Alone again naturally!

The evening flew by too fast for Charles when he realizes its time to let the fire die out, and be on his way home.  Celeste adored the scholar who turned out be a great sport in experiencing first hand one of her memorable moments of destruction going out on a date and mingling with the public. The pair walk towards Charles racy automobile when Celeste lightly spoke out, “Thank you Charles for a most unusual time out on the town.  I’m so sorry for the blunder I caused, and the drama I created. What you have done for me tonight in regards of buying me a dress and having those ladies show up to get me all gussy up sir; I can’t find the right words to express your generous gift, except I will never forget being a lady for one night in your hot rod.”  Charles smiled handsomely and replies, “It was an honor Celeste to be part of a new adventure with you.  I actually had the best time in my life; however, I do want to say something honest if I may?”  Celeste scrunched up her brows and nodded her head ready to hear what he needed to say to her.

She watches the handsome teacher struggle to find the right words.  “Just say it darlin’, ya won’t hurt my feelings,” Celeste encouraged him to speak kindly.  “If I kiss you again I might not ever let you go.  Being with you Celeste is totally amazing.  I have never felt this way with another woman in my lifetime.  We fit well together as a team, me the book worm and you an Earth child; but I need to let you go to explore the world.  Your too young my Slingshot baby to be held down because of me if we decide to have a relationship.”  Celeste waits a few moments pondering over his statement, she isn’t happy with his decision so she decides to show no emotion and sucks up the blow by acting nonchalant, “Yes you’re right; nevertheless Charles I would like one more kiss from you to seal the deal.” They are standing by his driver’s seat when she smiles at him and takes a step forward causing him to step back to lean his butt against his cherry red car.  His chocolate wise eyes are wide with delight, he nods yes and reaches his hands up to cradle her face.  Celeste leans in slowly and closes her eyelids ready to receive his kiss to stamp the end of the night.  Charles relishes in the closeness the cowgirl allows him to have one more time with dignity.  “So beautiful my earth girl you are, I truly believe someone important has plans for your future.  May God shine upon your footsteps in life.” Celeste opens her eyes and said, “Just kiss me and stop over thinking the situation.”  And with that being said, Charles kissed his student one last time tenderly and unconditionally.  Celeste could feel the end with his kiss.  It wasn’t like the kiss she had previous with the scholar; nevertheless just the feel of his lips made her embed the tender moment in her soul. When they broke apart, she steps back to let Charles enter his car.  He gives her a wink with his chocolate delicious orbs and starts his engine.  Celeste waves goodbye with a smile upon her lips, and when Charles was out of sight she returned back to her bomb fire alone again naturally.  She sits back on her stump, and throws another log on the dying fire to deliberate about Charles leaving her to doubt the grace of God as lonely tears fall from her unusual color eyes.


6 thoughts on “Alone again naturally!

  1. Dohhhh… 😦 What a downer… I can’t decide whether mister Charles is stupid or wise…

    Wise, then… Don’t think i’d had such strength “resisting” Céleste’s charms though… 😛

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