My oasis ;)


What a great LONG day on the 4th I had with super duper friends and lots of FOOD, games, etc.  I simply adore the Northern New Mexico’s beauty and history when I can escape to solitude under a shade of a Juniper tree away from the crowd, and listen to music harmoniously echo off the canyon’s walls from a live band playing, truly a musical experience. Thank you Mother Earth for a BEAUTIFUL day!


5 thoughts on “My oasis ;)

    1. Phil it was marvelous and well needed in merry making to celebrate the 4th of July. This canyon is out of this world, it is said the holes in the rocks is where the Anasazi Indians lived. We have many canyon’s like this and Bandelier Forest housed the Native Indians which still stands today with stories etched into the rocks. To listen to live music and hear it bounce off the rocks in an echo sound is really COOL! Hope you enjoyed your celebration too! 😉

    1. The Central and Southern end you can keep…however, I do like going to see Carlsbad Caverns. The Northern tip is gorgeous with endless beauty and history. Plus great weather except for the winds… Thanks Curt for stopping by….Kiss Kiss

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