She obeyed with eyes open wide before he turned on the rumbling sexy engine, and drove the hot rod like a bat out of hell down the country road with the sole purpose to expose his need for speed.


Mr. Spencer couldn’t move to save his soul as he stood wordless staring at the drop dead angelic humble cowgirl. The pair is both giddy with nerves how to approach each other. Charles tries to speak, but can’t find the words until Celeste smooths out the uneasy feelings between the two with a slapstick statement. “What’s the matter sir, cat gotcha tongue?” Charles recovers and smiles handsomely with a nod yes to his head. She opens the screen door for him to enter so she too can check out the scholar’s new duds. “Mr. Spencer I didn’t know you own a suit and tie, looking pretty hot if I do say so myself.” Charles turns beet red from the cowgirl’s praise and offers her the bouquet of Black Eye Susan daisies. He turns a deeper shade of red as he spoke out, “Congratulations on graduating and Happy eighteenth Birthday.” Celeste is floored, she had no idea he remembered yesterday was her special day. She smells her favorite flowers, and places them in a vase to adore the middle of the round table, and turns her attention to gaze upon the handsome man who use to be her teacher weeks ago.

To Celeste, from head to toe Charles is handsome in his late thirties with his slicked back shoulder length mousy brown hair tied back into a pony tail, while allowing his striking earthy brown eyes to come out of hiding so the public’s eyes can view his manly features. He is the same height as Celeste, but her body is bigger and stronger than the book worm, as Celeste circles round the scholar checking out his black suit and pale yellow tie. “Purr, Mr. Spencer you too clean up good.” Mr. Spencer busted out with laughter, but then sobers up when he recognizes a change in the half breeds attitude. He gives her a inquisitive gawk as she speaks softly, “Thank you sir for calling in the Coast Guard for clean up services. Its nice to be a girl for a change, but one I will not repeat. Its the first time I have worn a dress and it feels spanking good too, and I ain’t wearing high heels either.” Mr. Spencer scans her from head to toe, and agrees the ladies he hired did a bang up job on the earthy girl. He approves silently every penny he spent on Celeste was worth it in the long run. His body is tingling with unknown emotions and feelings he had not experience with another woman in his life time as he stands before the half breed. The pair are quiet with their surveillance upon each other when Charles is bulled dozed over with her instant observation as a huntress hunting her prey while she sizes up and down every inch of his body with her eagle orbs. Electricity charged through his veins when Celeste had the nerve to come close to his face and takes a deep whiff of the air. “Hum, sir you smell deliciously inviting to the senses, are you wearing man spray with a hint of spice?” He blinks his optics several times before he realizes her flirtatious allure was over powering and deadening his common sense.

Celeste burst out with a cheery giggle, her sight twinkled with mischievousness towards the shy, and suddenly out of sorts scholar. Mr. Spencer recovers his high school boy moment and joins in on her contagious laughter of catching him off guard. “Come Celeste we have reservations at a new French Restaurant I would like to sample. I thought to give you a little Culinary Art culture for the evening, you up for it and a little more?” She nodded yes immediately, and picked up her white chiffon Shaw and little pocket purse off the table with her lipstick inside the tiny carrier Catherine the make-up Artist had given her. The minute she steps outside the home her mouth opens wide in shock as she stares at their speedy convertible ride for the evening. “Mr. Spencer I’ve never seen you drive anything but a beat up truck.” Mr. Spencer graciously walks Celeste to the passenger door of his 1958 Cherry Red Corvette Stingray. Celeste smiles richly at the man for being a gentleman opening her door, she sits and lets Charles buckle her seat belt. He explains to her his love of pure American steel on the road as he climbs in without opening his door. Celeste beams brightly watching her teacher show off a different side of him she never knew existed. “If I were you I would take that Shaw and wrap it around your beautiful hair do Celeste, the wind will ruin your golden locks. She obeyed with eyes open wide before he turned on the rumbling sexy engine, and drove the hot rod like a bat out of hell down the country road with the sole purpose to expose his need for speed.

picture by:,d.b2k&psig=AFQjCNHiS1jZSrwboaDdWDPQh4N-KRpU9A&ust=1404488695166826


3 thoughts on “She obeyed with eyes open wide before he turned on the rumbling sexy engine, and drove the hot rod like a bat out of hell down the country road with the sole purpose to expose his need for speed.

  1. Now… “sneakyness” seems contagious ! 😉

    And a 1958 Corvette IS a hell of a nice car. Had a friend having one, never had so scary rides ! LOL

    …Except, maybe in a Dodge Viper 😯

    1. Indeed my delicious Coco HELL of a car the vets ROAR with American muscle. The Viper is lethal and gives the Corvettes a run for its money…. 😉 I have been bless to ride in both, but my favorite is the Veyron Bugatti. I love fast cars…

      1. Arrrggghhh !!! Bugatti !!!! Suuuuperb ! Never tried. Seen one once. 😦

        Now my dear luv, what would u think of a ride in a Koenigsegg Agera R ?

        This is one of my many dreams ! 😛

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