“Begone rodent, get the hell out of my father’s home or I will leave myself never to return. I don’t need a house to cover my head, I don’t need people in my miserable life, I don’t give a shit anymore what you crackers do, an so if I want to smell like shit then it’s my right, not yours!”


Since Mr. Spencer finally is inside Celeste’s home there was no way he was going leave.  He cleaned up the broken glass from breaking into her home in the kitchen, and decided to make his student a good meal to encourage Celeste to come out of her room. There were also things he needed to discuss with her about education, living arrangements and such, for he too received a letter from Henry and was paid in full to complete his granddaughter’s education until she graduated.  Mr. Spencer throws a steak in the pan to cook while he busy’s himself making a salad.  Celeste quiet as a mouse leaves her room and stands in the dark hallway watching her teacher burn the shit out of a piece of meat.  The kitchen is smokey and smells of burnt meat when Celeste walks into the kitchen straight to the stove. Mr. Spencer takes notice of the messy cowgirl as she quickly takes off the pan on the stove not saying a word to him. 

“If you want to eat I advise you to go take a bath and get yourself spiffy up.  You stink to holy hell girl and you’re hair is a matted mess.”  She doesn’t reply and sits at the table to stare at her teacher while he tries to attempt making a salad.  Celeste noticed the scholar had no skill using a knife to cut up veggies, an at times she witnessed his near miss of shaving his finger skin off, but she doesn’t say a word and watches the nervous man make a salad. “You’re making me crazy Celeste, go take a bath and then join me for dinner.”  Celeste becomes irritable with her teacher, “I don’t want to eat, I want ya to leave and get the hell away from me before ya burn my grandfather’s house down,” she spit out. Mr. Spencer gives the saucy half-breed an evil eye.  Celeste refuses to give him a glance and gives the letter from her grandfather a look in the middle of the table with his smoking pipe sitting on top of the envelope.  

Mr. Spencer blows his top at the cowgirl, “You’re a fright girl with your black rings around your eyes, your finger nails are gross with dirt, your gorgeous hair is matted, and you stink like shit!”  Celeste scrunches up her eyes in thought, Mr. Spencer sees her pondering over his nasty comment to her.  “Fuck off,” she rips out and stands from the table with her fist bunched up.  Mr. Spencer recognizes the dangerous stance the girl takes and knows he has pushed her to a breaking point.  For some reason words couldn’t come to his lips, instead he picks up the red juicy tomatoes he finished cutting for the salad and threw it at her hitting Celeste in the chest with the gooey substances.  It takes a few seconds for the cowgirl to react, she reached for more of the home grown red fruit on the round table and squished it in her strong hand to pitch the mass at the teacher hitting him in the face. 

Even though Celeste is the same size as her teacher in height, her teenage body however towered over his frame in strength. It takes a split second for Mr. Spencer to snap and before each one knew what happen it was a drag out food fight between the two with vegetables at the kitchen table.  They both circled the round table with ammunition in hands, Mr. Spencer doesn’t back down as he lays claim to the dangerous wild look in Celeste’s orbs.  He dare not push her too far, but knew this was an important step to make Celeste crawl out of her hole of despair.  “Take a bath piss butt,” he barked out.  Celeste throws lettuce at him and realizes the leafy object is worthless to throw at the scholar.  “Begone rodent, get the hell out of my father’s home or I will leave myself never to return. I don’t need a house to cover my head, I don’t need people in my miserable life, I don’t give a shit anymore what you crackers do, an so if I want to smell like shit then it’s my right, not yours!”  Celeste is huffing and puffing ready to dive on the table and strangle the man from the other side, when Mr. Spencer hits her in the face with cucumber slices.

He fears the ugly stance the half-breed has taken but stands firm in order to break the protective barrier she acquired.  “Your father would be ashamed of you girl.  I know you have taken a huge blow to your heart with your papa gone, I know about your childhood years of being alone without true parents, I know it is a travesty what you’ve endured in life, but fight back Celeste don’t give them the power to turn you into something you’re not and right now you are ugly, horrible, and violent with anger.  Grow up and take charge and change the things you can change, and worry not what you can’t until you can attack your dilemmas with flare,” he screamed out to Celeste over the table. 

Mr. Spencer jumps in fright when Celeste took her mighty fist and pounded the sturdy table with force. He watches the rest of the veggies bounce in time to her hammer strikes upon the wooden round table.  Finally Celeste cracked her lid on the table, each pound she made with her fist upon the table released the anger that consumed the girl with violent hatred towards mankind.  Mr. Spencer steps back to watch the explosion erupt inside the half-breed.  She keeps pounding until tears drip quickly from her eye ducts, then came curse words that Mr. Spencer has never heard before in his life pour out of her lips in her heavy southern twang voice. She screams out her frustration hammers the table over and over with her fists.  “Hit it girl break the table but get your bitter pill out,” he whispered to her.  Celeste didn’t hear a word from the teacher as she took her vigor out on the table.

Mr. Spencer drops his jaw in disbelief as he witnesses another side of the sweet and gentle girl he once knew pound out her distress of life upon the strong wooden round table for over fifteen minutes.  He is thankful she is hitting the table and not him when he hears a light crack beginning to split the table from her mighty horsepower assault.  Something finally breaks inside Celeste, she stops her abuse on the table and withers down to the floor in agony to cry out her calamity.  Mr. Spencer immediately runs around the table to where Celeste laid curled up in a ball crying out her misfortune, and gently begins to coo to the teenage woodsman. “That’s it little one cry it out, time to heal and mend what is broken.” His heart is torn to pieces as he listens to her sorrow spill out.  “Mama, mi papa…” she said over and over again till her throat hurt from screaming and crying.  Mr. Spencer picks up her torso and hugs the cowgirl with kindness he knew he never had.  She is limp in his arms when she settles down from her heart retching balling, and closes her eyes in exhaustion.  Mr. Spencer holds on to the stinky girl allowing her to gather her spent energy until he could stand no more of her foul scent.

He begins to move from sitting on the floor in the same position for too long and demands Celeste to rise.  She obeys for some odd godly reason and follows him into the bathroom.  He sits her down on a small seat and draws a bath full of water. “Take a bath Celeste it will help you relax.”  She didn’t reply and sat quietly looking at the fuzzy bathroom rug.  He steps out and closes the door for privacy and states kindly, “If I have to come in here and make you bathe I will so don’t test me.”  The door clicks into place leaving her alone to her misery as she watches the tub fill up with clean refreshing water.




3 thoughts on ““Begone rodent, get the hell out of my father’s home or I will leave myself never to return. I don’t need a house to cover my head, I don’t need people in my miserable life, I don’t give a shit anymore what you crackers do, an so if I want to smell like shit then it’s my right, not yours!”

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