“Piss off ya peck…be gone,” she finally replies to him.


Lifeless Celeste closed herself into the farm house for days not letting sunlight sparkle through the windows.  She sat in the dark house for many days without eating and moving.  Never in Celeste’s life had she missed a day without tiding up her home or herself in hygiene. To her what did it matter if she lived or died in this world without her grandfather by her side as she sat silently at the kitchen table staring into nothing.  She doesn’t even budge from her spot when a soft knock at the door is heard. “Celeste let me in, I know your in there so answer the door,” Mr. Spencer called out.  Celeste in a daze holds on to her grandfather’s smoking pipe at the table. Mr. Spencer pounds on the door harder and yells out, “Open this door now young lady, I have someone here who needs to talk with you.”

She doesn’t move from her spot as she hears two people talking behind the locked door.  “Celeste if you don’t open this door I will break it down or smash a window to get to you,” Mr. Spencer ripped out getting angrier by the minute.  The cowgirl lifts her eyes up to view the door and gets up in slow motion to head back to her bedroom.  Celeste is about to enter her dark bedroom when she spins around to the sound of breaking glass.  “Damn you woman, I warned you I will not take no for an answer,” Mr. Spencer sticks his head through the glass and barks at Celeste.  “Piss off ya peck…be gone,” she finally replies to him.  “Don’t you speak to me in that tone girl, you’re grandfather would be furious with you now for the way you’re acting. I have his attorney here who needs to speak with you since you don’t open doors nor answer the phone. Now open the damn door or I will crawl through this window and give you a spanking on the ass!”

Celeste stands in the hallway close to her room, it takes her a few minutes to decide what to do.  “Damn it Celeste get your shit together and start acting like a lady.” She begins to head towards the door in the dark and unlocks the door.  Mr. Spencer doesn’t hesitate and opens the door immediately.  The cowgirl steps away and sits back down at the kitchen table as her pesky guest entered her dark domain. Her teacher flicks a switch for the lights to come on, she scrunches up her eyes from the bright light. “Jesus god girl you’re a mess,” Mr. Spencer spoke out with care.  Celeste had no idea what she looked like nor did she care, she keeps her eyes focusing on the wooden table not acknowledging the intruder’s.  Mr. Spencer instantly takes it upon himself to let light filter in the large kitchen area.  He opens the curtains and blinds to lay witness to a dirty home she is living in. She doesn’t give the gentlemen her attention, and sits lifeless at the table as the attorney sits down at the table.

Mr. Spencer joins them at the table and stares silently at his student.  His heart is breaking for the half-breed whose life suddenly came to a screeching halt.  The attorney clears his throat to speak to Celeste who doesn’t even acknowledge his presence. “I have here you’re grandfather’s living will, he has willed everything to you and more.  All I need is your signature that you receive the letter and I will be on my way.”  She doesn’t move and watches the old man slide the letter into her direction across the table. “Pick it up Celeste,” Mr. Spencer demands from her. When Celeste gives Mr. Spencer a glance, he is struck with hatred far from his imagination. He feels her defiant deadly attitude barrel him over, but she doesn’t touch the letter.  The lawyer slides another piece of paper towards her with a pen for writing.  “Please sign here on this line and I will leave you alone, unless you need my services.”  She moves and signs the document and slides the paper back at the attorney.

The lawyer quickly leaves with paper in hand and shakes Mr. Spencer’s hand for assisting him in contacting Henry’s granddaughter. Mr. Spencer sees the man out and returns to talk with his student.  He begins to clean up the dirty kitchen while he spoke with love to her, “Celeste darling, you can’t act like this.  You have to stay strong for your life is not finished on this earth.”  Celeste doesn’t move from her seat.  “Leave me alone sir, I don’t want to communicate with anyone any more,” she whispered out.  Mr. Spencer begins to clean up the broken glass from the kitchen window in silence.  Celeste watches him and decides to leave him to his task.  She gets up from her chair and heads to her bedroom slamming the door shut.


picture by: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=willow%20cast&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=aJAfj61Zc2qoLM&tbnid=8idK9pGNqTqBZM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fdigitalhippos.com%2Farticles%2Freview-willow-blu-ray&ei=oC6oU4DhI4SSqAa6nIDQDw&bvm=bv.69411363,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNES76EBZy-fedPQsS9LThFOk9wKBQ&ust=1403617286528606


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