“So now that you are graduated Celeste, what are your plans for the future?”


Charles Spencer parked his auto and spoke in a firm note to Celeste, “Stay put I will open your door.”  Celeste expresses tenderness as she is released from captivity and given a helping hand to guide her out of the hot rod.  The cowgirl is not use to wearing a dress; especially when the dress didn’t have shoulder or neck straps to ensure the safety of  keeping her girls hidden.  She pivots her long legs out of the opening and steps on the bottom of her material. The minute she tries to stand up she experiences a tug downwards, she catches her mistake in time and lifts her foot off the bottom of her dress’s material; and rises in grace without embarrassment of almost exposing her breast, and then raises her eyelids in horror flashing on she wore no underwear underneath the chiffon gown.  Charles felt her awkward hesitation, “I know its hard for you to understand in a night time how to wear a dress, but take your time and let me help, or you just might find yourself face planting it on the ground.”  She nodded her head in serious agreement, and stepped away from the auto.  She immediately is thankful she is not wearing high heels to add to her role playing of being a lady for the night.  It takes her a few odd moments to adjust her dress while remembering the advice Catherine the make-up Artist spoke to her about.  Charles feels her uneasiness how to manipulate herself in a dress, he offers his arm for her to take to give her added comfort of not embarrassing herself further. Celeste gives him a confused smirk and states, “I can do this sir by myself.”  Mr. Spencer replies softly, “Celeste I am being a gentleman and offering you a guiding hand.” She feels vulnerable being at the mercy of a man for the first time in her life, and is unsure what to do. Charles takes the chance and carefully takes hold of her strong sweaty palms into his soft labor hands, and absorbs the nervous cowgirl’s energy.  “I’m here and won’t let you fall.  I can’t imagine how tough being a lady can be for the first time, but Celeste take baby steps and together we can master the task in harmony.”  She gives him a skittish lip curl and scrunches up her brows.  “Together just you and me,” Mr. Spencer encourages his student into easiness with his charming grin, and soft spoken voice.

Its taking all of Charles energy not to pull the confused and naive cowgirl towards him to kiss her.  He closes the distance between him and student as they both stood facing each other eye to eye.  Silent moments ticked pass the couple standing in the parking lot.  Celeste changes her nervous stance when she experiences Charles need to kiss her, she takes a hesitant step forward closing the gap of air between the two.  Instantly Mr. Spencer reddens, Celeste giggles out how silly the two must look standing in a parking lot all gussied up and feeling nervous as all hell.  She breaks up the tension and states, “Okay sir together we can do this right?”  Charles orbs twinkle and broadens his grin showing his perfect sparkling white teeth.  They begin their walk slow and careful towards the Restaurant holding on to each other. They are greeted by a lovely young lady with blonde hair neatly groomed into a bun showing off her green dreamy eyes with multiple freckles on her creamy white cheeks. “Good evening sir do you have reservation,” the hostess requested as she took a double take on the gorgeous Celeste. “Spencer for two,” Charles responded with a smile.  Celeste feels the scrutiny of the hostess, she cast her eyes upon the floor to further no communication.  Mr. Spencer squeezes her hand giving her reinsurance as they follow the hostess to their table.

The charming restaurant is beautiful inside as Celeste takes note of her surroundings and the delicious scent of food cooking.  They are seated inside a lovely garden solarium next to a water fall that fed into a little pond of  fish decorated by various variety and colors of Orchids.  The cowgirl opens her mouth in awe as she marvels over the splendor of beauty as Mr. Spencer pulls out her seat to sit upon.  She sits down and stares into the water watching the orange and white fish swim lazy around their confined quarters. She doesn’t think about the level of her surprise voice and states for all to hear, “Mr. Spencer this is wonderful, I ain’t never seen fish in that type of thang.”  Charles laughed at Celeste and whispered out, “Keep your tone down sweetie, and that thang is a fountain.”  She smiles back and nods in understanding, and takes notice the crowd of  couples eating their dinner peacefully while giving glances at the cowgirl’s ill manners.  Celeste smiles glorious at the starers, while spotting several tables loaded with teenagers dressed up for prom dating, and returns her attention upon Charles.  The rest of the evening went off without a hitch.  Charles and Celeste had a wonderful dinner and conversation throughout their meal.  Celeste lingers her taste buds on the scrumptious taste of Roast Duck with a cider vinegar sauce with braised red cabbage, while Mr. Spencer eats Braised Wild Boar with rigatori and Parmesan.  She giggles when they both sampled and fed each other’s dishes off their forks.  Celeste is completely charmed by the way Mr. Spencer is turning out to be a fantastic person to go and paint the town in red.  Her body tingles suddenly as they both stayed quiet and stared into each other eyes.  She wonders what he tastes like if she reached over the table to kiss the man gently, but shakes her head out of her thoughts when he asked her a serious question.

“So now that you are graduated Celeste, what are your plans for the future?”  Celeste hadn’t given it much thought since her main concern was getting herself educated and keeping herself alive taking care of grandfather’s farm.  “Ya know sir I haven’t thought that far ahead since I have learned my life is too crazy to plan.  I guess I’ll fly by the seat of my britches for a while till I think about maybe going to college; however, I’m not up to being around crowds of learners.  My experience with school is something I don’t want to repeat even if they’re is an age difference.  Besides, I have Mother Earth’s blessing to share her food and land to survive.”  Mr. Spencer understands her meanings of shit happens but still makes a concern request, “I would hope to see you go into the field of  herbal medicine; because, your a whiz in plant life. I can honestly state Environmental Engineering sort of like a protector of the forest wild life or a Veterinarian would be outstanding careers to think about.”  Celeste nodded her head thoughtfully on his observations of her career choice in life.  It is time for her to excuse herself from Charles company to use the restroom.  Mr. Spencer stands and pulls out her chair to help her up with a hand of care, “I can walk with you if you like.”  Celeste refuses his help and takes a deep reassuring breath before she heads to the front establishment to find the bathroom before her urine she held back for far too long, drips down her legs without the protection of wearing underwear.



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