“Whose going to tell you Celeste when it’s time for you to go?” She gives him a thoughtful gaze and doesn’t reply.


It took all Celeste’s energy to enter the empty room where her grandfather slept to retrieve a pair of pants and shirt for Charles.  The cowgirl isn’t a snooper in life and had always honored people’s privacy; however, the room was cold and lifeless since the passing of her granddad.  The half breed knew it was time to start getting rid of Henry’s presence the minute she walks into his dark room.  She takes note how dusty and lack of care the room was given through the year without her papa.  Charles carefully walks up to Celeste standing in the door way of her papa’s lair. “It’s time little one to make this room your own, or you could make this room into a great Library. God knows girl you have an extensive collection of books.”  Celeste jumped to the sound of Charles soft voice, she doesn’t answer the scholar and quickly proceeds to find Charles ample dry clothing.  She hands over to Charles his temporary clothing, and grabs a flannel green shirt for her self.  In haste she leaves the scholar to change into his clothing in Henry’s room while she went to her’s and pulled out a pair of her Daisy duke shorts.

Celeste enters the kitchen and sees Charles standing by the table.  She chuckles to herself to see Henry’s clothing is three sizes too big for the school teacher. Charles turns around when he hears her giggle, he softens his eyes upon her and knows she was crying.  “Things will get better Celeste in time, you just have to bear and grin it for now.”  She nods her head in approval and states, “Yes, time heals all wounds I reckon.  Fall is almost upon us so I guess I could spend time rearranging things, but for now, ya ready for that fire my darlin’?”  Charles beams and gathers the dessert he bought at the French Restaurant with two spoons.  He would never tell Celeste it was his favorite time to spend with her and Henry when he was invited many times to engage in merry making, and deep conversations with the two woodsmen surrounding a fire.  They both head outside in the cool night air to have their shin dig under the aged old Buckeye tree.

Charles and Celeste basked in delight eating Chocolate Mousse beside the fire burning bright in the night. He ventures with a question to Celeste once again about her future.  “So, have you given thought what you would like to do in life?”  The half breed dips her spoon into the yummy Mousse and responds, “Not really, but lately I have been thinking I should travel and see the world.  I’ve been getting strong urges to explore our huge world besides Ohio and Alabama. Perhaps, I would like to go backpacking and get lost into the wilderness of Yosemite Valley, and from there maybe see the Ocean where I can lay my weary head down on the sand and rest.”  Charles understood her need to leave, he gives her encouraging words about seeing glorious Yosemite National forest. “Your granddad left you a large amount of money, but the house is another story.”  Celeste nodded yes knowing the house and the farm critter’s needed her attention constantly to survive without the amenities of living in a city and use of money. “I don’t know what to do at this point and time in my life, and I don’t need money to explore.  I can live off the earth if I need too; however, all I know is I am to stay here for now until I get word it’s time for me to leave.”  He gives her a puzzled glance and dips his spoon into the delicious chocolate, “Whose going to tell you Celeste when it’s time for you to go?”  She gives him a  thoughtful gaze and doesn’t reply.

“Celeste will you tell me why you hit that girl?” Charles tip toed lightly.  “Ya know I really don’t know why I hit her, but it’s not something I want to brag about. She was rude to me when I tried to find a bathroom, I suspect the girl knew I felt like a dork in unfamiliar territory. She just blurted out to me at first if I killed some dragonflies to put on my dress.  When that didn’t get a rise out of my Levis, she barked out and called me a Mexican and to quit checking out her dude.  I did give him a glance how he could date a nasty girl.  I think Charles the girl is angry at the world for some odd reason and just took it out on me.” Charles instantly spoke out, “Well then bravo girl, she deserved everything she got, remember there is a saying treat others the way you want to be treated.” Celeste roared out with laughter and said, “Right…that statement doesn’t work on me slick, for I have always been treated like an outsider.  It is the reason why my granddad hired you; because I have always lived with bullying, but not anymore.”


5 thoughts on ““Whose going to tell you Celeste when it’s time for you to go?” She gives him a thoughtful gaze and doesn’t reply.

  1. Yep ! “treat others the way you want to be treated”

    That’s what i’ve thought my daughter.

    And don’t let anyone bully you !

    Ohhh! Chocolate mousse ! Is there any left ?

    Yet, i thaught my daughter to keep me some !!! 😦

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