Charles is made to stop to hear the lyrics of the lovely song, and confirms he did love her ways and there was no doubt about it.

Celeste is tickled pink and riding on a major high being in Mr. Spencer’s red pride and joy on the road. She feels exuberant and free of all brain works as she sits in the passenger seat of the 1958 Corvette feeling the power of the mighty engine race down the empty road. Mr. Spencer had to take double glances at the beautiful carefree smile upon the cowgirl’s lips. He smiles from ear to ear to witness the beauty of her golden light burst forth that had laid dormant for far too long. Celeste hears his happy chuckle and turns her attention on the handsomely dress scholar with zestful energy. “You like,” Charles inquired with feeling one’s oats. Celeste immediately replies, “I do, I do…can she go faster?” Charles is amazed she is ready to feel the power of the American made engine instead of a horse between her legs. He quickly responds, “We are already going over hundred mph, but if my lady for the night wants more speed then it’s my pleasure to bring it forth.” Celeste busted out with laughter seeing her teacher become a carefree spirit driving his muscle car.

Charles complies, he puts the pedal to the metal and feels the powerful engine performs masterfully with the added gas. Celeste closes her eyes not in fear, but for the sheer power that zooms through her veins. She visualizes flying in the skies as a jet streaming through the air at top speed. She raises her arms up through the topless auto and yelps out her childish glee feeling the air pass her by when she is interrupted by Charles slowing down. She gives him a pouting lip of boohoo, “Sorry to burst your bubble, but were close to town and I think I need to control my bad ass down.” Celeste replies kindheartedly, “Thank you sir for appeasing your lady in waiting. Ya know Charles your hot rod gives me a desire to learn how to fly a plane, hum perhaps one day I shall.” Charles gives his date a smirk of joy an informs her how beautiful she looks tonight once again. She blushes red turning shy upon the Teacher, and finds the nerve to say, “I do declare sir you’re flirting with me,” he takes his eyes off the road for a split second to marvel over the cowgirl’s freedom energy and teasing words. Celeste isn’t looking at her date for the night, she is too busy watching the flat terrain pass them by as Charles takes a chance to scope out her vivacious essence. They’re listening to the radio when a classic seventy tune comes on by Peter Frampton. The song gives perfect timing to slow down their wild energy for speed. This is the first time she hears the beautiful song and listens thoroughly to the lyrics while Charles drives safely.

All day long he had deep theorization about the differences of his student and him self.  He has been with her over five years, and portent in the magnificent person she has become at the age of eighteen; nevertheless she made him think he was rocking the cradle of life.  He realizes she is older in life lessons and held a vast arrange of education than most young girls her age.  So, when he thinks of the differences between the two, her knowledge and one of a kind personality over rides all doubts inside of his brain of wanting to be with the cowgirl; especially, when he hears the song on the radio singing out what he could never speak to Celeste. Nevertheless, their age differences and her lack of exploring the world before she settled down to create her own family; made him second guess his thoughts of wishful thinking of a having a relationship. In the end, he decided to keep his lips tight regarding his words of admiration and desires to examine the half breed’s body any further. One thing was for certain Charles knew deep down in his gut Celeste was deemed for greater things in life than just settling down into family hood at an early age, and he was not going to be the one to rob her in life to experience nor tie her down to her first time relationship between man and woman; because, to him she is the type of gal who is not a piece of ass nor a one night stand for a man. She is everything a man would desire in a woman except for her strong earthy disposition in life to fend for herself, and lack of portraying a soft woman figure. Charles is made to stop to hear the lyrics of  the lovely song, and confirms he did love her ways and there was no doubt about it. He hadn’t given her a reply and finished his deliberations privately driving his hot rod, as Celeste sat peacefully staring out the topless auto until they pulled into a parking lot completing their destination of travel.


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