“Oh hell no…Son of Bitch!” Celeste screamed out and hit the water with her fist.


Celeste tried her best to walk elegantly without tripping over the flowing material of her long chiffon white dress.  She feels the energy of many people stopping to eat just to watch her pass by their tables with grace.  She arrives at the hostess booth to inquire where their restrooms were located, only the hostess was not present so she decides to pivot her body around the establishment hoping she would find a sign for the bathroom.  The entrance door opens up wide to a bunch of teenagers filtering in for dinner, she moves out of their way to give them room to enter.  Most of the girls are dress like Celeste, the cowgirl gives a few peeks at the ladies dresses and then turns her attention back to find the damn piss room.  She instantly feels awkward and the presence of men staring at her backside while she waited for the hostess to return.  She turns around one more time to count how many people were surrounding her.  It takes a brave girl to boldly state out a question to the cowgirl,  “What a lovely dress you have on, did you kill all the pretty little dragonflies just to put them on your dress?”  The group of teens chuckled lightly, but Celeste gives the sharp tongue, ill-mannered, pretty girl a deadly gaze and didn’t say a word.  She is use to the bullying, so today was no different except she is older and won’t put up with the bullshit. Celeste gives her man date an odd glare, and wonders why on earth he chose to go out on a date with a nasty chick.  She feels the need to return back to the safety of Mr. Spencer and forgets the urgency of using the restroom. The ugliness of the young teen jolted Celeste to come alive when she hissed out, “Stop looking at my man you two eyed color Mexican bitch.”

The half breed opened her eyes wide in shock the girl had the gall to spew out her venom upon Celeste with so much hatred in a place of business. Celeste being the bigger girl turned around and said nothing more to the foul creature.  She walked away and headed back to her safe table deep in brain works while viewing the floor as she mumbled out quietly her stressful thoughts. “Why are people so cruel to me? I think it will never end.  She’s damn lucky I didn’t whip…”  Her sentence died out in mid air when she stumble over her dress and went flying. Mr. Spencer sees the sudden deadly change in his date’s attitude, he too catches the mistake Celeste is about to create, but didn’t react in time to save the cowgirl from destruction.  “Oh hell no…Son of Bitch!”  Celeste screamed out and hit the water with her fist. She is soaked from head to toe taking a flying dip in the Coy pond all because she didn’t pay attention to where or how she was walking in the damn freaking girly dress.  Charles swiftly comes to her aid and tries to help her out of the water.  Sadly, she lost her slippery footing once again, and fell backwards dragging Mr. Spencer into the pond with her. Everyone in the establishment heard the loud splash of water and witness the lovely cowgirls blunder.  Celeste is nose to nose with her teacher stunned to dumbness when Charles busted out with uncontrollable laughter.  She begins to smile and can’t hide her clumsiness, she follows suit with her date in silly laughter.  It takes management to rescue the pair from the shallow waters.  Celeste immediately begins to apologize continuously to the staff, and when Charles stood up dripping wet from being rescued from the pond, she begged him to forgive her.  Only Charles didn’t want to hear her sorry’s, he held up his wet hand to stop Celeste.  “Oh this is priceless Celeste; I don’t think that I have ever had anything this remotely close of a perfect date.  I swear young lady you have the strangest things happen to you.”  She smiles and giggles standing soak and wet in her white chiffon dress that now clung to her body showing off her curvy figure, and bare naked ass without underwear.

Mr. Spencer’s finishes wiping off his face with a towel, and takes note the sexy Celeste was nude under her dress.  He quickly takes off his wet sport coat and covers what others have already seen.  “Come Celeste I think we have done enough damage for the night, how about I take us home and we can have a bomb fire to warm our souls up.”  Celeste wanted to kiss Charles so badly for being a good sport, but didn’t want to make another public display of her many blunders of life. “I think Celeste this has been the best time I have had in a long time, I thank you Madam.”  Charles takes his towel and wipes away the wetness and make-up dripping off Celeste’s face.  He knows she feels horrible about the situation, and adores the fact she could careless what others thought while she stood by drowned as a rat.  For a split second the couple stand nose to nose, Celeste feels between her legs the sexual desire Charles is casting upon her.  She takes a deep breath and turns her head away in shame for thinking naughty thoughts.  Charles laughs again softly, and understands why she turned away for he too wanted to kiss the shit out of the girl, but feared someone might see his growing penis without the cover of his coat.


picture by:  http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=pretty+girl+falling+into+the+water&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=9YIybcZQdLJ0DM&tbnid=YQAMJScgZvAt9M:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fromsandtosnow.com%2F2012_02_01_archive.html&ei=PPa6U8rPEY6GyAT9s4HgBQ&bvm=bv.70138588,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNH3gF8OZb_QFsC6FdvJZ57fhwXmsg&ust=1404847919263514


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