“Can I have your word on this Celeste, or do I need to tie you up to ensure your going to go through with it?”


Every day Mr. Spencer would show up to find Celeste gone.  He had a horrible rot gut feeling as he sat on the front porch waiting for her return she would disappear into the forest any day away from mankind, but for now he knew she had to return to feed the livestock on her farm.  To him she’s an excellent woodsman and would have no problem living her life out in solitude. Henry trained the girl well to survive without the need of stores or materialistic goods.  Several times Mr. Spencer had witness Celeste gutting an animal she and Henry had killed for their winter supplies. He smiles at the thought of using the dead animal for Biology education, and remembers her being quick with a blade while becoming a sponge in identifying animal anatomy to perfection.  Not only did she hunt without fear, she also taught him a thing or two about curing hides from the animals.  He marveled at the fact the young girl was brilliant with her hands, and living in the old ways of life staying humble as a honey bee.  It is almost eight in the hot muggy evening when Celeste materialized out of the woods on foot carrying a dead rabbit she had killed, Mr. Spencer stands an approaches his student.

“About time you returned Celeste I’ve been waiting for a while to talk to you,” Mr. Spencer said while approaching the cowgirl with a smile on his face.  Celeste didn’t smile at her teacher in fact, for several weeks after her melt down she kept her lips tight and went on with her daily chores as usual; however, she drew more inside herself as a hermit in life and preferred her isolated world.  He followed behind the cowgirl and watches in a blink of an eye Celeste skinning her kill with one fast cut to the gut and with a quick jerk downwards strips the hide from its body.  “Are you going to talk to me Celeste?”  The cowgirl doesn’t reply as she picks up her kill and heads to the house with Mr. Spencer following.  When they step inside the kitchen, Mr. Spencer noticed the letter from Henry is still sitting in the center of the table with his smoking pipe on top of the letter unread. He realizes the death of Henry affected the cowgirl’s spirit deeply as she walks around the house lifeless and without purpose.  He sits down at the round table and states, “Time to begin our studies Celeste, you ready to start your lessons?”  It takes her a few moments to answer while she pours two glasses of lemonade and sits his glass in front of him saying, “No, I just want to be left alone as I told ya before.”  Mr. Spencer takes a sip of his lemonade and puckers up his lips in sour dislike, but he doesn’t mention how horrible the drink tastes.  He tries to speak and finds it hard to make a comment due to the sour taste in his mouth.  Celeste gives him a dangerous glare daring him to make a comment, but Mr. Spencer is a trooper and holds his tongue.  She slides a bowl of sugar in his direction, and turns her back on him to prepare her dinner.  

Mr. Spencer watches the movement of Celeste’s curvy backside prepping her dinner in her daisy duke shorts and yellow t-shirt.  Since the last time he saw her she was developing quickly than usual for a teenage girl.  Her breast is plump and sexy in her tight fitting t-shirt, and finds his pecker is growing with want as he views her long golden color muscular legs move in time.  Celeste feels Mr. Spencer’s energy checking her out from her backside, she turns her attention on Mr. Spencer who suddenly turned beet red with her perlustration, she flips her head back to her task.  He clears his throat from having wicked thoughts about his student and speaks out carefully.  “Are you ever going to read your grandfather’s note Celeste.”  After silence moments of prepping her rabbit to bake in the oven she turns her attention on the scholar, “No it means nothing to me. What is done is done and I ain’t needing the validation of what’s in the letter.”  Mr. Spencer realizes that she has become worse since he had seen her weeks ago.  “Sit down please Celeste and let’s talk about you’re education,” he offered her so he could change the lust he felt in his loins.  

Celeste takes a seat across the table and stares at the genius.  “You can’t keep going like this girl, you must complete you’re schooling and your grandfather,” she cut him off immediately.  “My grandfather is not here anymore Mr. Spencer to control me, so take the money and run dude.”  He begins to get angry and barks out, “Stop wallowing in self pity girl and get you’re shit together.  If I have to spend the night and many more to show you I am not leaving, I will.”  She ponders on his words and states, “Fine whatever!” He knows she is saying what he wants to hear, but feels she is going to run the minute he leaves her again and maybe for good. “Can I have your word on this Celeste, or do I need to tie you up to ensure your going to go through with it?”  He sees Celeste’s lips wanting to make a comment, but instead she nods yes with her head.  Mr. Spencer knows her word is solid, he stands to leave and states firmly, “I will see you in two days, no and’s or but’s is that a deal?”  She stands up with both hands on the table ready to lunge at the man.  Mr Spencer doesn’t wait and takes his leave of her home in fear she was going to open a can of whooping on him if he didn’t leave her home and now; nevertheless, he knew she honored the code of her unspoken words, and smiled knowing it was only time before he broke down her barrier of destruction.


picture by: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=tying+someone+up&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=KDxWGrlOinRMHM&tbnid=U964OTM6OevgNM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Ftomthephotographer.blogspot.com%2F2010_02_01_archive.html&ei=q3utU8O6NMmLqAa964C4Bg&bvm=bv.69837884,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNHPHwLVvIh9DvJvZNUV-KwbE6fJug&ust=1403964703267894


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