“I did it papa, YAHOOOO BUCKAROO!”


Celeste was so nervous when her grandfather and her pulled into the Rodeo Arena parking grounds that Henry could not hide his comment.  “Sometimes girl we need to be social able, I know what your thinking but not all people are horrible.”  Celeste gives her papa a weak smile and turns her head towards the group of cowboys who seem to be busy making sure their horses were geared up.  “I’m not worried papa, it’s just strange for me to be doing something else besides hunting, riding and being alone with my fabulous granddad.” She gives him a radiant smile an opens her truck door to get out.  They walk hand and hand until they get to the pay booth to enter the festivities.  Celeste gazes in wonder at all the cowgirls and cowboys walking through the breezeway before heading to the bleachers to watch the show.  Several young cowboys take note the teenage Celeste strolling with her grandfather, they nod their heads in greeting silently at her.  Celeste shy’s away and turns her eyes upon the dirt ground as she walked passed the men trying to pay them no attention.

She hears her papa lightly chuckle, “Walk tall girl and proud, you don’t have to look at them.”  Celeste sticks her tongue out at him, but Henry is quick with his hand and flicks her tongue with his finger and said,  “Keep that damn thing in your mouth.”  Celeste fired back with flare, “Jeepers creepers papa you’re a beast with that finger of your’s.”  Henry laughs and changes direction to find their seats with Celeste in tow.  They are close to the gates where the bucking bronco’s, bulls, and sheep escape.  She scans the crowd slowly observing all the families having a great time together. “Papa thank you for bringing me here, I hope to learn a lot if that’s possible.”  Henry reaches for her hand gently and brings her hand up to his lips to kiss.  “Silly papa, I love you,” Celeste blushes.

The wild west cowboy show begins, she marvels and chuckles at seeing the Rodeo clowns amuse the crowd into laughter.  And then takes note a few cowboys were putting sheep in the shoots.  “What they doing papa with those sheep?”  Henry replies with joy, “Little kids ride’em Celeste, it’s called Mutton Busting.”  She witness a country man with a cowboy hat bigger than his head gently holding a little boy upwards to place them on the back of a sheep.  The little cowboy holds on to his rope tied around the chest of the sheep firmly.  He is released and rides the little sheep for dear life.  Celeste roars with laughter and marvels how fun and silly the sport is. She watches many children ride their sheep with gusto, and when they changed the beast in the gates with huge bulls Celeste’s mouth opened wide.  “Papa does someone ride these guys too?”  Henry nods yes and said, “Wait till you see this Celeste, it truly is an art to ride’em, but very dangerous.”  Celeste waits and feels the nervous tension as a tall robust cowboy is lowered onto a massive gray bull.  The cowboy looks over to Celeste and gives her a wink with his baby blues.  He shoves his hat down and gets his hand situated around a rope.  Celeste doesn’t give the cowboy her attention, she was more concerned about the mighty bull who seemed to be throwing a hussy fit.

She jumps each time the bull bangs into the metal closures for freedom to rid his rider off his back.  When the shoot opens up the bull leaps forward with angry gyration.  The cowboy rides the bull almost to the end when he was launched high in the sky tumbling down in a puff of dust.  Celeste stands up in worry and watches the clown’s rescue the man.  Henry laughs at his granddaughter, “Sit darlin’, there is more to come.” Celeste obeys and is on high alert with excitement.  When the time came for the bucking broncos she didn’t sit, she stood up to get a better view.  Several handsome cowboy’s turned their attention on Celeste before jumping into their shoots with their wild horse. Celeste immediately sat down, embarrassed by all the silly boys showing her attention.  Henry laughed, “Celeste my girl you are too much for these boys.  They might not be able to ride’em if they keep looking at you.”  Celeste didn’t have time to make a comment when one gate opened up loud, and out ran a wild chestnut horse bucking and kicking.  Instantly the rider lost his hold and was thrown afar from the equine’s kicking legs.  The clowns came to his rescue as he picks up his hat to dust off his dirty pants.

Several other riders lost their seating to the wild mustangs, when Celeste became bored and turned her attention upon her grandfather speaking loud, “Papa I can do this better then those boys can, I don’t think none of them know how to cowboy up.  I think they all stink.”  Henry’s eyes open wide when a handsome cowboy overheard his granddaughter’s comment.  He whistled out loud catching Celeste’s attention.  “Hey pretty lady if ya think you’re better than a man, why don’t ya give it a try yourself?” Celeste opens her mouth wide in shock she was overheard.  “Well,” he offers her again.  “Can I papa? I won’t be long and I would like to give it a go sir.” Henry is unsure about the situation he is thinking when Celeste didn’t wait for his response and turns her back on him to jump over the railing beside the tall cowboy.  He beamed his pearly whites at her and begins to school her on what could happen.  She takes him seriously and retains the information.  “Ya sure you’re not going to turn chicken shit on us,” he asked Celeste.  She didn’t answer him but went right up to a gate that held a brown and white paint.  She focus’s on her dare as the men whistle at her.  Her eyes are wide with wonder, she immediately pulls out a piece of soft shoe string leather and ties her long curly hair up into a pony tail.

“Ya ready little lady?”  The handsome cowboy calls out.  Celeste finally looks him in the eye and watches his adorable smile melt her nerves away.  “Yes I reckon I am,” she replies out loud.  “You’re beautiful lassie, what’s you’re name,” he asked her with glee.  “Celeste will do for now,” she said as she witness the paint horse begin to jump and act crazy.  She gives her papa a glance, he gives her a thumbs up gesture.  She nods in recognition and begins to crawl up the shoot.  The horse goes berserk, she couldn’t hear the announcer over the horse’s fit.  “Mother Earth protect me, ” she whispers out and touches the horse’s poll.  The horse shivers with excitement and fears, she feels the explosion the horse is demanding to display any second.  “Let’s go little lady,” she gives the young man a blank stare and shakes her head to pull it together.  She takes a deep breath and begins to lower herself upon the wild horse.  Two cowboys try to show Celeste to hold on to the rope, but she shook her head no and grabbed the horse’s mane.  The cowboys yell at her to grab the rope when the horse explodes upwards in the shoot and the gate broke open wide.

The crowd went crazy, Celeste without using the rope that was tied around the girth of the horse she dug her heels in and held on for life upon the bucking bronco.  She prayed her strong hand would not rip the hair out of the poor horse’s mane as she rocked back and forth with speed.  Henry stood up he couldn’t stay seated as he watched his granddaughter prove the other cowboy’s she did have what it took to ride the wild equine.  He yelled out encouraging words to his girl, and knew there was no way she could hear him through the loud screaming and hollering.  A buzzer rings out loud but Celeste stays on the horse and rides the horse until he slows down and begins to prance.  The crowd goes insane when Celeste leans over and hugs the horse and slides off his bare back.  She immediately is approached by one of the clowns who slapped her rear-end in front of the Rodeo crowd. The cowboy who dared her came running up to her and gave up his hat to Celeste to wear. “Little lady my hat is off to ya and you can keep it too,” he places his sweaty straw cowboy hat on her head and she glows with delight.  She runs towards her grandfather and forgets the cowboys.  “I did it papa, YAHOOOO BUCKAROO!”  Henry roars with laughter he instantly steps down to her and gives her a helping hand to climb over the rail.  They hug tightly and relieve the excitement of riding a bucking bronco.  Throughout the rest of the night they finished watching the show with more excitement and in the end Celeste lost her voice from screaming too much.  And when she was approached by the handsome cowboy at the end of the Rodeo, she turned shy and didn’t look at him.

“Here’s my phone number little lady, I hope to hear from you.  Maybe we can catch a movie and ice cream someday.”  Celeste blushes and shakes the man’s hand, “Thank ya kindly sir, but I ain’t old enough to date and I really don’t want too.”  Henry is floored with her come back and smiles at the young man.  “Doesn’t matter my little hot chili pepper, just being friends is good too.”  Celeste nods her head in yes and then excuses herself from his drooling eyes.  She grabs her father’s hand and walks with a happy spring in her step relishing her wild and wicked ways of life with a cowboy’s dusty hat on her head~


picture by: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=a+woman+riding+a+bucking+bronco&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=Ai5ph696fhG7wM&tbnid=58veuHe6L6RgbM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F319826011007445484%2F&ei=Vp-gU-eGBIOxyATT_IHQBg&bvm=bv.68911936,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNFKi7rSNc_4I7-RgTBXV5bcdyFOsQ&ust=1403121787546696


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