“Good morning Earth bless me today with a good hunt.”


With the last few days of fall approaching the Ohio valley, Celeste sat in her grandfather’s rocking chair on the outside porch with her Slingshot to watch the sunset cast its glorious colorful rays upon the earth.  While rocking away she thought about Mr. Spencer and his lack of taking a risk to live in the moment.  It had taken the cowgirl a few days to come to the conclusion Mr. Spencer had been a loner in life so he too must have been scared to venture into a relationship with any woman.  She couldn’t be mad at the scholar for deciding not to stick around just because of her age and lack of experience.  In fact, she respected him highly for not starting up something he couldn’t finish.  There were certain days while she worked on the farm she could feel the tingle of Charles kiss touching her lips, but recently with the passing days of intense loneliness and not seeing him anymore, Charles kiss became a distant faded memory.  Celeste shakes her head out of her quiet thoughts and begins to debate about the strange urge that she has been experiencing lately to stay put for a little while longer.  “Soon Mother Earth snow will be here so please be kind to me this year, for I am sick of the cold and long for summer days all day long.” Celeste spoke out gently an added, “Why doesn’t someone tell me why I must stay here?”  She places a marble inside the strap of her Slingshot and lets the marble fly into the woods aiming at nothing special while wishing she was a thousand miles away from Ohio.  She hears the marble’s sound in the distance and places the device down upon her lap.  “Papa, I miss you so much.  I’m so alone in the world and grow weary of being by myself.”  Since no one replied to her question, she stands up from her chair and heads into the dark farm house ready to go to bed for the evening.  Her plans tomorrow were to get a early start in hunting to restock her winter supplies.  Celeste stops and turns around to view the woods as she felt an overwhelming presence of being watched.  Her eagle orbs scan the terrain with skill, but finds nothing out of the ordinary except a strong feeling she was being watched.  Celeste deepens her view upon the woods looking to and fro, an after a few moments of scanning in silence she is satisfied nothing caught her eye and turns around; however, a pair of yellow eyes stare at the retreating human girl’s back from afar while he steps out of hiding before the cowgirl goes inside her house for the rest of the evening.

Without an alarm clock, Celeste wakes up at three in the morning, and stretches her long naked figure on her bed only to whisper out, “Good morning Earth bless me today with a good hunt.”  She doesn’t procrastinate and proceeds to get up from her queen size bed putting on her home made buckskin clothing with moccasins in speed for the day.  It didn’t take her long to prepare for departure as she sucked down a cup of hot coffee and threw her massive bunch of golden curly hair into a braid.  Like clock work she takes hold of her bow and arrows and  placed the weapons behind her back, and then grabs her slingshot with a bag of marbles leaving her house before dawn showed it’s morning light.  The foggy air is crisp with the scent of dew.  The huntress relishes in the perfect lower temps of the dark morning, she immediately takes a deep breath of the moist cool air and feels charged to the max to hunt for Wild Turkey or Pheasant.  She heads east to begin her quiet tracking through the woods hoping she finds anything before rain comes and ruins the day.


picture by: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=spiritual%20blonde%20hair%20huntress&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=XeBb1XAhSkU9UM&tbnid=cR474rsQt1ZHuM:&ved=0CAQQjB0&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpstevensfhs.wikispaces.com%2FArtemis&ei=rNDFU9udA8qMyASb1oGYBA&bvm=bv.71126742,d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNETZZgcm0V1bh-ndTsGV04C92sPOQ&ust=1405559269771188


17 thoughts on ““Good morning Earth bless me today with a good hunt.”

  1. By the way, “our” Thanks Giving is in 2 weeks… Tell Céleste to try for a wild turkey for me, please.

    … Errrhhh. Would she deliver (old crumb speaking) ? 😛

          1. Reciprocity is ruling !

            I do adore ya a lot. I love our funny/sunny exchanges. A (your) smile is food to my heart !

            Let’s keep having fun my dear !

            Kiss Kiss my Lady

          2. Oh dear Lord ! I’ve had very erhhhh…. unfortunate … errrhhh… “experiences” with a hammock !

            Promise me to stay still and i’ll drop from the cloud to flutter in you neck.

            Move a single muscle and i’ll be gone ! 😉

            (in fact i’m preparing a post on this specific misfortune.)

            I’ll try to have this post “bilingual” for your pleasure… “laughs”, to be true. 🙂

          3. OMG really??? Too funny…When I lived in Los Angeles my apartment had a long hammock for a couch and a hanging hammock chair safe for someone like you. The stories I could tell swinging to life inside my hammock. Now I have one outside to watch my enchanting sunsets. I can’t wait to read about it.

          4. For sure, this has something to do with “horse riding”. Never been good at it ( even in a Merry Go Round !!! LOL) ’cause i never been quite “equilibrated” i guess !!!

            Still crazy after all these years ! 🙂

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