Fiesta’s of Espanola, New Mexico

This is out of the normal box for Slingshot blog, but I wanted to share with my Blogging world part of my home town’s culture living in New Mexico.  This weekend Espanola celebrated they’re fiesta’s with The Spanish Explorer Don Juan de Onate.

The Equestrian

Don Juan de Oñate y Salazar (1550–1626) was a Spanish Conquistador, explorer, of the Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico province in the Viceroyalty of New Spain.  He led early Spanish expeditions to the Great Plains and Lower Colorado River Valley, encountering numerous indigenous tribes in their homelands there.  Oñate founded settlements within the province and in the present day of the American Southwest. He also vainly sought out the mythical riches of North America.  I am up in the air about this Conquistador why they honor him; because to me the man raged war upon the Indigenous Tribes in my local area.  Anyway….

Yesterday July 12, 2014 the fiesta’s started in Espanola, New Mexico…Land of the Lowrider’s.  I had a marvelous time sitting across the street at a Micro Brewery “Blue Heron” watching the parades, dancing, and gatherings of arts and crafts.  I only had my cell phone to take a few pictures but fell in love with the little beauty’s costumes and they’re dancing feet.  TOOOO DARLING don’t you think so? IMG_20140712_122700IMG_20140712_122921


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