“Your presence will never be gone it still lingers here all around me and it won’t leave me alone farewell mi papa,”


Celeste gave Mr. Spencer a hug of appreciation for all that he has done for her before Charles got into this auto and drove off. “Please let me at least take you out for dinner to celebrate your happy day,” he asked her one more time to agree.  “No thank you sir, I appreciate ya asking me though.” She is happy to complete her studies but not overly excited like most graduates would feel at this stage in their lives as she turned down her teacher’s offer.  Charles didn’t want to leave the sad young lady alone, but there was no way she would let him stick around, so he said his goodbyes and took off with a smile on his lips.  While driving down the road to return to his rental home a plan formed into his head regarding how to trick Celeste into celebrating her completion of school, and when he pulled into his driveway he immediately started arranging his plan of attack.  There would be no way she could refuse or get out of what his magical plans were for the cowgirl.

Several lonely days passed by when the introvert Celeste is sitting down by a peaceful lazy creek pondering about what she wanted to do with her life. She reaches into her light weight coat pocket and pulled out the unread letter from her grandfather. Immediately a voice inside her head begged her to read the contents.  It’s been a year since she evaded the spirit guide who plagued her every waking moment to read the note she carried on her body on a daily basis.  Today as she laid down on her back on the forest floor to view the change of colors of the changing leaves, she is bull dosed down with warnings. The cowgirl hears the demanding order loud and clear, “Open me,” instead of listening to the request, she holds on to the envelope.  “No, leave me alone.  I will open the damn letter when I get good and ready,” she finally spoke out to the spirit, and shoves the letter back into its hiding place close to her heart.

Instantly she feels a dangerous presence enter the woods and changes the windless peaceful forest into multiple angry voices demanding her to open and read the letter, she sits up cross legged and gets pissed off.  It takes her a few seconds before she pulls the letter out of its hiding place in her jacket.  She rips the envelope open and unfolds the letter to shake it in front of the forest, “Okay ya happy now!” she spits out with venom. After a year Celeste finally begins to read the letter out loud.

Dearest Granddaughter,

If you are reading this letter than I am sure that you are alone and I have passed away from this earth.  Please heart forgive me for not being able to live my life out with you lassie, but God has bigger plans for me. I know you are missing me, and have drawn into a lonely isolated place within your soul.  You are not alone Celeste, I will always be with you for eternity. The lord gave you to me when I had lost all others in my life, just as you have lost all in your life making us kindred spirits. You have been my joy from the day you were born and I’m proud of the lady you have become; but I want you to be strong and know that I have left all my belongings to you. The house and all my possessions are your’s to live in and do whatever you like to be safe from worry that you aren’t homeless or penniless. As for your father, I am ashamed at myself for never letting you know that I spoke to him.  I told him he was no longer to be part of your life until he got himself together; however, he was drunk when I talked to him and lost in his world, so the only way I could protect you from his ugly harm is not allowing him to see you. I hope you can forgive me my little Indian girl.

I have paid Mr. Spencer in full to complete your education, please don’t be hard on him while you struggle to gain control on what you have been dealt with in life. I had to write this letter because I am dying of heart problems little one, and there is nothing you or I could do to repair what is broken. So I am sorry for not worrying you when the time came for me to meet my maker.  Remember do not waste your breath on things you can’t change, but change the things you can to make a better life for yourself.  You will be everything most men dream of in a lady, but soften your heart dear child, and love will find you some way if you allow it.  Let the light of the sunshine heal your wounded soul, and then life won’t feel so repulsive.  I love you Celeste; don’t be angry with our Lord God, as I know you have turned to the Great Spirit in your Cherokee heritage for guidance, it is good to have both belief’s in your heart to rely on. There is a Scottish saying I leave you with daughter, May God Bless you to live as long as you want to; and want to as long as you live. I ask you to remember to love yourself and all around you.  Henry

Celeste couldn’t hold back her tears as she quickly crumbled the letter up into a ball and then held the paper so tight in her fist as she screamed out her loss to the forest.  Her yells echoes out in the woods as she pounded her fist on a rock, and then immediately got herself under control before saying softly, “Grandfather I love you for all that you have given me, for the endless love and understanding you have bestowed upon my life. I will never be the same without you my father, my savior, my hope in life.  It is I who thank you for giving me love, wisdom, an earth lessons when I had none to guide me in life. Grandfather I Love you, for all that you have given me in life, and companionship.  I will never be the same without you my father nor will I get over losing you.  Thank you papa for giving me the honor in loving you, your teachings, and wisdom will never be forgotten. Your presence will never be gone it still lingers here all around me and it won’t leave me alone, so for now I say farewell mi papa,”  she finished her statement and stood up from the dirt ground to let the ball of paper drop from her fist into the stream, and watched the paper float away from her with the slow flow of water moving southbound.



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