Hum, I guess I’m Hot for Teacher?

Even soak and wet, Celeste to Mr. Spencer was a delightful companion they both gathered themselves and begin to leave the restaurant in great spirits.  She entwined her arm around Charles’s just in time when their waiter gave Mr. Spencer a small box.  “Dessert for the fire,” Charles answered her puzzled thought.  Celeste moves her wet hair away from her face, and gives Charles a twinkle of approval.  Mr. Spencer escorts the cowgirl down the isle between the large room of dinning tables feeling not embarrassed, but happy than flies on shit to experience a hilarious situation in public.  He doesn’t acknowledge the customer’s gawking at them as he proudly escorts his lady out of the establishment with his head held high.  In fact, he had a shit eating grin on his lips thinking he’s never had this kind of silly fun since his high school years as a geek.  He chuckles to him self as he knows first hand how extremely clumsy Celeste could become.  He isn’t paying attention to his date when Celeste’s stance changed on a dime.  Celeste noticed they were about to pass by the table with the teenagers she had a run in at the entrance while looking for a bathroom.  She takes a deep breath and plunges onward with her date. The minute that Celeste thought it safe, she found herself being tripped up.  Thank heavens Charles arm saved grace from Celeste falling on her face.  The table of teens laughed, but their merry making stopped immediately when Celeste fast as lightening popped the nasty girl in her left eye with a hard swing of her right fist. In slow motion Charles watches the beautiful young lady’s head snap backwards from the force Celeste inflicted upon the girl.

Charles is flabbergasted and didn’t expect the half breed’s speedy reaction to a innocent bystander nor did he realize it was the young girl who caused the break out of the cowgirl’s mighty spirit.  He is knocked out of his aghast counterpoise when the young men stood up from their table in their date’s defense, while the nasty blonde hair girl who tripped Celeste with her leg squealed like a piglet with tears covering her left eye.  The cowgirl is fired up, she pushes her wet long hair out of her face and gives the little beauty a catcall, “How’s it feel being struck by a Mexican, Bitch.”  The five foot eight Cover-girl uncovers her eye and stands quickly ready to duke it out with the half breed. Charles immediately is confused and said to Celeste who has now taken a boxer’s stance ready to defend herself away from him, “What’s the matter with you, and you’re not a Mexican,” Charles demanded from Celeste. She didn’t acknowledge the scholar, she is fuming and at her breaking point of people’s harassment. It takes the manager to deescalate the situation in a fashionable quiet tone, he singles out Celeste from the group and barks at her. “Excuse me you will need to leave young lady. I will not stand for this kind of behavior, first the pond and now this brawl!” Celeste couldn’t believe she was being blamed for starting a fight, but in reality she did take the first swing and knew it was her mistake.  She lowered her bunched up fist to her side, and shied away in shame for causing havoc once again.

“Excuse me sir,” said a distinguished older gentleman interrupting the scene. “The young lady here didn’t do anything, I saw this girl stick out her leg on purpose and tripped her up; so I think she owes no one an apology.”  The elder man gave Celeste a wonderful wink with his tender large brown eyes before he turned around and returned to his lovely dinner date.  Celeste is frazzled to no end someone saw the crime besides herself.  She stands humble and gives Mr. Spencer a sorry glance.  Charles feels horrible upon listening to the man come to Celeste’s defense when it should have been him.  How stupid he is for believing Celeste would hit someone out of spite.  He steps closer to Celeste and says, “Forgive me.”  Celeste brightens her worry smile and nods yes to her handsome date.  He takes her arm and leads her out of the French Restaurant in style.

Charles helps Celeste into his red convertible and buckles her safety belt.  Celeste watched the scholar go around the front of his auto and steps into the driver’s seat.  He gives the cowgirl a forgive me smile and feels the need to kiss her.  He picks up a strain of her wet locks and moved it away from her plain Jane face without make-up on behind her ear. “Ya gonna kiss me sir, or sit there wondering about the what if’s,” Celeste opened the door for the scholar to execute his decision.  He leans in to Celeste and touches her lips softly with his reading finger, she closes her eyes to delight in the sexual charge he was producing between her legs.  Charles cradles his palm of hand against her cheek and brings the cowgirl’s head towards his burning desire to kiss the girl.  They’re lips meet with careful intimacy, Charles is instantly lost in the exciting moment of brushing his lips against Celeste’s.  He smells the intoxicating soft scent of her Lavender oil and earth spices, he deepens his need to keep the the breath taking moment alive.  The cowgirl feels his warm breath upon her lips softly caressing her tender full lips and when Charles strengthens the kiss she melts with pure desire.  Different kinds of steamy sensations instantly invaded the naive cowgirls senses, her world opened up at that moment to the pleasures of kissing a man.  Charles had to break up the moment before his one eye snake took control, he split up the tender moment and watched the closed eye Celeste relishing in the marvelous sensation of being kissed.  She opens her eyes and smiles devilishly at the scholar stating in a husky tone, “Hum, I guess I’m Hot for Teacher.”  Mr. Spencer roared with laughter and started the engine to his 1958 corvette, and flew down the road once again in a hurry to return to Celeste’s home for a bomb fire.  Celeste smiled with beauty the whole ride home in wonder while watching the lightening bugs blink in and out as the speeding bullet auto passed them by.



5 thoughts on “Hum, I guess I’m Hot for Teacher?

  1. Well done ! Yahoooo ! Give her another flying slap !

    A kiss !!! Well Mister Spencer, the cat’s out the bag !

    Now… What a quantum leap for Céleste the cowgirl tomboy ! 😀 or 😯 What d’ya think ?

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