddy before granddad comes home, tonight is a special night to celebrate and papa has promised me to take me to a rodeo.  I ain’t seen a Rodeo in my lifetime, so this should be an incredible evening for me!”  Celeste didn’t expect a response until she heard the Little People laughing again.  She bellows out softly to the spirits, “My boots better be where I left them you silly willy’s. I am wiser now and don’t need your childish games anymore; however, I thank you for making Chief beautiful.”  It takes a few moments before she hears their sad remark, “Boohoo party pooper.”  Celeste chuckles out loud and jumps onto her horse’s back and takes off like the wind through the forest at top speed.


picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=EopWigvuX-kRBM&tbnid=02eO0HCxFHs4fM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.usgwarchives.net%2Fok%2Fnations%2Fnative_american_research.htm&ei=NwifU6GdN5CaqAaTt4CgCg&bvm=bv.68911936,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNGtMMxMc09eeqNYbtPSLfhqD4ch4A&ust=1403017541957102


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