Celeste stretches her arms out in peace calling upon her brilliant steed.


Celeste struggled to keep her self alert in the shower.  There was no way in hell she is about to stick around when Westin joined her in the large cubicle.  “Where you going sugar cube,” Westin purred.  “Must leave feel faint,” she babbled out with her back facing the naked man.  “Let me help,” he offered the injured girl.  “No, I can do it,” she puts up a hand and carefully leaves the square unit.  Westin stays and with speed cleans himself up to quickly service Celeste before she passed out on the floor.  Usually Celeste doesn’t look into the mirror, but this time she had no choice.  Slow in movement the cowgirl inches her way to the small mirror.  Westin speaks out, “This is a great huge shower room, its  perfect for our height.  Most showers aren’t this big to accommodate our size.”  She tunes out the young man when she is about to peek at herself in the mirror, and what she saw wasn’t pretty.  The whole left side of her face was swollen barely showing her golden eye.  A two inch cut above the eyebrow showed perfect stitches were administered to seal up the gash. Her medical knowledge told the cowgirl she had a head concussion while viewing her evidence of shame. “Sorry I had to sew you up,” Westin watched the girl check herself out in the tiny mirror.  “Thank you, good job,” was all she could reply before moving away from the two way plate. Dizziness consumed Celeste in a matter of seconds, she held onto the counter top to let the shit pass. “Let me take those wet bandages off before you go back to bed.”  Celeste hadn’t heard a word the boy said, it is taking every ounce of her energy not to crumble to the floor dripping wet.  She feels a towel surround her body and is moved to sit on a bench before she falls.  Her head feels heavy and hard to lift up when she senses Westin drying her off.  “I’m going to take the bandage off you’re leg first then we can focus on your ribs.”  Celeste couldn’t utter a word, her level of energy is dying fast especially when its too hard for her to take a breath.  She leans her back against the wall and that’s all she wrote.  Celeste slips into unconsciousness once again.

Dead to the world, the cowgirl is sitting on her knees and basking in a field of dense Black-eyed Susan’s. She’s nude in the middle of a meadow watching the bugs float in the air with butterflies fluttering all around her.  The sunlight warms her golden half breed skin to glistening sparkles of ray beams.  A movement in the forest catches the child of light’s eyes.  A little twelve year old, blonde hair, pencil stick boy who is clothed in simple garb approaches Celeste out of the woods fearless.  She waits for him to near before inviting him to join her, “Come sit with me my earth brother.”  The little boy obeys his elder’s and marvels at witnessing butterflies drifting in between the couple.  They both sit quietly in each other’s company for a little while before Celeste breaks the ice and gives the boy a glance with her two color wise eyes.  “We are kindred spirits young buck, you are not alone in this world.”  The blue eyed boy gives the cowgirl a serious gaze, “I know, I’ve been waiting to meet you.”  They sit in silence once more absorbing the beauty of the meadow without a care in the world.  “Would you like to ride a horse brother?”  Happy glee spread across the little chap’s lips, he nodded yes with his head. Celeste stretches her arms out in peace calling upon her brilliant steed.  A ghost figure appeared prancing and tossing his head ready to service the pair of humans.  Celeste in one single leap in the air saddles herself on the white stallion’ s bare back, she bends down giving the little boy a pony up hand to sit in front of her.  For hours the two giggle joy to the world as they rode with lightening speed across lush green fields of grass and clover upon Ghost her horse.  They are walking back to the spot the little boy came out of the woods.  She brings her friend to a stop and slides off her mount, “Come buckaroo time for you to go home,” Celeste reaches up to help the little boy off her horse.  “Can we do this again,” he asked softly.  Celeste nods yes with her head at the beautiful brave man and ruffles up his soft blonde curly mop.  “Goodbye sir, until we meet again,” she replied in Cherokee language and payed heed upon the retreating back of the innocent child of life.  It is breaking dawn when Celeste blinks open her orbs.  Inside her mouth felt like a land strip dry as all hell from any moisture.  She turns to her right side and views the chair empty of Westin’s presence, and drifts off to sleep once again.


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“I suppose you do need to rinse off since I spilled the beans on ya, so you can let me go and take your clothes off Westin.”


Celeste turned her head away from him on the high pile of pillows Westin laid out for her to be propped up on.  Speechless Celeste tried to understand silently in her mind how Westin had showed up in time to find her.  She began to mumble undetected words with her lips so Westin’s ears hears nothing.   “I’m here if you would like to talk,” Westin sits next to her on the bed giving her a twinkle, Celeste hung a left with her face and winches in pain.  The injured cowgirl stares out the window in peace until Westin cleared his throat.  “How about a drink of water, I am sure you must be thirsty.”  Westin stands up and goes around the king size bed to pour a glass of water from a light blue ceramic pitcher.  Celeste sketches Westin A frame as he finished pouring the water in a blue ceramic cup instantly triggering off the sense to use the bathroom.  She closed her eyes in time so he didn’t view her checking him out.  Westin sits next to her and tips the cup to her lips.  Celeste’s eyes flew open and gives him tight lips.  He pulls back on the cup and states, “What’s the matter I’m trying to help you drink?”  Celeste tried to talk but her throat was indeed to dry to speak.  She begins to move and sit up when her rib denied her the ability to reserve her dignity.  She grunts in silence baring the pain with all her might.  “Jesus woman scream out, you can’t bottle up your agony.  I hate to tell you young lady its going to hurt like hell if you think you’re going to walk to the bathroom by yourself.”  Celeste fights hard to control her plight sitting up and wanting to use the bathroom more than anything.  How in the hell was she even going to complete her task of using the potty room if she couldn’t move.  Westin is smiling and knows actually the battle she fought in asking for help in the most private matter use of the human body; however, staring at her exposed breast when her sheets slipped down was not a good idea.  Celeste pulled her covers off her naked body and scans her leg wrapped up from the scrap she took on the stairs and tries to swing her legs onto the floor.

Vertigo took hold of her head as she inched her body to the edge of the bed.  Every goose bump on her arms warned the cowgirl puking her guts out was right around the corner.  Westin is tired of watching the cowgirl struggle to get up, he instantly puts the cup of water down and walks in front of Celeste to stop further progress.  Celeste spots his perfectly shape bare feet enter her blurry vision, she focuses on his feet to clear her sight before moving onward.  “Not happening girl I have to help you or your going to upchuck.  I can see you’re turning white as a ghost, and…” Westin didn’t finish his tender comment when Celeste lifted her heavy head up and barfed all over his private area.  Westin didn’t hesitate he picked her up and whisked her away to the bathroom shower in time for another round of  flying bile. He jumped into the shower holding the weak cowgirl and turns on the water.  He gives it a second to warm up before exposing her to the warm liquid of life.  “I have to set you down love, do you think you could stand so I can get us situation.  Celeste moves a hair and screams out in misery, Westin held on carefully when the wet from the shower head covered them both.  “I’ll hold you till the end of time cowgirl,” he gingerly spoke to her while relishing the firm body of the naked woman.  Celeste heard nothing but felt drool escape her parted lips.  Precious water touches her skin and drips across her lips, she moves a little to expose the rest of her body to the wonderful substance. Westin lets her do what she wants at her own pace, and in time they stand together with Westin’s arms cradling the cowgirl against his beefy chest.  Westin can’t help feel odd with clothes on in the shower and her nude except for her multiple ace bandages wrapped around her ribs and leg.  Nevertheless, the close encounter of her body in any way was delightful to him even with throw up on him.  He smiles and lifts his face up to be showered by water.  She starts to move away from his tender wet embrace, “I have to pee please,” Celeste laboriously whispered out. “Hold on to this rail and I will step out so you can piss in the head.”  “No nasty can’t do that,” Celeste mustered up a bit of fight to say, but had no choice the minute Westin stepped out of the shower and held her with one arm up.  Celeste lost her urine, and begins to cry in a heart wrenching whimper.  Westin felt her pride disappear down the drain when he senses she never peed in the shower before.  He gives her a little more privacy to herself before returning to help out.  He smells the faint scent of sandalwood and ponders about taking off his wet clothing.  “I suppose you do need to rinse off since I spilled the beans on ya, so you can let me go and take your clothes off Westin.” Celeste murmured out in her husky voice to the dripping wet stud behind the curtain.  Westin’s eyes rose widely in a stupor to hear her answer his question inside his head.  He gives himself an unsure grin in the wall mirror and shrugs his shoulders why not, and begins to disrobe using both his hands.


“Hello sleeping beauty good to have you back in the living.”


Turmoil brews inside Celeste’s unconscious mind.  The girl tossed and turned on her grandfather’s bed mumbling out her life story while she fought the ghost of the past.  Westin hadn’t left her side for two days as he sponge bathe the girl to coolness from fever. There wasn’t anything else Westin could do for the girl until she woke up from her passed out stage.  He had done his best to rap up her torso with ace bandages to help limit her movement until her bruised rib cage healed; but, the left side of her face was another story.  It had turned an angry black and blue from the fall on the concrete.  The young boy was beside himself trying to decide to take the girl to the hospital or keep her safe and warm at home.  He would have taken her earlier to a specialist, but his training as an Emergency tech saved grace.  Not to mention the extensive library on healing herbs, and remedies that Celeste collected  helped to service the girl in comfort.  Westin took the time to walk around her home to learn more about what made the cowgirl tick to pass the time away until she woke up from her accident.  Everything in the large home spoke about hunting, animals, Indian artifacts, and living a simple life without the amenities of going into town for supplies.  Now he understood why no one knew the girl or her ware about.  She was completely self reliant in life to hunt and grow all her food source and herbs.  He marveled at the extensive collection of old guns, bow and arrows, knives, and tools displayed throughout the home, and thought about where her family had disappeared.

The only time Westin left Celeste’s side was to feed her mass amount of farm animals.  Nothing prepared him when he stepped into the huge clean barn as his jaw hit the floor in god-smack to lay claim the magnificent boy toys, and her statue of a horseshoe horse laying dormant in the building.  The big dog he had seen before he pulled into Celeste’s driveway hung around her bedroom window whining away.  Many times Westin tried to coast the colossal animal inside, but the canine refused, and ran away into the woods fearing Westin.  Just the few days he had spent at her house made him realize Peter was absolutely right about how incredible of a person she is in all aspect of earth and life forces.  What mystified him more is witnessing multiple wild animals approach her farm without fear, but the minute Westin stepped out of her house they split like cockroaches when light was shed upon them.  As for food, he was completely dumbfounded when he went out to her two car garage attached to the house looking for a freezer, and found the large unit full of home grown vegetables, fruit, deer, elk, foul meat ready to eat.  In reality Celeste was different than most women especially the need of owning materialistic objects, and this pleased Westin to no end to finally meet a humble girl of society.  It is two o’clock in the morning when Westin started to drift off to sleep beside her bed in a plush leather chair reading Celeste’s book on the human anatomy.

“Wake up, wake up Hialeah Elena,” the voice inside Celeste’s mind yelled out.  “Don’t want too, leave me alone,” she spoke out privately to the voice.  It took all her energy to blink her lids open from the pesky voice encouraging her to wake, and when she did she was staring at a white ceiling experiencing groggy and wiped out emotions.  Her eyes capture a horse painting on the wall and knew she must be in her grandfather’s room.  Inch by inch she viewed the walls and felt the blue velvet cover on the bed with her finger tips.  She tries to sit up when a pain so great racked her body to shake.  She grunts and finds her mere breathing caused her to exploded in agony.  Her hands went to the source of injury and felt the bindings around her torso. She whispers to her self what the hell happen and how she got in her father’s bed in the first place.  Celeste is about to turn her head in fear when she hears a light snore next to her.  She turns her head to the right and spots Westin sleeping with a book open on his lap.  “Hum,” she mumbles out and waits for the spinning in her head to stop before gathering herself once more.  Her hand slowly goes up to her face and feels the swelling of her left side.  All of a sudden the memories of what happened in the rain flooded her mind.  She takes the time to look under the covers and finds herself naked as a Jay bird, “Son of Bitch,” she murmured.  “Hello sleeping beauty good to have you back in the living,” Westin commented in a loving note.



“Come on baby wake up!”


Westin was flying high on cloud nine driving to Celeste’s home.  Several times he had gotten lost to find the farm home nestled in the woods and off the beaten path of drivers.  Westin almost gave up finding her place when he thought he passed the house by in the pouring rain.  He came to a screeching halt on the wet road and flipped his head back to see the large barn he remembered. He is about to put his auto in reverse when a large black animal blocked his path of travel. “What the hell is that a small horse?” he barks out and squints his eyes to get a better view through the pouring rain.  He turns his wipers on faster to move the rain off his windshield when he sees a dog shivering with fear in the middle of the roadway. Westin puts his car in park and opens his door.  The dog immediately ran back to Celeste’s home.  Westin got into his auto and turned the American made muscle car around.  He spots the large animal run for the safety of the barn when he pulls into the water logged driveway.  “Shit how the heck am I going to get,” Westin stopped in mid sentence when he finally sees a body beside the porch in the mud.  “Celeste,” he yells out.  The young man bolts out of his car and runs through the ankle deep water and drops to his knees besides the drenched body. “What the hell woman happened here?” He turns her over and sees the angry bruise on her left side of the face from hitting the porch’s steps.  “Celeste, Celeste wake up!” Westin yelped out. Without waiting for a responds Westin stands up and opens the front door, he picks the soaking wet girl up like a rag doll in his strong arms.  In a matter of seconds Westin races with the cowgirl in his arms to the living room and gently places Celeste on the brown leather sofa.

Without hesitation the young buck stripped off her wet coat to see if any other damage could be seen.  Celeste is as wet as a noodle lying on the couch comatose to the world with wet muddy hair plastered everywhere, he takes his time to peel away her hair to get a closer view of her face. The next step he had to take is disrobing the girl out of  her clothing.  He takes a few precious moments to take inventory of her man cave.  Westin leaves her side and opens a door adjacent to the living room.  The lush blue room feels like royalty to Westin when he turns on the light by the king size bed.  He pulls down the blue velvet covering with it’s crisp white sheets and returns to Celeste.  “Whatever you do don’t wake up because I sure in the hell don’t want to be charged with rape,” Westin whispered out as he slowly starts to undress the cowgirl. Celeste mumbles words in Cherokee while Westin begins to unbutton her dirty top.  He can’t make out her language nor does he try when he opens her shirt to expose a pair of firm large breast without a bra.  “Oh Christ, I am not the one who should be doing this,” he softly speaks out staring at her sexy chest.  His eyes begin to wonder and sees a broken rib on her right side, “Son of Bitch what the hell happen to you?”  Westin leaves her side to find the bathroom to get a few towels and wash cloth.  During this time Celeste battled with the demon’s in her head.  She is reliving a horrible dream that plagued the girl since childhood.  She yells out her plight when she is tipped upside down dangling at the top of a spiral staircase by her mother’s hand while massive angry wolves leaped in the air to bite off her head.  Celeste’s hand automatically rises and swings through the air with knife in hand to kill the mean ass boogers before they consumed her. “Be gone you foul creatures,” Celeste demanded to the pack of wolves.  Westin hears her war cries and runs into the living room with medical supplies in his arms to witness the cowgirl animation.  He drops everything on the floor and runs to her side, “Come on baby wake up!”  Only she did not, she thrashed her hand in the air above her head screaming out foul words in battlement.  Westin’s eyes widen in fear hearing her replicate a wolf sound.  “God in heaven what the hell is happening inside the girl’s brain?”  It takes a few moments for the heat to die down inside her mind when the cowgirl whimpers out for her mother to stop dangling her and save her sorry ass; he realizes the girl is reliving something that was evil she had endured in the past.  The only thing he could think of doing is to speak to her in a sweet cooing tone.  It takes the boy over an hour to rock her back to reality and quiets the cowgirl down so he could polish the girl up before putting her into a clean bed.  The next step he takes is to peel her wet jeans off from her lower half.  If the cowgirl was awake and fully aware of what Westin was about to do too her, she too wouldn’t fight the man off; but would relish in the art of a man taking off her pants for the first time in her life.


“You and you’re God stuff, for the life of me I don’t know why you believe in him.”


Evening time was approaching when Celeste decided to risk returning to her house in the rain.  After splitting wood in the barn during the inclement weather she longed for a hot bath to soak her aches away.  She turns off the lights and begins to look for the dog, “Let’s go dog so I can close up shop,” she demanded from the black homeless canine.  The dog didn’t move from underneath Henry’s machine when she called out, Celeste shrugged her shoulders and left the door cracked open enough for him to escape.  Celeste walked in baby steps in the pouring rain to her house as her water boots sunk deeper into the moist gooey mud, “Fudge a muck,” she spit out in frustration while she pulled up on each one of her legs to help unstuck her boots.  The sky cracked a loud threatening lightening bolt across the dark heavens when Celeste jumped in surprise and lost her footing.  She had nothing to hold onto when she tumbled forward out of her stuck boots in the mud, and face planted it in the dark wet goo.  “Grrrrr…” she roared out loud pounding her fist in the wet substance and picked her muddy self up with speed.  She high tailed it barefooted and left her boots stuck in the mud as she ran for the safety of the porch.  It took a matter of seconds for Celeste to reach her staircase when she begins to climb the concrete up grade.  She is on her third stair when her heavily muddy feet lost their grip causing the cowgirl to slid down in fast motion scraping her shin against the rock.  Celeste screamed out in agony and couldn’t move her body from the intensity of pain that enveloped her leg.  She slowly knelt on the wet surface and position herself with her palm of hands holding up her body from touching the concrete as the rain poured down off the yawning of the porch and slammed against her back.  She takes a few deep breathes to get her composure.  The cowgirl tries to use her throbbing leg, but when she gives the leg weight she ended up screaming out in pain once again.  She stops and takes a deep breath to suck it up and forge onward holding onto her breath to complete her task.   Celeste had no idea what the hell happened next when the wind was instantly knocked out of her lungs from a heavy blow to the ribs and sent her flying sideways.  With great force her left side of her face hammered onto the wet concrete staircase, and the last thing she remember before passing out was the feel of rain drops splashing upon her face.

It has been over several weeks since he seen the blonde half breed.  Just the mere thought of seeing the cowgirl tonight sent tingling sensations to his sense to come alive with a smile.  After a lengthy private conversation with Peter his adopted brother about Celeste, Westin made the boy pinky swear he would never tell anyone where he was off too.  Peter was full of smiles to hear that Westin was in hot pursuit of the cowgirl affections.  He firmly scolded his older brother to walk with kit gloves with the half breed just because she is someone very special in this world.  Westin gives his brother a confused gaze.  “Westin I mean it she is not to be taken lightly, God told me see will guide me to heaven.”  Peter started to cough, Westin put a stop to their conversation immediately from up setting his brother further and gave the boy a drink of water.  “You and you’re God stuff, for the life of me I don’t know why you believe in him.”  The golden blonde hair blue eye boy sat up in his bed with dark rings around his eyes holding his cup of water.  Westin sees the tears forming ready to burst forth from the little sick man’s eyes, and quietly speaks out, “Don’t do that either, don’t cry because you know I can’t handle your deep thinking and spiritual hocus pocus belief’s.”  “One day Westin you’re going to change your mind and learn that God is great.  Now go and see our cowgirl before Candice comes home,” Peter softly informed his brother in a sad note.  “Our cowgirl?  When did she become our cowgirl?” Westin smiled at his weak brother.  “Since I saw her first and have to share her with you.”  Westin ruffled up his bed head, “Give me some time to feel the girl out to see if she is worthy of my brother’s loyalty.”  Peter immediately mistook his words and hissed out, “Don’t touch her like that Westin, you’re not suppose too.  She has someone watching over her that is strong in force. I know its something else besides the work of God that protects her.  I swear I saw someone else in her eyes when she mounted that horse like a kindred spirit to that mustang.  I believe she will take you for a ride instead of you taking her for a ride.  You can’t treat her like your other girlfriends, she is different than the others brother please I beg you.”   Westin took note how serious his little brother warned him and chuckled out feeling odd.  “Don’t get your shirt tails in a ruffle little man I didn’t mean it that way. You are a wise soul beyond my understanding, but you only saw the girl once at a rodeo.  And who in the hell taught you the birds in the bees?” Westin sternly requested.  “I did,” Peter and Westin’s mother called out.  “What are you two talking about?”  She gives her boys a firm flip of the lip.  It was Westin’s cue to leave the minute his mother walked into Peter’s room.  “Nothing mom, I was jazzing him about kissing a girl.”  Westin gave his brother a wink and kissed his mother, “See ya later mom I’m going back into town maybe to play some pool with the boys.”  “Be careful son and don’t drink and drive please.  You’ve been doing great staying sober would hate to see you blow it.”  Westin hugs his mother dearly and squeezes her more tightly than usual.  “I love you mom you’re the best mother a man can have.”  She thumps him with a few light taps on his shoulder with her finger and kicks him out of Peter’s room for the night.


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“Dear God I ain’t never seen such a poltroon in all my life; especially one as whooping in mammoth size crawl on the floor.”


The powerful storm wreaked it’s avenges upon the earth in full force all night long and into the next morning when Celeste woke up to a whiner under the table, and the house was black as night.  It took the girl a few moments to get out of bed to begin her day cooped up in her farm house with a mysterious animal under the table.  “Well I see ya made it through the night boy.  Are ya willing to go outside to take a leak, cause I sure in the hell don’t want ya pee peeing on my floor,” Celeste bent down to view the shivering mutt under her kitchen round table.  The monstrous critter is black except for his yellow eyes and a white patch on his chest.  She whistles out loud in amazement to see the beast’s long legs and big head that was bigger than her own.  “Where in the hell did you come from boy?” the cowgirl requested.  The dog replied with a whine and peeked at the girl with his shy fearful eyes.  She carefully stretches out a hand for him to smell.  The dog shied away instantly.   “Okay, let me make some coffee and then we will go out to feed my critters if ya like.”  She places a bowl of water under the table for him to lap up while she drank her cup of warm brew, and walked around the kitchen cleaning the large room up for the day.   Celeste puts on her rain gear and boots to head outside into the storm to do her chores for the morning.  She opens the door and begins to coast the dog out from under the table, “Let’s go boy.”  The dog whines out his dislike of leaving his safe haven, “Dude ya got to go and do your business.”  The pair stare at each other for a few moments, she started to encourage the dog in a sweet relaxing tone only he would not listen to the human.  After precious minutes ticked by she opts to leave him under the table, and begins to leave her home out the front door.  The minute she is about to walk out, the dog rushed passed her like a speeding bullet while smashing her body against the door with a loud bang. “Son of Bitch mutt calm your bad self down,” she ripped out to the fleeing dog who instantly disappeared in the down pour of rain.

It took all of Celeste’s might to master the muddy earth without slipping in the mess to get to the barn.  She stays in the humongous shelter for over an hour grooming the faithful paint draft horse Chief until he gleamed with loving care.  “Well Chief I do believe we will be having an addition to our odd family.”  Celeste after speaking out her thoughts to her horse scanned the barn for any signs of the black dog.  The dog hadn’t showed up until later on in the afternoon when the cowgirl sat down on her grandfather’s bench to watch the down pour of rain, and to drink a cup of hot coffee she made out in the barn’s cozy kitchenette.  She views the shy animal with his tail between his legs enter the barn and quickly sped under one of her papa’s machines.  “Hello sir fancy meeting ya again,” she softly spits out with a smile on her lips.  She gives the colossal giant a mull over and speaks out gently, “Glad ya here bud I took out a big elk bone for ya.”  Celeste lifts her body up from her seat and heads to the kitchen in the barn to retrieve the meat she set aside out of the freezer for the animal.  Celeste placed the enormous bone down on the concrete floor next to her seat and waits for the animal to surface.  It takes the yellow belly a while before showing his face.  Celeste busted up with laughter watching the chicken liver crawl towards her on his belly.  “Dear God I ain’t never seen such a poltroon in all my life; especially one as whooping in mammoth size crawl on the floor.”  Her eagle orbs cast a perusal stare at the beast while the black mutt got closer to her.  He gives the cowgirl his attention before snatching the bone away and ponders what to do moving his big head from side to side in examination.  “Go ahead take it, and run ya know ya will.”  The beast licks his chops and stretches his long tongue out to taste the morsel without moving a muscle.  Celeste busted out in light laughter not wanting to scare the dog further. She decides to leave him alone and continues to stare out the barn to watch the rain come down like cats and dogs.  In a matter of minutes she hears the dog chewing away with gusto on the bone, and is satisfied he mastered eating beside her without retreating to his hiding place.  She begins to smile with happiness and sips on her brew while wondering what happen to her G.Q man.

“Westin, I need everything perfect for next years graduation from college.  Do you think these little party makers would be fun?”  Westin didn’t pay attention to his needy girlfriend’s comment after being dragged to a party store; in fact, after meeting the cowgirl he lost his interest in the wealthy’s Cover girl’s beauty.  Every time she opened her mouth to speak, her high pitch voice irritated him to no end, and made him long to hear the mysterious, husky tone of Celeste once again. Sadly, after returning home several days ago his girlfriend was right by his side every waking moment.  He wondered if his nosy sister told on him about kissing another woman to cause the girl a hint of jealousy; because lately Sandra would not leave him alone.  “Westin, where the hell is your head at?”  Sandra spits out her anger at her man.  Westin blinks out of his lusty thoughts of Celeste and gives his girl the attention she is asking for.  “Hum I think they’re fine,” he offered quickly looking at the sparkling pin wheels.  Sandra gave him a nasty glance and blurted out, “You ass, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.  These wheels are for kids not my party.”  She thumps her foot several times on the floor while giving an evil eye at Westin.  Westin recovers and scowls at his long brown hair maiden with her pretty painted face, “Jesus God girl your damn party is next year not around the fucking corner.”  Sandra didn’t have time to respond when Westin turned his back on her and barked out, “Let’s go, I have things to do.”   Flabbergasted Sandra followed behind her man and began to poke at him to encourage yet another fight between the lovers.  Westin opened the door to leave the store and failed to keep the door open for Sandra while he proceeded to stomp his way through the rain to his 1968 yellow Fire-bird with Sandra yelling out for all to hear her woes.  He gets into his car and starts the mighty engine up bound and determined to drop the heifer off at her home so he could visit the beautiful Celeste.




“Oh goodnight is that a dog I see in the clouds,”


For several days the cowgirl stripped her grandfather’s bedroom  from dust and misuse.  She stood quietly viewing the clean room without her papa and said a silent prayer of missing him dearly.  Afterwards she closed the door and went to the kitchen to make her self dinner.  She hears the thunder rolling in when the electrical system blinked out of the house.  Darkness filled the large farm house as the cowgirl lit her candles to shed light in her home.  Since there was no electric she opts to make a Chicken salad sandwich and heads out to her porch to relax after her full day of cleaning to watch the skies change for the evening.  “Oh goodnight is that a dog I see in the clouds,” she spoke out to no one but her self as she sat in her chair gazing over the unforeseen event in the sky.  In a matter of second the sky blacken and thundered out a beastly boom.  Celeste felt the earth shake from its quake.  She gazes out into the woods and worries about the scaredy cat dog. “Come boy,” she bellowed out.  To her amazement the animal presented himself on the outer edge of the woods shivering from fear.  Her eyes opened wide to see the massive beast show himself.  “Shit he’s huge,” Celeste whispered out.  She watches the debate the dog was displaying trying to decide if he wanted to come near the cowgirl or not.  “Make a decision buddy its all up to you,” Celeste offered the fearful dog.

Another loud crack of sound thundered throughout the skies when the dog jumped forward and ran towards Celeste’s porch.  The cowgirl sits in astonishment watching the beast decide to run for cover or join Celeste on her porch.  “You’re more than welcome to sit beside me without restriction if ya want,” she offered the nervous dog. It didn’t take long for the dog to take her up on her offer when a down pour of rain began to drench the shivering mutt.  She takes note the black dog is part Labrador and possible great Dane mixture when he leaped onto the porch and cowered behind her chair.  Celeste smiles and stays still in her chair hearing his whimper of cries behind her.  “Ya poor little bugger you’re too big to be a puss.”  She sits her other half of sandwich down on the wooden floor for the beast to eat, but the dog didn’t touch the food.  Celeste doesn’t move from her spot an allows the mutt to get somewhat comfortable behind her chair.  She begins to chat about anything and everything to the dog; however, the dog never spoke back and stayed in his safe shelter behind the cowgirl.  An hour passed them by when Celeste thought of Westin.  It had been a few days since the last she heard from the handsome man.  To her it didn’t matter if he showed up or not.  She was use to having people come and go in her life, so in order not to think about the playful hunk she kept herself busy throughout her days of loneliness.

She yawns and feels ready to go to bed, she cast her orbs on the uneaten sandwich and lifts herself off the chair to go into the house to sleep the evening away.  “Come boy let’s go into the house where you can feel safe from the storm.”  She doesn’t wait for an answer while she opens the door.  Right on clue the thunder boomed out again causing the dog to zip pass Celeste and almost knocking the girl off her feet trying to get inside her house for safety.  “Jesus boy ya lucky ya didn’t take me out.”  The dog ran in fear and found safety under the kitchen’s round table.  She closed her door with a smile on her lips thinking the dog has come into her life for a reason, and headed to her room with the scaredy cat dog resting under her table till the early morning light.


“Hot diggity dog I’m going to meet a real live cowgirl like God told me I would.”


Westin walked through his quiet dark house straight to the kitchen to down a glass of milk with a smile upon his lips.  He finishes his drink and heads to his bedroom in silence.  “Westin is that you?” a small voice whispered out.  Westin stopped in his tracks before passing by his little brother’s room.  He hated walking into the twelve year old’s room knowing the little man who he adored more than life was dying of Tuberculosis. “How you doing tonight little buddy?”  The tiny blonde hair blue eye boy smiled at Westin when his big brother walked into his room.  In a weak voice the little boy asked his question to his big brother.  “Did you catch him brother?”  Westin nodded no with a happy grin upon his lips, and sat down beside the sick boy, “Nope I was too late.  Seems a girl got our trout before us.”  Peter’s eyes widen in surprise an asked the question in a soft tone, “No way do you mean to tell me your girlfriend caught our slimy bugger.  I thought she didn’t like fishing.” Westin lit up with love and nodded his head no.  Peter gave his brother a thoughtful gaze.  “You’re in love Westin, tell me about her,” the sick boy inquired urgently. For the rest of the night Westin filled Peter into the story about the girl he met. “You remember the pretty girl who we saw at the rodeo one year come out of the bleachers of people to ride that wild mustang?”  Peter immediately said yes, “Well buddy I do believe you might get you’re wish to meet the cowgirl!”  Peter was tickled pink, and sat up to hear about the girl he thought was brave and crazy for taking on a wild equine in front of the crowd.  Many lonely evenings Peter laid in his bed dreaming about meeting the girl who stole his heart at the local rodeo with her wild and dangerous life as a cowgirl.  In fact the little boy fantasized about riding on a horse with the magnificent beauty one day, but knew it was wishful thinking because of his sickness.   Westin’s heart melts to hear his adopt brother brighten up with the news.  “See I told you I am going to meet her one day.  God wouldn’t lie to me Westin!”  Westin ruffles his brother’s blonde hair up and said, “You were right Peter, she is a half breed.  Wait till you hear her dialect its really strange and sexy.  She has a twang of the South mixed in with a hint of Scottish, and to make things more interesting about the girl; she carries a soft sound of Native American language when she pronounces some of her words.  Really quite fascinating to hear her unusual husky tone standing next to her.  Check this out dude, she also has one eye that is gold like the sunshine of the sun, and the other is emerald in color.  The only flaw I witnessed in the girl is she’s a hermit in life and extremely shy around people.  Yet she can be unpredictable like a pistol ready to blow and do serious damage to a person who threatens her.  And if that don’t beat all, you should see what she can do with a slingshot.”   Peter began to cough out loud,  he covered his mouth with this weak hand and instantly laid back down on his pillow.  “Keep talking please I want to hear more.  Does she have a family?”  Peter choked out.   Westin poured his brother a glass of water beside his bed side and helped his buddy to drink.

“Peter don’t get worked up, it’s not good for you.  We can finish this conversation in the afternoon when I return home from work,” Westin tenderly stated to his brother.  “Yes time for bed Peter,” their father joined his boy’s in Peter’s bedroom as the early morning light presented itself through Peter’s window.  “Dad, Westin met her,” Peter announced with excitement.  “Met who son?” the father requested from Westin.  “The cowgirl remember,” Peter blurted out answering for Westin. Westin beams with joy to see his brother get excited about the cowgirl.  “Awe dad I can’t sleep I’m too excited to know more about the girl,” the little boy begged.  “No son it’s time to rest, and Westin you must get ready for work.”  Westin stood up off Peter’s bed and bent down to kiss his brother’s forehead.  “Sleep buddy I’ll see ya later today.”  Peter couldn’t be anymore happier to hear he would finally get to met the cowgirl of his dreams.  He blurted out in glee, “Hot diggity dog I’m going to meet a real live cowgirl like God told me I would.”  Westin and his father gawked at each other for a second speechless.  Westin cast his loving orbs onto his brother and marveled to hear the little boy woo about the cowgirl with hope.  It broke Westin’s heart staring at the brave little man, he gave his brother a wink with his eye and left the room to prepare for duty.

In the mean time Celeste sat on her porch watching the morning rays cast its glory upon her skin. She rocked in her chair while eating home-made brownies and coffee for breakfast wrapped up in a quilt for warmth her grandmother made long ago before her passing on this earth.  “Good morning father sun, I thank you for yet another day upon this earth to bask into your warm rays.”  After dropping off Westin, the cowgirl struggled to go to bed; so she decided to spend the rest of her night rocking herself away thinking about her life until the sun shone its brilliance.  She feels beautiful for the second time in her life having met the wild buck Westin when the rays lighten up her dark world with joy.  The day is windless with a bite of cold in the air.  She leans her head back upon the head rest of her chair and speaks out softly, “Mother Earth is this why I am to stay here on the farm to met this man?”  She feels no change in the air when asking her question to her spiritual mother.  She waits a while longer before lifting her body off the chair to attack her grandfather’s bedroom to clear most of his belongings away to make way for a library.  She feels odd when walking into her cozy farm house and turns her attention on the woods before closing the door to begin her sad task.  “Soon you will trust me dog,” she spoke out to herself while staring at the huge large black dog who was trying to keep him self hidden from the cowgirl’s eagle eyes.  She bats her eyes away from her target, and returns to begin her busy day of cleaning up her deceased grandfather’s bedroom.




“Kiss Kiss hot stuff,”


Celeste is beside herself with nervous energy while feeding her animals for the evening meal.  Over an over again she filtered the possibility of having someone enter her wild world of loneliness.  “I’m unsure to have someone in my life Chief, I’m no good an others do not understand me. I was such a jerk to that boy, do I dare to try to let someone care for me or take a chance to find out what it feels like to love another?”  She made a soft comment to her equine friend an added, “He’s hot my boy, I wonder if he is a good kisser?”  Chief didn’t response as he happily ate his fill of hay.  She gives him a pat on the neck and left the horse to find out if Westin high tailed it off her property just because of her bad attitude.  She left an opening to her barn encase the animal who hid in the woods would return for his dinner she laid out for him, and returned to the fire pit to see if the man left.   The minute she rounded the corner of the barn she spots Westin finishing the deed of plucking the pheasant.  “Nice job city boy, I guess there is hope for ya.”  Westin lifts his handsome features up to the cowgirl, and gives her a breathtaking grin.  “Yeah, I do have some skills that are useful.”  Celeste smiles at the stud muffin and sits down on the log to help him out if need be.  She focuses on his strong hands as he plucked off the last of the feathers.  “I’m sorry for being a bitch to you sir.  I’m not use to being around people, so will you forgive me?”  Westin set the bird down on a log and stood up to face the cowgirl.  “How about you and I start all over again.  Hello my name is Westin, and yours my lady?”  Celeste giggled and blushed deeply red, she stood up an extended her hand out in greeting without looking at Westin.  “Nice to meet you Westin my name is Celeste.”  Their hands touch for a split second, Celeste jumped a little bit to feel his sexual energy course through her body like a fire rocket zooming up in the skies.  She shakes her head out of her confusion when Westin spoke out, “Yea, I felt it too.”

For the first time the cowgirl takes off her hat and lets the stranger see all of her.  Westin’s lips spread with delight to see the earthy girl for the first time.  He watches her take a nervous hand to brush her hair away from her face to expose her two different eye color.  They stand together quietly checking each other out.  “Your beautiful more than I can express.  Are you a Native American Indian?” he spoke out in a soft tone.  Celeste almost flinched but stayed firm footed as Westin takes a step closer when asking his question.  “I’m a half breed as y’all call us, I’m half Cherokee and Scottish.”  Westin scrunches up his brow in quick thought and speaks out with a excitement.  “You’re the girl who rode that bucking bronco at the rodeo a few years back.”  Celeste nodded her head yes an instantly remembers the passing of her grandfather after the rodeo.  Her eyes dip down to the ground in sadness.  Westin felt the change and tries to recover his mistake before he lost her once again.  “I didn’t mean to upset you, but I think we can talk more about each other while this bird cooks and the fish I long to taste.”  She gives the boy a smile and nods yes.

The pair made a smashing good meal over the camp fire.  Celeste marvels how cool the boy turned out to be.  Their conversation was filled with joy, laughter and excitement learning about each other until the wee hours of the morning.  However, Celeste didn’t tell him everything about her, she was just happy to talk to another an experience a stimulating union of two very different people coming together.  And before each of them knew it the time flew pass quickly when Westin rises and states, “I better start heading home if I am to arrive in the morning. I have to go to work.”  Celeste stood up, “I’ll take ya home since ya rode on my horse here.”  Westin smiles and nods in agreement. Celeste enters her farm home without Westin and grabs her truck keys.  She is full of happiness when she is about to slide into the Dodge truck and Westin opens her truck door for her.  She starts the engine and watches the young man open the passenger door.  They smile at each other and begin their track homeward bound to Westin’s home.  “We haven’t spoke about your family Westin, do you have one?”  Westin tells all about him being adopted into a great family, “I have one adopted bother and a sister who is their natural born daughter.”  Celeste listens to the young man’s story about misbehaving and the turmoil he caused in his younger years, and before she knew it she was pulling into his long dirt driveway.  “Thank you Westin for a great evening, I hope me keeping you up most of the night won’t hinder you from doing your job properly.”  Westin wants to kiss the girl but is afraid his nosy sister Candice would capture the cozy love scene.  Celeste can feel him deliberate in his mind what to do, instead she stretched out her hand and gives him a shake.  “Goodbye City boy, thanks for a great night.”  Westin slides out of the passenger side of the truck and walks around the front of her truck.  Celeste rolled down her window and smiled at the hunk.  Westin reacted on a dime and decided to give up trying to fight to plant a kiss upon the girl.  He carefully moves his large hand towards Celeste’s back of her furry mop and moves her head close to his dipping head to tenderly kiss her lips.  And when they separated Westin commented, “Thanks cowgirl, hope to see ya around again.”  Celeste nodded yes with her head and is totally humming with exuberant wonder from his dynamite kiss.  He touches her nose with a finger and turns around to head into his dark family’s home.  Celeste watches him enter his home and states to herself out loud, “Kiss Kiss hot stuff,” and turns the truck around to head back to her lonely headquarters with a glee in her heart.



“I warned you dude, don’t touch me!”


Celeste wiggled in her saddle with uneasy feelings while Westin held on to her waist the whole way home.  Westin marveled at the cowgirl’s firm body while he sat behind the wild thing after singing his song with happiness.  He could have sworn he heard a giggle come out of the girl from the silly song he sang out loud for all to hear.  He quietly took a deep breath to remember her intoxicating earth scent, and felt his man member rise to the occasion.  He shakes his wicked thoughts out of his head and begins to caress her rocking hips with his thumbs.  He wants to bust out with laughter when Celeste once again straighten her back from his touch.  “Cowgirl how old are you?”  Celeste finally spoke to the boy behind her, “I’m eighteen and you?” she replied with cracks in her nervous voice.  “I’m twenty-two,” Westin included.  Westin is about to venture onward with his investigation of the young lady when she stopped her horse and blew a shush to the noisy man.  Westin comes alert when Celeste slid off the horse and quickly grabbed her slingshot.  “Wow,” he barks out.  “Shush…your mouth loud boy,” she instantly demanded from the man.  Westin’s eyes widen in wonder as he catches a glimpse of her two different color orbs ready to hunt with her slingshot. Celeste is gathering the scent of foul hiding from the couple and when she spots a small head pop up and down from it’s hiding place, she is about to let the marble fly with speed from the slingshot when the damn boy spoke up.  “What the hell ya doing girl?”  Celeste spun around and gave the boy a nasty glance and hears the bird escaping.  Fast as lightening the huntress spins around, and lets her object fly out of the protective fold of her slingshot with intense speed that dropped Westin’s jaw in awe.  He watches a pheasant fly in the air a few hundred yards from where they stood, and drops down instantaneously from his flight to escape the cowgirl’s slingshot.  “Holy crap your ferocious with that weapon!” Celeste doesn’t give the city slicker a chance to see her smile behind her back and heads toward her kill.

The earth girl walks away from the chitter chatter of the man’s excitement without responding, and when close to her prey she spots a pair of gold eyes hiding in the shadows of the woods.  The scared animal quickly flees the stare of the huntress when she takes a step closer to the pheasant.  She picks up the pheasant and snaps his head with a twist of her hand. Westin widens his all seeing eyes at the sight of how beastly the girl presented her self, and watches her inviting hips swing to her step while carrying the dead foul towards the horse and passenger.  “Sweet mother of Mary girl you’re one not to toy with that weapon.”  Celeste doesn’t give the boy her attention and whistles to Chief to follow her home while Westin slid off the rump of the horse to join the walking cowgirl.  “Do you always hunt like this woman?”  Celeste nods yes silently to the height of the six feet two stud and continues to walk while taking short scans of the dark woods.  “Do you see another?”  Celeste stops and gives the young man her attention, “You talk too much city slicker.”  Westin doesn’t know what he’s in for when he places his hand on her shoulder to stop the girl to give her a gaze.  Celeste bends down with speed and pulls her grandfather’s knife out of her boot and dares the man to touch her again. “I warned you dude, don’t touch me!”  Westin’s eyes once again widen but in fear she would cut his pecker off if he instigated her further. “Holy crap girl your a walking weapon store!” Westin bellowed out with astonishment.   Westin followed the quiet girl through the woods until they arrived at her farm home.  He sees the beauty of the land and large home she lives in and makes another comment.  “Where’s you’re family?”  Celeste dropped the bird by the fire pit and begins to make a fire.  Afterwards she heads toward the barn with the man following behind her.  Westin tries again to ask the question but before he could say a word the cowgirl answers, “I have no family.”  Westin knows he hit a sore spot with the half breed and tries to make amends, “I can pluck that bird if ya want me too?”  Celeste gives the man a glance and melts like hot butter on toast when she sees the hot pepper of a stud lean against the fence.  It takes all her energy to turn her orbs away from the cowboy’s sexy equipment while acting nonchalant and gives him a reply, “That would be great thank you while I put Chief in the barn and feed my other critters.”  Westin smiles at the lonely maiden as she instantly left him to do her chores for the evening.  His body is tingling with hope and desire for this woman as he chuckled and whistled a tune upon his juicy lips.