“If ya can only see me papa, I look like a real lady.” Her skin crawls in goose bumps when she felt the presence of a spirit enter the garage.


“Joyce she won’t look into the mirror, I don’t understand her behavior.  Most girls would die at the chance to see themselves transformed, but she will not even let me show her how fabulous she looks,” the make-up Artist whispered to her Stream Stress friend Joyce for support. Celeste sat in her chair refusing to let Catherine show her what she looked like in the little hand mirror.  Several times the Artist tried to coast the cowgirl to view; however, Celeste batted the mirror away just in time before catching a glimpse of herself.  Joyce replied back to her friend in confidence, “Cat, have patience the girl has never been introduced to ladies fashion’s. Can’t you see the girl is a woodsman and probably has grown up with men.”  Catherine nodded silently in agreement as she glances at the taxidermy animal heads hanging in the large man cave.  Catherine begin to worry about the dress Joyce picked out for Celeste.  “Okay, its my turn lets hope she won’t refuse this dress; because I do believe it will fit her too a tee!”

Joyce enters the kitchen with authority while Catherine stands by, and notes Celeste is at the sink drinking a glass of water, “Are you ready to at least see the dress I have chose for you?”  Celeste pivots her body around and becomes extremely nervous looking at the pair of ladies.  She sits her empty glass down on the counter an approaches the Stream Stress with her fluffy white robe on.  “I’m trying to be a good sport and I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but I can’t handle all this girly shit.  I don’t know what the heck Mr. Spencer was thinking asking you ladies here to bare my unnatural wrath; but I’m sorry I have never been around Miss Prissy junk before to enjoy the painted world of make believe women.”  Joyce’s heart melted and becomes motherly over Celeste not growing up without a mother to guide her, she gives the cowgirl a smile and said softly, “I would like you to think of this session as a life changing moment being a young woman for one night.  Do you think you can handle a few more minutes of being fussed over?” Celeste feels ashamed for giving the ladies a hard time and nods yes with her head.  Joyce immediately leaves the kitchen and returns with the cowgirl’s dress.

Celeste’s jaw hits the floor the minute she lays eyes upon the airy white long chiffon dress with dragonflies embossed on the material. Joyce relishes in the surprise reaction from the country bumpkin, Catherine yelps out in delight instantly. “Stunning, oh dear in heaven, Joyce this dress is by far the best I have seen from your collection perfect choice don’t you agree little one?”  Carefully the cowgirl approaches the dress, she is given a closer look at the creative dress’s beauty.  She wants to touch it but is afraid to reach her arm out. “Go on touch it Celeste it won’t bite you,” Joyce lightly stated with a smile on her lips. The ladies watch the half breed caress the fabric and marvels over the imprint of the little insect.  “Come lets try it on,” Joyce encouraged Celeste with kit gloves.

Without thinking Celeste obeyed and dropped her robe on the floor to climb into the pretty dress just this one time.  The ladies blush at the fact she could careless about showing her nudity to strangers.  Celeste gives the ladies a glance with a smile, and waits for Joyce to unzip the back of the dress for her to slither into. Catherine’s intake of air captured the cowgirl’s attention as Joyce zips the back of the strapless chiffon dress.  The dress fits her body perfectly leaving the viewer’s eyes to wonder the shape of her body underneath the elegant evening gown. Catherine immediately jumps in and arranges her long locks of curls around her body, and dabs a pale pink lip gloss upon Celeste’s lips.  The ladies step back and observe their greatest make-over, while Celeste is dumbfounded and speechless how comfortable the dress fit her.

“Do you have a full length mirror my dear,” Catherine whisper out to Celeste.  She nods no and is interrupted by Joyce, “Yes I saw one in the garage when I came through the back way.  Its pretty dusty, but I am sure we can clean it up just for this one time, would you agree to this Celeste?” The half breed agrees, and before she knew it she was standing in front of a Stand Up mirror looking at her image.  Catherine and Joyce stand by with tears in their eyes, glorifying in the first-time beauty of Celeste changing into a lady. There were no words spoken by Celeste as she stands and stares at herself in disbelief.  Joyce gives her wrist watch a glare and realizes they are late for the next victim. The ladies approach Celeste looking into the mirror at herself, Celeste spots them coming into the mirror and gives the ladies a breathtaking smile.

“Thank you my ladies for putting up with my bad manners, I like the earthy dress a lot and you do impeccable work Joyce with a needle and thread,” Celeste commented to the Stream Stress in the mirror without turning her head.  Joyce returned the smile and stated, “We must go Catherine we are running late for the next lady.”  Celeste turns around giving each woman a strong bear hug, and lightens up her strength when she heard their grunts of wind being squeezed out of them.  She follows them into the kitchen to retrieve their goods, and stops to praise the make-up Artist.  “Catherine I thank you for not painting my face with many colors, just to let you know since I was a little girl I hated looking at myself in the mirror because of my difference, but today you taught me I clean up good.”  Catherine and Joyce chuckled at the hickey pat on the back Celeste ranted out.

After Joyce zipped up her garment bag she grabbed a pair of flat white ballet slippers to go with Celeste’s dress. Mr. Spencer had warned Joyce the cowgirl had never worn high heels before, so Joyce chose a simple version to go with her dress.  She hands them over to Celeste who is cleaning up after the ladies.  “Here you are dear the finishing touch to your dress, I do hope you don’t cancel tonight for I have been told you have earned the right to celebrate the walk of life as an adult. One more thing Celeste, I do hope you will wear some type of undergarment underneath your dress if you decide to go out and party.”  Celeste smiled with a light blush, and doesn’t make a reply.  How could she tell the women she has already lived an adult life since childhood, she shakes her head out of her thoughts and shows the ladies out while thanking them once again before shutting the front door to her empty house of life.

It takes all her energy after putting on her slippers not to twirl around in circles to watch the dress flutter in motion, she returns to the garage and views herself one more time before taking off the costume, and calling Mr. Spencer to cancel their celebration.  Celeste is taken back how pretty her frame and features are deceiving in the mirror, she utters a silence word to her grandfather while she touches her ringlet long hair do, “If ya can only see me papa, I look like a real lady.”  Her skin crawls in goose bumps when she felt the presence of a spirit enter the garage.  She smiles one last time in the mirror at her self before turning around to call Mr. Spencer. Celeste is stopped by a knock on the door, she gives the kitchen wall clock a glance and sees it is six thirty in the evening.  In princess mode she sweeps softly across the floor on her ballet slippers and giggles at herself for making herself act like a fool while opening the front door to a handsome nervous Charles Spencer.

picture by: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=xmwLmNvvbmR5fM&tbnid=jmTmfOMSA_qJ8M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bmoiselle.com%2F2013%2F03%2Fwhite-gown.html&ei=sSq0U9yDLceTqAaQq4HoCg&bvm=bv.70138588,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNG_MM9DAI8_ofVQifzzkscE6k8OVw&ust=1404402730976885



3 thoughts on ““If ya can only see me papa, I look like a real lady.” Her skin crawls in goose bumps when she felt the presence of a spirit enter the garage.

    1. At times I do Curt, what is so cool about my writing is I find a picture AFTER writing my story for the day. I feel it gives my words the extra added ump to Celeste’s wild and wicked ways. Sometimes I don’t need to find a picture, my daughter draws them for me. She has drawn Celeste for me and my cover page to my book SlingShot. Thank you for stopping by and reading. 😉

    2. Actually I forgot to tell you, the dress was made up in my mind and story long ago, it’s amazing how I found the perfect dress with Dragonflies. After my story I always give the person recognition if I search out for the picture. *wink*

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